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  1. I know It's for everyone else interested in other OC OSTs. Like you, I'm still waiting for SLC cd here. This time I uploaded Atlanta '96 best piece: The Temple of Zeus Hope you like it.
  2. Here is the OST from the Opening Ceremony of Rio 2007 Pan American Games. Enjoy! The pieces of Heitor Villa-Lobos and a orchestrated version of Tom Jobim's "águas de março", performed by Rio de Janeiro Symphony Orchestra were not included in the OST.
  3. Actually, the cauldron disk started moving exactly when the final crescendo of "Tibi Omnes" was ending. It didn't sounded too out of synchro after all, since "Skyline Firedance" started being played as the disk went up and was assembled at it's position. BTW, Sydney and Athens had incredible cauldron-lighting musical pieces.
  4. That fits perfectly the concept of a "Green Olympics"
  5. Well, I believe the 2010 relay will have a very busy journey through enormous Canada itself. But I don't think it's impossible for the torch to travel to the U.S. George Vancouver explored the coasts of British Columbia, Alaska, Washington and Oregon so it wouldn't be meaningless if the flame passed through the american Vancouver since it was the first one to inherit the captain's name because of the nearby fort. But, as the theme is "Path of Northern Lights", we may presume it could reach places where the northern lights can be seen. BTW, are the lights visible from Vancouver or Whistler?
  6. I believe it would be much nicer if the international relays had a real meaning. For example, a games in Brazil or Portugal: The torch would pass through every portuguese-speaking countries (which are not to many). The relay would travel the world but it would not seem random. Lots of different cultures would be featured too, like Indian (Goa has portuguese influence) and China (Macao). Then it would travel through various cities in African countries and finally reach it's destination. An interesting torch relay for Beijing should only follow the paths the Silk Road or Journey to the West for example.
  7. It's such a pity the torch relay became a showcase of intolerance and violence... I strongly support anyone who wishes to protest, but you can't ask for peace and justice if you're being disrespectful and agressive with someone else. It's a paradox. A ridiculous one.
  8. Well, I hope the world will have calmed down when the Paralympic Flame starts its harmonious journey.
  9. Delhi probably will be very problematic...
  10. I've just seen a BBC video of the torch relay in London and I'm deeply disappointed. I believe everyone has the right to protest and all, but when things become violent as they were today, the protest become meaningless and stupid. We could barely see the torchbeares among all that security staff, and the protests were much more agressive than they should be. I bet the bearers were afraid someone would attack and hurt them all the moment (and it happened). It looked like a deadly artifact was running on the streets or some war was going on... I'm definitely not a chinese regime supporter, but The Flame is a symbol of peace an friendship and I think it's en route to the place where it's values are more than necessary.
  11. The flame actually suits perfectly in the Beijing torch, unlike some recent olympic torches.
  12. They should rename it "Beijing National Indoor Stadium"
  13. Quite an interesting plan, Baron. Pan Am games have been doing something like that since Winnipeg '99, I think (correct me if I'm wrong, canadians). Last year's edition OC featured the athletes parade right after the welcome segment. It worked fine, since the pan american games feature some 5,500 athletes and there were a reserved place for them to watch the artistic portion, which came after their entrance and accomodation. BUT, that might not work properly since we are talking about the Olympic Games. It's double size! The parade coming after the welcoming won't work at all. Watching 42 nations marching is kinda boring already. Intercalating the athletes entrance in groups of 50 nations or even continents with the artistic portion could turn the OC into an "exercise of patience-non-fluid show". And the accomodation of 8.000+ athletes and officials would require quite a number of seats, since they cannot stand in the stage area if there's an artistic portion yet to be shown. I agree the creators should think a new way of dealing with the parade without breaking the pace and feel of an olympic opening ceremony.
  14. That's the one I'm looking for too, Olympian! I wanted that music played during the tribute to previous hosts from the OC.
  15. The cauldron is lit late in the OC. Right. How about the closing ceremony? The flame will have to burn for 2 and a half hours until it's extinguished. Kinda toxic, huh? It will surely be the most awaited moment of Vancouver 2010 Closing Ceremony, specially for the people inside BC Place!!! It will be the largest barbecue since Seul '88.
  16. Seems kinda claustrophobic. some expectators won't be able to see the fireworks nor the olympic flame, unless it stays ground level
  17. About Lillehammer, one could say the Olympic Flame actually lit the burners inside the cauldron and someone pressed the button to make the gas pressure higher, creating the big flame. Although i'm not convinced in that theory either. This was done in Athens, when the flame touched the cauldron and the burners were lit. The flame got bigger only as the cauldron rose to it's place, otherwise, Kaklamenakis would be hurt if the cauldron produced a fire breath as he placed the torch inside it. This wasn't the problem in Barcelona because Rebollo didn't had to be close to the cauldron to light it. The cauldron bursted as the arrow passed by it, remember?
  18. I'm searching everywhere for Salt Lake 2002 Soundtrack but I can't find it! Someone, please upload 2002 winter olympics opening ceremony OST!
  19. That's a surprise! I was getting used to the idea of an indoor OC. Can you imagine a projected aurora in the roof? It would be fantastic.
  20. I agree that almost all the olympic theme songs are really crap. Just look at how they use words like "together", "hands", "we", "one" over and over... It looks like the same lyrics rearrenged in a different melody. I kinda liked Athens' torch relay theme "Pass The Flame", mostly because of the videoclip, despite all the cliches in the lyrics. Athens' musical choices were the best. It's a shame there isn't an "Music from the Opening Ceremony" CD
  21. Barcelona '92: too young to remember anything... I remember i was 6 years old when Atlanta games opened. We were visiting some neighbors and someone turned on the TV and the opening ceremony had just started. That was my first contact with the Olympic Games. I remember I watched a couple events, but they're not fresh in my memory anymore. Maybe the only memories I have from the Atlanta Games are some ladies' indoor volleyball games, the look and logo, and the cauldron (who could forget THAT?) I remember I didn't watched the closing ceremony because it was my birthday. During the Sydney games I became a lot more interested in the Olympics. Unfortunately, my classes were at 7:00 AM and I couldn't follow the games because I was either sleeping or studying. Something I remember from Sydney is the torch design and the relay, as well as when the flame traveled underwater. Those images of Opera House all lit up at night and the bridge with the rings in the background; One or two events of artistic gymnastics when I woke up to have some water late at night; and the logo of course. Athens 2004 turned me into an Olympic Freak!! I watched almost everything of those games!!
  22. Muk Muk is da man!!!! He's cooler than the three official mascots (all of them very nice too). Maybe Vanoc should use his image more. Ok, he won't appear in flesh and fur, but I think they shouldn't use him just on the website. Maybe Muk Muk could give some advices to the people during Vancouver games, or being a volunteers mascot maybe. In the vid he seems to have a 'supporting role'. Making him a volunteer mascot would give him more attention.
  23. Maybe we'll be able to speculate something when Sochi show us a new logo and other themes for the games.
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