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  1. this is regarding this years games, not 2014, there will be an English team at Glasgow

    The only way England or any nation would not go to Delhi is if there was a terrorist attack before the games, that would put the athletes and spectators at risk

    I know. I was asked my opinion, as an Englishman "Would it really matter if England didn't attend" - and I stated that it would, as I believe it would have a negative impact on 2014 with the games coming to Britain.

  2. To be honest, who actually thought that little girl was singing :rolleyes: - seriously, when have children actually sung live at things like this. EVERY ceremony has recorded bits.... and it was quite obvious too the fireworks wern't live at the beginning apart from the footprint one over the stadium.

  3. I'm sleeping. Very boring, except two or three good parts.

    I look forward for the parade!

    Not a single breathing taking picture....

    Annoyed they beat greece?

    It's fantastic apart from the BBC commentary, which slogan should be 'WE KNOW.'

    We know these games are controversial, but you dont have to keep saying... its so annoying.

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