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  1. The flagpoles airvents are one serious fail. I think they were aiming for a more natural effect than Beijing and that didn't pay off.
  2. From where do you thing the flame will come in? Looks like there is an exit underneath the orchestra stage.
  3. Her voice is really good. I don't think I recall listening to any of her songs before.
  4. Now, the governor opens the games, the flag come is, it's hoisted, the flame comes in and we're done? Fastest 3 hours of my life! o.o
  5. But that's the kind of speech that got Rio the olympics. The whole "We're ready!" deal, remember?
  6. WOW! THE MAPLE LEAF HAVE NEVER SEEMED SO PRETTY! and the olympic flame is getting closer and closer...
  7. Okay, does anyone know when the speechs will take place? Is it right after this section?
  8. Wow, check the audience! This is far better than the stupid choreography they've made us learn at the PanAm opening back in 2007!
  9. It's raining! Sort of. I love how the curtains can be shaped at will! Clouds, northern lights...amazing!
  10. This is the guy running through the air, right? That belt is not very subtle...
  11. How girl tapdancing with plaid shirt detected. Nice. And now some heavy metal tap!
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