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  1. They would have been wet and cold. Or the roof would have been closed. It started raining hard before I got into the stadium. And I had to wait over 2 hours to get in...got to my seat with 15 mins to spare!

    Wow! Two hours? Long lines + harsh security check or anything like that? I remember when I went to the Pan Am Opening in Rio and they opened the stadium 3 hours before the show began so that the crowds could be choreographed. And the sun was frying out heads! XD

  2. I've just rewatched some parts of the ceremony -- and I can only concur with Walei: Now that I've coped with the initial "cauldron shock", I think that Vancouver has delivered a very good opening ceremony. The artistic part even was one of the Top 3 in Olympic history. It was warm-hearted, emotional and passionate (something Torino actually wanted to present but failed to do so -- maybe because it tried too hard) and it offered great images. The organisers and producers can't be blamed for the lack of passion of the audience during the parade of nations. And OK, there were a few timing and technical flaws (the Olympic Ring snowboard jumper starting too late, both flags not flying properly, and the now already-famous cauldron failure), but the stunning projections and performances in the artistic segments make up for very much of that. And the Furtado/Adams cheese dip can be easily forgotten as well.

    For me it was an 8.5 of 10.

    I second that.
  3. SporTV here in Brazil did a fine job. There wasn't any commercial breaks that I'm aware of. The commentators were slightly more aware of their surroundings than their Rede Record counterparts XD It annoyed me a little bit how they would go on and on about the delegations uniforms. Was that really relevant or necessary? Still, it worked quite well. The guy doing the simultaneous translation was quite good at his job. Still, it would have been nice to be able to change the audio here in Brazil. I've checked both Record and SporTV and neither allowed me to turn off their commentators. Is this a standard practice with Olympic Broadcasts?

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