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  1. Praise me! I guess I'm the nicest Brazilian here in this Toronto 2015 thread And if anybody here says otherwise (specially you Canadians) I'll get oversensitive and pull the Embraer vs Bombardier card.
  2. A Tokyo 2020 thread would be nice...

    1. phandrosis


      I remember requesting this a while ago, and was told a not-bid thread wont be made until Rio is over.

    2. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      Well, PyeongChang 2018 is here for quite a while, isn't it?

    3. phandrosis


      Oh yeah, there are threads there from before Sochi. In that case i have no idea why there isn't a Tokyo thread (wink wink nudge nudge mods)

  3. No, no! Colombia in English really is Colombia.
  4. And more doping cases coming from baseball players from Colombia, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico and a female weightlifter from Mexico. Peruvian swimmer and silver medallist Mauricio Fiol is the most embarassing case so far, though. Games are pretty good so far and it seems the venues are getting more filled with loud fans. The TV coverage here constantly shows people hanging around the cauldron and taking pics of it all day. That's rich for an event that supposedly sobody cares about in an all-important capital. Judging is still controversial with swimming being probably the most affected sport along with judo. The crowds are electric, anyway! Not that I know. Rio and Guadalajara barely used it all and their brands were more prominent inside each venue. But Toronto 2015 looks like a 70s games with the cheap look (yellow and gray?) and that poor PASO logo.
  5. I wonder if Canada ~owns the podium~ if the US and other nations will pour more elite athletes on the Pan American Games. The competition this year is very interesting so far, despite the bad coverage almost everywhere. Or maybe nothing will change if Toronto 2015 ends like Winnipeg '99
  6. It's been a great games so far, despite the terrible judges and the usual empty seats of the first days. TV coverage is bad here too, which is uncommon, since the games from 2003 onwards had good coverage. Cable TV is great, with 3 live channels covering all our bronze medals and 4th places. Two very strange facts: Canada is so firm up in 1st place in a summer sports event. Beach volleyball was so empty... How's that possible?
  7. There won't be another Pan American Games ceremony like Toronto 2015. It's one of its kind and had a very different language compared to 2007 and 2011. That being said, its weaknesses were evident with some technicalities like the LED placards, the very dark enviroment and long segments. It was too much a cirque show and too little ceremony sometimes. but the uniqueness of the show last night will stand out in Pan American history and send hints to future canadian ceremonies: IMO, Toronto 2015 was more artistic, more inclusive and had the best soundtrack of any PanAm spectacle and tops the more refined Vancouver ceremonies in that same aspects too. Pros: - Great soundtrack; - Video and entrance of the flame; - Abstract execution of overused themes; - Beautiful rendition of O Canada; - The final torchbearers; - Long but fun athletes parade. Twitter loved the dancing volunteers Cons: - Too much wrong stuff during the final leg of the relay: lady lost in darkness; Steve's flame almost died; that cauldron, and there's two of it; - The stadium was so dark it looked like Toronto was hosting a South American Games opening ceremony; I know it fits Cirque's indoor stage focused productions but still; - LED placards were a good ideia but didn't worked for TV; - Segments were a bit too long and momentum was dropped often;
  8. Indeed. But the parade is not the very first act of a Pan American Games ceremony. At least not in Rio or Guadalajara. Unless Toronto gets rid of them first thing before the usual "welcome" act.
  9. Oh well, this could be the seating for the athletes, and they won't be filled from the start. Flagpoles are in the corners of the stage, so there must be free space available for a solemn entrance of the flags. I have to agree about the setup: it does look small. But it's Cirque du Soleil, so aerial ballet and all kinds of acrobatics will be groundbreaking in this kind of ceremony. If it's something like Albertville I WILL LOVE IT!
  10. Sigh... Just like the 2007 Pan American Games. These organizers never learn, do they?
  11. Which one you mean? Mexico used two designs for their torch: one for the relay itself and another for the final lag inside the stadium?
  12. The coolest aspect of the baton is that it is an unique artifact and they can experiment lots of materials and gadgets inside it as there's no need for pipes and burners. But when designers try to make it look like an unlit torch that's when things get pointless.
  13. See ya, Chile! Bring on Toronto 2015!

  14. It seems like this will be it, as far as we can stretch the hints of the producing team.
  15. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Are you anywhere in the video?
  16. Interview with Artistic Director Jean Guibert about ceremony concepts and stuff: http://sportv.globo.com/site/programas/momento-pan/noticia/2015/04/abertura-do-pan-e-o-maior-espetaculo-ja-preparado-pelo-cirque-du-soleil.html
  17. The usual: the bill, and traffic overload during the games. You can see one interview with this upset lady of the Toronto Sun here: http://sportv.globo.com/videos/momento-pan/t/momento-pan/v/imprensa-do-canada-critica-o-alto-custo-das-obras-dos-jogos-pan-americanos-de-toronto/4201677/
  18. Really? News here in Brazil about Toronto 2015 are such a breeze... Last week SporTV aired a special about Toronto PanAms and of course they showed a few journalists with some reasonable concerns but the consensus is that Toronto will run a smooth games in a turbulent year for PASO.
  19. Well done, Chile!

    1. LDOG


      **** my life.

    2. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      La MaldiciĆ³n de Tilcara es real, no hay duda. Lo siento por Messi.

    3. LDOG


      I'm more sad for Messi than for the team. He's already being destroyed by everyone, fans and press. I seriouly think he may quit the NT now.

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