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  1. Are we living now in an era where its cool to hate the Olympics? I want to give a round of applause to Sochi and the infamous list of demands to Oslo by Bach. You guys made this possible. Way to go, idiots.

    1. phandrosis


      I think that if we have a round of successful, financially stable games in 2024/2026 to show contrast to what we've seen up to today, there will be a boost of confidence in bidding. It all still depends on how the Asian Trio handle the next eight years...

    2. Olympic Fan Darcy

      Olympic Fan Darcy

      I think Sochi just highlighted what many of us ignored. That the Olympics are extremely expensive and an unnecessary expense. I'm not going to say that the world is changing and we are facing bigger problems then we did during the cold war etc but following Sochi nations and it's citizens are saying "do we want to spend $15 billion on a 2 week event or do we care about healthcare and the important issues facing the world.

    3. paul
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