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  1. GO, PORTUGAL, GO! A little gender fail by the brazilian commentator who said that the only guy competing for Portugal was a girl.
  2. "I've always heard of MOldavia when I was a kid thanks to Tintin" by SporTV commentator. That's SYLDAVIA, genius.
  3. True. And they actually have a olympian in sportv commentating here in Brazil. They're beating the crap out of Record.
  4. Am I the only one who finds highly ironic that Icelandic delegation is rather small? o.o
  5. Aren't USA uniform's made by Ralph Lauren? I remember seeing some pictures a while ago.
  6. The brazilian commentators are very keen on commenting on other nations' uniforms XD
  7. Wow. That's the most boring shade of green I've ever seen. I like the Torino uniforms better.
  8. What the hell was that on azerbaijan delegation's pants? More seizure inducing that Munich bid logo! XD
  9. The Parade of Nations! I would how many international broadcaster will mention Rio 2016 when our delegation walks in. =P
  10. I think it's quite nice. I thought it would be worse, to be completely honest.
  11. SporTV. They know when to shut up and how to be short and direct in their explanations.
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