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  1. I must confess that my heart says it should go to Athens because of its place in the origins of the games.

    It must also borne in mind that they do have the most up to date facilities (having been last used three years ago) so the infrastructure is there. That, after all, was one of the main aims for the YOG.

    However, another aim was for smaller cities and towns to also have a chance to host an olympic games

  2. Do you believe that the IOC would give Sheffield the Youth Olympics of 2010 when London has the 2012 Olympics

    Also, countries have to consider if a "Youth Olympics" would be held against them in the future if they plan a bid for the big games?

    That is possible and the winning of a bid for one of the current games seems to undermine a bod for the other. However there cant be that many cities with the right infastructure of the right size and in place. It strikes me that as the youth games will be considrably smaller than their adult counterparts one can assume that the infastructure doesnt have to be adult size (eg there isnt a need for main stadia of 80000+ seats. so the the likes of sheffield may have an advantage

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