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  1. No comments on the Figure Skating Topic minutes before the Men's Final? How odd! But what's even stranger is the fact that Figure Skating (or, as we say here Patinação Artística) is in the Brazilian trending topics of Twitter! That's amazing! And nobody really knows how! Guess Vancouver e doing something for the ice sports down here! XD

  2. So far, TV broadcasts in Brazil sucks. Timeslots are something they completely ignore. Live transmissions are often interrupted, or completely replaced, by reruns of previous events.

    The Internet broadcast has been far more reliable so far, and has gained much praise from the fans. Unfortunately, not all events have commentators, but that's something that most of us can live. Thanks to the Internet I was able to watch all the skating events so far, which have been severyly mistreated by the Free to Air and Cable Tv. Yesterday, they stopped broadcating man's figure skating right after Plushenko's results, which made everybody watching miss the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th placed routines. Go them ¬¬

  3. Oh, didn't realize that. The drums were little cardboard boxes with lights and Canadian flags inside. They were kinda like a pizza box for a really thick pizza.

    By the way...the Official programme book was boring. All grey and black and white. No photos at all except of the people behind the scenes.

    For 500+ dollars tickets, the souveniers are sounding remarkably lackluster... :blink:

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