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  1. Congratulations on making that person admit he's discussing based on prejudice. Unfortunately, these boards became a hotbed for this type of people and contribution from across the globe is becoming shy less frequent, unless one concedes to some of the most unreasonable points of view.
  2. Because this guy is one of the most renowned (here and abroad) Brazilian artists and an extraordinary composer, my dear middle-classed friend. Parem de pelar saco pra gringo que acha vocês uns subdesenvolvidos. 90% dos brasileiros já foram ofendidos (inclusive racialmente) aqui durante a copa, o pan e desde a candidatura e ninguém liga para sua opinião ou insight sobre as coisas, mesmo você observando as coisas a partir de dentro. Bem, exceto se você curva a cabeça para a opinião hegemônica das discussões, que é superficial e preconceituosa (com duas ou 3 exceções, repito). Por isso que (salvo os subdesenvolvidos cabisbaixos) há só um pequeno grupelho de países e visões de mundo representadas neste fórum e assim ele seguirá.
  3. St. Johns cycle (june 13 to the 29th) is about bonfires and fireworks here in Brazil. Very traditional in Northeast indeed. All about fire!
  4. não há razão particular para aplausos diferenciados no momento...
  5. Caro amigo estrangeiro, o incidente com a onça não teve NADA A VER com o revezamento da chama olímpica ou com o comitê organizador. A imprensa está apenas sensacionalizando mais uma história para vender negatividade sobre os jogos olímpicos. O único erro do comitê foi ter pedido desculpas por um erro que não foi seu. A onça estava sob custódia do destacamento das forças armadas do Estado do Amazonas e eles é que devem responder sobre isso. Too bad you guys bought this story about this random jaguar... It has no relation AT ALL to the Rio 2016 committee or the torch relay, since the incident occurred much later that day, hours and hours after the pics with the Olympic Flame. The Rio 2016 torch relay is a success so far and protests against the interim government are minor and non-disruptive. Of course brown media is and will be feeding you with the worst about the games, as they did with the 2007 Pan Ams, as they did with the 2014 WC, as they did during the 2016 bid and as they've been doing now.
  6. It wasn't during, but after the ceremony with the torch. There would be pics all over the web if it happened by the sight of the flame. Oh really? What would you suggest, then?
  7. Ehr... no... Nobody cares or even identifies with the royals anymore. Well, except for small groups of intenet people. Royalty would fit the narrative of an opening ceremony in the case of portrayals of the Brazilian Independence or when the Portuguese court transfered to Rio de Janeiro, but that's basically it, unless the producers are planning to bore the world with history class.
  8. Very brazilian-hipster. I swear I saw those outfits at the french cinema festival last sunday. I can even listen to the ukuleles and happy whistles. I like the change though.
  9. There's something VERY big going on at the Chamber of Deputies at Brasilia this afternoon. Can't blame them.
  10. Thank God the Brazilian team left this soon and we avoided a worst embarassment. The more embarassed they are, the bigger the pressure to change the course of this failed football federation. And I hope we don't even get close to the olympic podium, because If Brazil manage to succeed in any tourneament, CBF will act as if they're doing their work properly. Nice volleyball move from Peru, though. They're pretty good at it.
  11. Terrible news... and it seems to be a case of terrorism driven by homophobia, otherwise the criminal would probably target the crowds of Copa America at Orlando.
  12. From now on, every time I feel sad I'll put on the uniform and hold the torch again.
  13. HAHA Thanks! I don't know! She said yes and ran away...
  14. So, the Olympic Flame made a tour around the city last sunday (May 29) and I was one of the 110 people chosen to be a torchbearer. The nomination was confirmed earlier this month. I was selected by the committee because mostly because of my work as a teacher at a community cram school, a student debate society founded by myself and and an archery workshop I brought to a state school last year. This is nothing compared to many great people I met at our gathering point and their truly inspiring stories. The sunday was rainy here in Maceió, but the crowds were big near the starting point of the relay. The parade of the sponsors ahead of us (Coca-cola) was a party! Lots of music and people dancing despite the drizzle. I was the 15th runner that night and you can see me igniting my torch in the pic below. The olympic torch is light and the flame looks pretty elegant in it. It's a neat sound when we release the gas and the segments open up. The torchbearers run for only 200 meters and I ran as slowly as I could, but the security squad noticed and joked saying 'hey man, we see what you're trying to do'. I passed the flame to a girl but before we planned to do something funny to the media truck: I proposed to her, kneeling myself and she said yes before lighting her torch. The people were shocked! And that's how it ended. It was fun, inspiring and unforgettable.
  15. AAAAND, I'm a torchbearer now!

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    2. Ikarus360


      That's awesome! I hope you enjoy this experience of a lifetime :)

    3. Rob2012


      Nice one. And yeah, pics when you've done it!

    4. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      Thanks! The flame comes to town next sunday. I'll post something about the experience later.

  16. Amigo, o que você ainda está fazendo aqui tentando conversar com uma fauna de coxinhas e uma criatura ressentida que acha que o país quebrado dele é igual ao Brasil? Não há honestidade nesta discussão! Já estão colocando na sua conta que as bombas do Temer são culpa sua por ter eleito-o vice, quando, na verdade, ele está empregando justamente o programa da oposição fracassada que não vence eleições neste país e precisa de golpe pra assumir o poder. Poupe-se.
  17. The news say the OCOG confirms his participation but he will NOT sing the anthem.
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