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  1. That was cool! And now some serious tap dance. Who said tap dancing can't be baddass?
  2. The costumes look great. See, Brazilian Commentators, now is the time to talk about the costumes! XD
  3. All those moments waiting for this were definitely worth it! This is freaking amazing!
  4. We are so having another one of these in the closing ceremony. Your comments are awesome, guys!
  5. I wonder if they'll show any baby seals... Other than that, this is amazing! So simple and yet so meaningful!
  6. I kinda pitty the organazing workers trying to get the audience to participate...their success rate is kinda low.
  7. Do you know the best thing about the end of the parade? I won't have to listen to Vancouver Winter Olympics Fashion Week reports by the commentators. C'mom ._.
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