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  1. I don't expect anything from these ceremonies. And to be honest I think I was maybe a bit too harsh on Rio ceremonies back in the day. Looking back at it, they did a good job considering the crisis Brazil was having. If Japan does something like Rio did I can live with that, but I already resigned to the fact there will be nothing particulary spectacular or surprising given the situation.
  2. I don't think Japan will host the Olympics (neithe summer nor winter) anytime soon after this mess. Public opinion will remain very negative for many years ahead and I don't see any bid from Japan to host for at least a couple of decades to soar on. This whole thing reeks heavily on greed and desperation from organizations to get their share of money. I was hoping Tokyo 2020 could patch things up after a messy decade for Olympism but seems like it will be the opossite. And then there is Beijing 2022 right on the corner with a host threatening to "punish the world" if we don't go to their birth
  3. Excerpt from the 1985 Universiade (Kobe, Japan) closing ceremony. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGLoLNKD2vM
  4. Not bad, though part of me prefers Sooho's silly flower hat, though it's just my opinion
  5. Rare video showing an excerpt of Osaka 2001 East Asian Games opening ceremony, with Yukie Kobayashi performing the theme song. For what I researched this ceremony was directed by Makoto Tezuka (yes, the son of the legendary manga author).
  6. Political Correctness has been in cartoons for a good while (see Steven Universe for example) so it's a high possibility this happens in France. Not even cartoons like Bluey can escape it. https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2021/04/15/bluey-cartoon-diverse-characters-disabled-queer-gender-diverse-dogs/
  7. This is just sad at this point. Trying to delay the inevitable and going aimless like a headless chicken. The 2021 Universiade was already moved to 2022 and that was going to be held in China which supossedly had the virus under control. I don't think history books are going to look back at this very kindly, to be honest. Its hard for me to enjoy the torch relay despite the happy faces and enthusiasm of some spectators who appear to be having a good time, due to what's actually happening behind the scenes.
  8. The closing didn't even highlighted the athletes at all which were the real stars of the games. And then there was that dreadful Birminghan handover.
  9. It would be a good choice but wasn't she already in that small ceremony last year done when the games were supossed to open?
  10. Japan is inherently racist and they kept showing it by redoing the stadium contest again so a Japanese architect would win and by banning all foreigners from entering naively thinking this is going to help at all to prevent a Pandemic which already skyrocketed. Maybe if these games were being done in the West i would believe you but the last thing Japan gives two shits about is about diversity.
  11. I took a quick glimpse of it and I don't know how to feel. In a way, it felt like a very fun and self deprecating ceremony, and it seems they wanted to go "screw it, people love us for vidya and anime so lets just give people what they want from us", much like in the handover. I also liked the idea of the moving stages which would also form the continents. On the other hand, it's a bit cringe that all of the ceremony was going to be about vidya and anime references. And I'm not a fan at all of that cauldron lightning, its extremely similar (to not say identical) to Lima 2019 cauldron, includin
  12. Whats the point when Minimalism is forced everywhere as much as possible, be it in sport logos or rebrands of companies which I can make in 2 minutes in Photoshop for free but they decide to pay millions for them.
  13. Uh guys nice discussion and everything but did anyone noticed someone is spamming at the other boards?
  14. Excerpt of the parade of nations from the Kobe 1985 Universiade opening https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1942066475824594 Singing of the main theme (Beautiful Rival) https://www.facebook.com/2040811142852645/videos/2042930339307392
  15. Hey, I don't complain, as long as we can bar Doha or any other backwards dictatorship from the party
  16. It just began. Recording of the ceremony You can watch live here
  17. Not surprised, but still kind of sad. And I doubt this will help in any way given the virus is very extended in Japan as well. I honestly just want this to be put out of its misery, its pathetic at this point and most of the japanese population agrees with this. Its what happens when you let a comittee of 70-80 year old boomers in charge of decisions.
  18. No wonder Taro Aso said these games were cursed. Even without Covid they managed to shoot themselves in the foot constantly. Both by sexism, though considering Japan is one of the most sexist countries in the world, I'm hardly surprised to be honest.
  19. Both are a bit dissapointing but TeamFutura is the most elegant looking one for me, it reflects more about winter sports and it has certain touch of elegance. Dado design is cringe, not only because they are trying to copy the idea from LA 2028 but they also do it badly, with pixel symbols which look like something more fitting for a videogame convention or the Youth Olympics. Neither of them reaches the level of Torino 2006 logo and overall look, the later being my favorite winter Look of the Games of all time.
  20. Wait, Brisbane is going to host 2032 games? Sorry i've been disconnected from everything. I mean, remember when there were actual bid races because people actually wanted to host the games? Anyway congratulations to Australia i guess
  21. People should be directing their rage against the Olympics and the IOC instead of China. The later is someone who will never change and which repeatedly fucks with the world, but the IOC thought it was a wonderful idea to let them host or even participate in a bidding proccess. And they still have the courage of talking about crap like Olympic Truce, human rights and brotherhood of people. I would like them more if they kee the whole kumbaya stuff for themselves and just said straight away "We love money". Doesn't make them less horrible but I like when someone is honest at least.
  22. Good. What the organizing comittee needs now are young people. Not a bunch of old boomers with ultraconservative views. I always felt they were part of most of the problems these games (which everyday I feel more and more like they are cursed since its inception) had so many issues. To think I was so overconfident 7 years ago when Tokyo was elected that nothing would go wrong. Japan reputation for organization skill has taken a very bad blow.
  23. Looks like the Olympic Channel is posting ceremonies again. Albertville (which is not in the Youtube channel) is fully up for example. https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/search/videos/?q=opening+ceremony
  24. Full opening ceremony of Spain 1982 World Cup, this time without cuts.
  25. China dropping subtleness and acting like the owner of the world already. Their olympics can **** off for all I care.
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