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  1. People up there in Harbin totally want Beijing to fail so they can bid next time I guess. 2030 is probably available for Asia.
  2. I almost want that only 2 cities bid for each games from now on. The catfight can get as low as those in Skyscrappercity.
  3. Tokyo would love to put Beijing down, as far as rivalries go, right? But man, this is apple is so full of poison... I'm lovin' it.
  4. WOOOOOOOOW! He just said, "we don't need to be big and billionaire about it and we have snow in march"
  5. These boards are as doomed as Boston's bid.

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    2. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      I have no idea. This feels like a TV show with that 'monster-of-the-week' trope.

    3. Ikarus360


      Does this monster also grows so large we'll have to call for a giant robot to fight it off?

    4. JMarkSnow2012


      It also feels like a TV show along the lines of "Candid Camera" ;-)

  6. Aside from the Spider-Llama, Lima presented us a beautiful handover and a long one too. It's a new, refreshing change to the repeated host countries of 2007, 2011 and 2015.
  8. PanAm sports programme consists of the Olympic sports + disciplines with regional significance, to reflect the sports culture of the continent. Surf will be included in Lima 2019, for example. Other continental games follow a similar formula.
  9. Persona 4 just called and they want their Teddy back.
  10. Well, with Toronto 2015 coming to a close, PASO would do well to encourage more regional bids for the Pan American Games. Media complained about the distances between venues, but the burden and legacy is shared among everybody and this is approach would be a reasonable template for Central American and Caribbean bids and mid-sized metropolitan areas of South and North America.
  11. Considering the YOG brands past Singapore are 'low cost', Buenos Aires 2018 is the best ever.
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