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  1. Human heat is another theme of this brazilian relay. I place my bet on a simple thermal thingie to lock/unlock it: HEY! You can nominate a friend to run with the torch! Please, halp!!!! Featuring "O Trenzinho do Caipira". Makes me cry every time.
  2. I changed my mind: this is so far the riskiest piece of design from Rio 2016, as it's concept isn't solely based on the flame, but the moveable parts as well. Let's hope the contraption don't turn to a distraction. doesn't*, sorry.
  3. If thermal expansion is the key (that's so queen's baton) the mechanism is quite safe.
  4. Nice choice of music. Strange arrangement. It's a song about journey and could be the theme of the relay.
  5. I don't know... I'll decide if I like it when I carry it...
  6. Ginga will be the mascot of the Brazilian Team in intl' competitions, kinda like the Boxing Kangaroo for Australia. And the word ginga is a loanword from Angolan-Portuguese creole which could be translated as swiftness. It's used to describe someone's wit or style in dance or sports context.
  7. Rio 2016 designs so far didn't take the risky path. They've been colorful, but conservative in many ways. But I hope this torch isn't a poorly executed concept as was the last three Pan American torches.
  8. It's just a piece of it, probably the least revealing. And, well, they better not put much brazilian diversity into it, otherwise it can get too Carmen Miranda. This seems to be the upper part, close to the burner and usually vulnerable to effects of the combustion. Because of this, pigments and other decorative materials are usually by the 'handle' of the torch, like Sochi, Athens, the wood of the Glasgow baton, etc.
  9. I guess this is it! Canadian modesty will prevent them to try and prove something to the world (and their 2015 games is just that). I expect something very Glasgow 2014 and hope to be completely wrong in two weeks..
  10. Broadcast is normal here. Endless review of the games.
  11. It's too early to spend buckets of money on elaborate designs. And this flatness fits in Twitter very well.
  12. Athens' struggles are a valid comparison, unfortunately, as some IOC members claimed Rio 2016 had the worst organization ever, even worse than Athens, etc. etc...
  13. "Let's make sports events even more politized? Yes, let's."
  14. Suriname (along with Guyana) is much closer to the Caribbean in terms of history and culture; the quality of their football is much lower than the rest of the CONMEBOL countries and CONCACAF suits them better.
  15. Wow! Chileans are VERY pissed at Copa America and Bachelet.

    1. Roger87


      The Chileans are complicated to understand.

  16. Caitlyn Jenner should be invited to carry the olympic flag into the stadium next year...

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    2. BR2028


      The reaction to this in the US has really been positive. So not sure why you say the reaction has been horrible. It would probably be worse if she carried the flag.

    3. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      Some 10.000 people signed an online petition to strip her of the 1976 gold. And even here at the boards...

    4. JMarkSnow2012


      Admittedly it's unfortunate that she's a semi-Kardashian, but yes, as an Olympian and a champion for tolerance, she'd be a fine choice.

  17. A video game and a glimpse of what the venues will look like next year!
  18. It appears the torch Sheffielded at Teotihuacán.
  19. **** Asterisks. That is all.

    1. Rob.


      Ho ******* ho

  20. A descentralized games could be arranged in Puerto Rico as they already hosted the Central American and Caribbean Games in different sites such as Ponce, Mayagüez and San Juan of course. As for Central American, Panama City is a big maybe. PASO will face its own reforms now as Raña's reign is over.
  21. Anyone's got indications of american or canadian authors (prose and poetry)?

    1. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata


      *echo fades into nothingness

  22. They won't be the first olympic hosts to deny their crimes and human rights violations I guess...
  23. My full support to the teachers from Paraná, São Paulo and Goiás against the murderous brazilian police!

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