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  1. But look at this image: Isn't from the leftmost hole in the picture that the cauldron leg should've come out?
  2. According to Wikipedia, Garou sang "Un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin" (A little higher, a little further) by Jean-Pierre Ferland =)
  3. For 500+ dollars tickets, the souveniers are sounding remarkably lackluster...
  4. At least Miss Doan acted on spot and played her part. Even though it must have been quite sade for her not actually light the cauldron with her other three mates.
  5. The cauldron thing would have worked better if they made the lightings almost simultaneous? At least there wouldn't be the awkward "let's wait till he gets there!" moment with all the Vancouver skyline images...
  6. Wow! Two hours? Long lines + harsh security check or anything like that? I remember when I went to the Pan Am Opening in Rio and they opened the stadium 3 hours before the show began so that the crowds could be choreographed. And the sun was frying out heads! XD
  7. I don't know what to think of the poem, really. It was nice, I guess. I wouldn't put it in my high points list nor in my low points list for the matter.
  8. SporTV here in Brazil did a fine job. There wasn't any commercial breaks that I'm aware of. The commentators were slightly more aware of their surroundings than their Rede Record counterparts XD It annoyed me a little bit how they would go on and on about the delegations uniforms. Was that really relevant or necessary? Still, it worked quite well. The guy doing the simultaneous translation was quite good at his job. Still, it would have been nice to be able to change the audio here in Brazil. I've checked both Record and SporTV and neither allowed me to turn off their commentators. Is this a standard practice with Olympic Broadcasts?
  9. David Atkins can stay away from our olympic cauldron. And so can Bombardier. o.o
  10. We would never do so! It's a matter of national pride XD Bombardier is EMBRAER's, the Brazilian aerospace company, archnemesis!
  11. Dear RioOCOG or whatever is your name, should our cauldron have hydraulics...check them! check them like there's no tomorrow!
  12. I think I'm glad that the indoor cauldron didn't need it's 4 legs to keep standing...And too bad for the people inside BC Place..they are missing the fireworks. Unless they project them on the roof!
  13. I know the aerial view of Vancouver is nice, but how long will it take to get to the external cauldron?
  14. So, this is it? Don't we get to see the external cauldron being lit? I'm just seing some random cold images now.
  15. And everything was working so fine up to the cauldron. And Wayne will take the flame outside. So he is the FINAL torchbearer after all.
  16. Garou? Didn't hey play Quasimodo in the Notre Dame de Paris french musicals? o.o
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