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  1. Seeing the current events in HK makes me think UK did a big screw up handing them over in 1997...

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    2. woohooitsme83


      but in all seriousness, I think the police were a little more (actually a lot more) harsh than needed to a peaceful protest. and I thought Hong Kong was different D:

      They have shown their true colors

    3. Alexjc


      They had no choice but to give them back...Tanks would've rolled over them in an instant if the UK said no.

    4. Durban Sandshark

      Durban Sandshark

      I've long wondered what things would be like if HK defied the 99-year lease and went independent--and stayed in the Commonwealth. Before the British made it up to it is now, HK was absolutely nothing to the Chinese. Now, it's so lucrative as a special administrative area. Agreed with the police's heavy-handedness. even if it would later take place in 2047.

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