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  1. Capybaras are awesome. They always look like they care nothing about other people's s**t and have a permanent resting bitch face.
  2. Stand by Me, by Florence and the Machine as a Final Fantasy theme is a VERY odd choice.

  3. Batman v Superman is not half bad... I don't get the hate

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    2. thatsnotmypuppy


      I thought they did a good job in M.O.S. regarding this. I struggle more with Bruce/Batman. Spoiled little prick.

    3. paul


      how can batman even compare to the power of superman...i just don't get it. and can't stand Mr. Lopez much......i think i might skip it.

    4. Ikarus360


      I feel they somewhat cheated on us with so many dream sequences, plus somewhat portraying both Batman and Superman out of character (seriously I thought the trend for edgy superhero movies was already over). Batman using weapons and killing people like nothing is a big no-no.

  4. Chávez is not master of anybody here. Brazilian political history - for anyone that has even small knowledge about it - is surprisingly distant from the rest of South America and all your bolivarian/all-latin american just never had roots here. Don't need to assume that Venezuelan politics or leaders have any importance or impact in Brazil, because they never had. The neighbors we pay close attention here are Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, with which we share much more than with the countries away from the northern frontier. Plus, don't need to talk as if you know all the specifics of the current Brazilian crisis because it doesn't compare to the Venezuelan case, the background is different as are the actors in play, the role of the people and the state of the democratic institutions.
  5. The games are - for obvious reasons - absent of the news lately. Our networks are not particularly politicizing the Olympic Games in general or the Torch Relay in particular. At least for now.
  6. Venezuela was indeed booed at the Rio 2007 Opening Ceremony. Trying to understand Brazil is not for beginners you see... Oh! I'd like to share this lovely image below Allow me to provide some context: The pic is from São Paulo (obviously) and it says: Carecas do Subúrbio against corruption. The people around the Brazilian flag are a notoriously violent skinhead group (carecas do subúrbio) from São Paulo, some policemen and members of FIESP (Federation of Industries of São Paulo State), an organization that supported dictatorship back then and whose HQ is the building with the big led screen. As you can see, the forces pushing the Government to fall as soon as possible no matter how many democratic are thrown away are the same guys who plunged this country into one of the darkest chapters of our history. Policeman, businessmen and skinheads together against corruption smells really bad and any south american person should now how autocratic these guys can get, right? It's not about corruption, It's about strong hate against a single party and democratic values in general. democratic rites are thrown out the window*
  7. Oh, God... The tapping reveals nothing new about what she was clearly planning to do and the press was noticing that nomination all day. Plus, Lula and Dilma (just as Aécio Neves and Fernando Henrique) are being investigated but have not been accused of any charges despite all the huge pressure. And no, Venezuela didn't sold your Bolivarian bs to us. This is getting ridiculous.
  8. You're the one missing the point. No one denies the Petrobras scandal, but media makes the majority of the people believe that it is solely on one party account even when investigations show it began during FHC government. But Fernando is such a dear that even some journals personally ASK HIM if he wants his wrongdoing to be published or not. Protests against Dilma are common even before 2013. Social movements and students are protesting against her management since June 2013 if you remember correctly, but they were treated as criminals by the same media that turns blind to the proto-fascism and hate speech oozing from the PSDB/MBL led protests since 2015. I say again these protests answer to the interests of this most cynical right-wing politicians which are themselves being investigated by the same operation that is cornering Worker's Party with distinct efficiency while names such as Aecio Neves and FHC have their accusations filed and investigated no further. The opposition parties are themselves calling people to the streets! How can one say this is all apolitical/neutral/spontaneous? As long as the protests are truly against corruption and not biased as their theme song (hahaha), there will be nothing authentic about marches such as the one last sunday: the biggest useless gathering of our young democracy.
  9. There IS a big BIG corruption problem across the majority of the parties - including the Worker's Party - and some of the biggest construction and communication companies of Brazil. But the media (controlled by the opposition) is very good at pinning the guilt on only one side of the thing and they are not willing to wait until the next elections, even if it means shutting down the Gov and blocking economic reforms to keep people pissed and stirring antidemocratic measures. That's why there are more and more people asking for a return of the dictatorship, death penalty and hugging policemen in the streets. Yep. People are this crazy.
  10. Nobody wanted a coup back in 64 and yet you guys are repeating every step of it... Plus, the organizers don't have the courage or don't want to repel the Military lovers, neither the Integralists, or the homophobic politicians from their carnaval. And guess what, these guys are just using the circus to throw themselves into the political stage again. And TV host Gloria Maria is a notable case because she's an exception. The only thing exceptions do is evidencing the general rule. Statistics show the outline of the protests - specially in São Paulo - is still overwhelmingly upper-middle class and white people and we DO know how Latin American scum love pretending to be european, noble and pure race until their conservative choices show them the awful reality. This is not against corruption. Look at the politicans and congressmen behind it. It's a crusade against one party (and I'm not even a voter of this party). This is just like Mani Pulite in Italy back in the 90's. It will produce at least one Berlusconi type here and at worst a total failure of our democratic institutions. As far as the Olympics are concerned, we can expect protests in a minor but more concentrated scale, at least for now. Surprisingly, Rio 2016 doesn't have so far the same kind of opposition as the 2014 World Cup had back then.
  11. The Congress and the big media conglomerates are very focused on putting down the Government but they're running out of democratic and constitutional ways of achieving that. So that's why there are currently very big headlines about corruption and allegated cases of wrongdoing involving people around Dilma Rousseff, but nothing against her has been proved. That being said, their're stirring the people to flock the streets (and shopping malls too, go figure) and protest against Dilma, Lula and the Worker's Party specifically for whatever reasons, despite the fact that the opposition parties have by far a lot more shady politicians involved in corruption cases. The use of hate speech, people doing nazi salutes, claiming for the return of the military dictatorship and even proposing the assassination of the president is a common thing in protests like the ones in 2015 and the ones today. Violent clashes are rare for the time being, but so they were in 1964 until the military took the power. Chances of a coup are slim and the democratic institutions keep functioning unless the situation quickly escalates for the worse, i.e: open violence in the streets, the military starts to intervene heavily or when this political crisis produce the first dead body... they're*
  12. The legacy plan is turning the Olympic Park in to the Olympic Training Center. Deodoro's shooting centre is used for training and national competitions. The velodrome, golf course and the new Deodoro venues worry me, though. Specially the velodrome and golf course because there's no use for that here...
  13. There were never commies in power in Brazil. The current economic crisis (which affects the developing world) is aggravated by the conservative congress which wants to shutdown the government to force a succession of power because they've been losing elections since 2002 and Dilma Rousseff's heavily centralized style of administration. Brazil's current standards of living, social policies and - most important - new middle classed that was raised out of poverty wouldn't exist without this center-left administration we had. This is nowhere as close as the bolivarian presidents around. There were no calls for socialist revolutions by any high-rank politicians and neither the same kind of personality cult like those of Chávez or Morales. But the thing is: the conservatives and right-wing liberals are walking side by side with the same people who love the military dictatorship (that was backed by the US, yes), small nazi/fascist groups and evangelical wackos. Opposition is selling their souls to the devil to topple the president. And we know how Latin America cycles through history with times of social development, then people think their rich and adopt a right wing rhetoric, then they elect a conservative government and their fantasy crumbles, then they elect someone else and the cycle repeats.
  14. And there's not dictatorship in Brazil. Currently...
  15. You know nothing, buddy. This common perception about Brazil and events held here was proven wrong in 2007, wrong in 2014 and is about to be again in a few months. But some people refuse to change their backwards opinions and too bad GamesBids is so full of them. The boards are becoming emptier and less and less relevant because of all this redundance.
  16. I find impressive how foreigners who live tens of thousands of kilometres away absolutely KNOW and can analyze so much more about the city than a resident of it! I mean, the developed world is amazing isn't it?! People are so ahead of their time they can even foresight, sense and perceive things that nobody else does!!
  17. Is this what people do in your cities' public parks?
  18. And I was thinking I'd never get a ticket to the Opening Ceremony

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    2. mr.bernham


      You totally should. Go overboard with it.

    3. ofan


      congrats pussy

    4. Victor Mata
  19. I'm sure they'll doing this to pack people in front of the cameras so the venues of unpopular sports in Brazil won't look empty. On the other hand, how much food do you people need during a sports session?
  20. Dear God! Brazil will fly across the country from first game in Pasadena to Orlando. And to think people freaked out about Manaus in 2014...
  21. And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is a totally american person.
  22. Well, thank god! I do hope more tickets become available soon and the more scared gringos start backing off the merrier it is.
  23. The YOGs are futile as a sports event yeah, but it can grow to become very interesting and important as a cultural and educational program for young athletes. Lillehammer's got this very well tuned apparently.
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