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  1. Me too. Those teens at YOG are already drinking and having sex. It seems like the produces of YOG ceremonies never ever talked to teenagers about their minds and likes.
  2. Lillehammer starts in 10 minutes and this is still a bid thread? What's wrong with this site?
  3. Getting ready to disappoint myself with another YOG Ceremony

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    2. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      You're right. Singapore was impressive. And it was today. All over the place, a nightmare.

    3. Ikarus360


      Oh yeah, Lillehammer ceremony was terrible. You can tell they didn't cared at all for it. Then again why wasting money on an irrelevant event no one cares about. I don't blame Norway.

    4. LDOG


      I'm afraid all YOG are a joke by now. It started like it was going to be sth serious but the downgrading has been outrageous. Just taking a look at the sports program you can tell... today I read some events of Buenos Aires '18 will be chosen in online polls (?)

  4. Some diseases the """first world countries""" faces occasionally were erradicated in Brazil decades ago. We're a global reference in immunization and epidemiological response, and coming from a tropical country that says a LOT. Nobody has stopped working/studying/living because of Zika. Carnaval happened as normal as always this year and the Olympic Games will be a success regardless of what some terrorist media try to picture about the current outbreak. Too bad a few athletes are getting caught by the latest chapter of the campaign of terror against the 2016 games. Some people can't get past their outdated ideas.
  5. Much better, lively and authentic than the samba schools.
  6. There are some reports coming about sexual transmission of the Zika virus, so be careful during the cold, winter nights. BTW, warmer temperatures in colder places may take mosquitoes to unusual places like Buenos Aires. WHO estimates the only countries with very low risk of zika in the Americas are Canada and Chile. Aedes Aegypti is a well known vector of tropical diseases like Dengue and Yellow Fever. There were no cases of zika in Brazil before 2014, but foreigners during the 2014 World Cup have brought it in (thank you, gringos). There are seasonal outrbeaks of Aedes Aegypti-related diseases (Dengue or Yellow Fever in specific regions) in Brazil and now Chikungunya and Zika were added to the list. The protocol is still the same, though: vector control. Unlike measles outbreaks out there, zika is mostly harmless. Like Ikarus, I had it last year and developed the rash and painful arm joints for 4 days. BUT, if you're pregnant - and that's why this is scary - effects to the baby can be nasty (kinda like rubella). So no: people are not dropping dead, Carnaval starts friday, and the games will happen safely. Oh you...
  7. How about a Vegas 2026 Youth Olympic Games? The teens would love every minute of it!
  8. America the Beautiful is much better than The Star Sprangled Banner.

  9. As we've jusr seen, PASO is very ok with metro areas hosting the games and an anchor city naming the event.
  10. Ehr... You know that those "military" athletes ARE our elite athletes which happen to be sponsored by the Armed Forces and received special military ranks only because of that. They're not soldiers. As part of the preparation to the 2011 World Military Games hosted by Rio, the Armed Forces threw away dozens of ranks to civilian athletes just to get them into the games. Talking as if they are some random soldiers that we sent to Toronto instead of our top olympians is misleading.
  11. True. But that was just an example. The Pan American Games doesn't have to pay tribute to Hispanic American heritage wherever they're hosted outside Hispanic American cultural hotspots.
  12. Or maybe not... The Pan American Games are not supposed to be a celebration of Hispanic-American culture. Much of the continent's diversity is still barely represented in the PanAms. Just as an example, 17 editions of the games so far and no francophone city has ever hosted them, despite French being recognized by PASO's motto. It's certainly easier to sell the games in places where there are large communities of foreign Latin American populations like Texas, LA and Florida. But It's better for the movement if cities (specially North American cities) can be authentic about themselves and do their own thing, conecting the games to its own communities and quit all that awkward maraca shaking and rumba dancing.
  13. Hope the designer doesn't suicide. This is embarassing as it is now.
  14. San Antonio (and any other american city) is completely silent after the failed 2007 bid. This article here make it seem like San Antonio 2007 was one of the first victims of the rusted relations of USOC and other international federations and organizations: Source: http://www.bizjournals.com/sanantonio/stories/2002/09/02/story1.html?page=all
  15. If Beijing can have a Winter Games, why not Rio have a polar bear, right?
  16. An entire Confed Cup in London would be interesting.
  17. It's a long shot, there's probably little to absolute 0 political interest, the place is overcrowded, etc etc. But New York City is THE American city that captures the world's imagination, specially after the (still recent) Los Angeles, Atlanta and Salt Lake City games. NYC can push the most authentic international narrative around a bid and they better explore it very soon because Toronto has pulled that same card surprisingly well last month and they can win a olympic bid with it before New York decides on bidding again (if they ever do).
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