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  1. Has Japan landed a fatal blow on its pacific neighbour that puts the hopes and dreams of Korea on the back burner? Ahead of tomorrow's vote, can Merkel's Germany live up to the record of Putin's Russia? http://t.co/7tDtwSv

    1. baron-pierreIV


      Nah. TOkyo is still a big IF.

    2. paul


      I think you sounded good but were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off.

    3. Jon Chambers

      Jon Chambers

      "But two things are certain tomorrow, 2018 is PyeongChang’s to lose and Angela Merkel is no Vladimir Putin" - I think the final conclusion kind of wrapped things up.

  2. A cynical look at England's 2018 disappointment might help us realise where we went wrong. http://tinyurl.com/24hwgeq

  3. I know. I was asked my opinion, as an Englishman "Would it really matter if England didn't attend" - and I stated that it would, as I believe it would have a negative impact on 2014 with the games coming to Britain.
  4. I'm from England and I think it would be a huge shame not to see England at the Commonwealth Games. If Scotland is hosting the games in 2014, to not have a showing for the whole of Britain would just be simply negative for the games in Glasgow.
  5. Mock The Week is Genius. Lee Evans - The gangster joke as they start digging up the Olympic Stadium site.
  6. This thread is full of men, not actually what I was expecting at all.
  7. To be honest, who actually thought that little girl was singing - seriously, when have children actually sung live at things like this. EVERY ceremony has recorded bits.... and it was quite obvious too the fireworks wern't live at the beginning apart from the footprint one over the stadium.
  8. Ahhhh so thats how the rings was done. I expected LED to feature heavily.
  9. Haha loving the close up of Mr Bush with Iraq and Iran!!
  10. I agree that Sydney was more mememorable than Athens - artistically perhaps it had a continious flow, but its a different presentation, in my view - this was a better ceremony.
  11. Annoyed they beat greece? It's fantastic apart from the BBC commentary, which slogan should be 'WE KNOW.' We know these games are controversial, but you dont have to keep saying... its so annoying.
  12. http://bangkok2010.com/ Bangkok too, they're more like mini-emblems? They've had a workshop for the candidates so maybe this kind of thing is allowed? But really, whats the difference!
  13. http://www.moscowyog2010.com/ I didn't think the candidates were allowed to create 'logos' as such, emblems?
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