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  1. Genius, CTF! Motto? "In Russia, the Winter Olympics Watch YOU!"
  2. But he does have that Justin Beiber feeling going on. Must be the hair Anyway, Stéphane Lambiel is still my number 1. Those eyes...
  3. I mean the profile photos, which a lot of people here have and, for what I've seen, recently changed. Everytime I try to upload a 90x90 photo to my profile page, it says it's too large even though it's clearly under the 150x150 limit.
  4. As a matter of fact, I'm quite fond of them. I think everything about them is great, really. The shape, the unusually large size, the motives, the position of the olympic rings. I think the silver one is particularly beautiful.
  5. It's true, they've got the same marks for their Program Components, 82.40. Evan beat Plushenko on Techinical.
  6. Perhaps they want an Opening Week rather than an Opening Ceremony.
  7. If it's any consolation, I'll be forced to watch everybody from the last group (aka the most likely medalists) on the Internet because the tv is stopping figure skating in a few moments to start broadcasting the snowboard finals.
  8. No comments on the Figure Skating Topic minutes before the Men's Final? How odd! But what's even stranger is the fact that Figure Skating (or, as we say here Patinação Artística) is in the Brazilian trending topics of Twitter! That's amazing! And nobody really knows how! Guess Vancouver e doing something for the ice sports down here! XD
  9. Oh, I have procrastinated the purchase of your book for far too long, Baron! I won't have it by the time of the CC. Shame on me, really. As soon as my credit card (and the carriers responsible for the shipping) allows me, I'll put my hands on a copy!
  10. So far, TV broadcasts in Brazil sucks. Timeslots are something they completely ignore. Live transmissions are often interrupted, or completely replaced, by reruns of previous events. The Internet broadcast has been far more reliable so far, and has gained much praise from the fans. Unfortunately, not all events have commentators, but that's something that most of us can live. Thanks to the Internet I was able to watch all the skating events so far, which have been severyly mistreated by the Free to Air and Cable Tv. Yesterday, they stopped broadcating man's figure skating right after Plushenko's results, which made everybody watching miss the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th placed routines. Go them ¬¬
  11. I was so disapointed by Lambiel's score. I had such high hopes for him. I hope he'll do better with his long program.
  12. Oh, Stephane...I've got huge crush on him right now.
  13. I'm watching the Pairs Final over the internet because the Brazilian broadcasters are too keen on reruns ¬¬ Thank God for Terra!
  14. I grew addicted to that song. Too bad I can't get my hands on the album. Curse you, Brazilian iTunes Store and current legislation regarding internet music sale!
  15. It would be very rude of him not appearing again to say Farewell after welcoming the world in such great fashion!
  16. If the subject is the ladies, my favorite is Julia Mancuso
  17. Why do I keep getting messages that the photo I'm trying to upload to my profile is too large? It's 90x90 and only 5,53kb! Is this a premium member feature or anything like that?
  18. You can say that again! Except for the wolfboy. I bet Vanoc was trying to win over the teen audience with Twilight references. AND trying showcase an important part of BC culture (and the wolfboy's torso, for the matter).
  19. I can totally understand that. That was one girlish guy...or a very boyish girl.
  20. Baron's right. Even if you adjust for inflation, Vancouver is a good deal more expensive than Salt Lake or Torino (more than 100 dollars if you take the most expensive tickets for comparison)!
  21. Aren't we all glad that the Whistler one isn't a complicated hydraulic multi-part bonfire-like Bombardier designed cauldron?
  22. I always forget Valentine's Day is in February elsewhere in the world. In Brazil it's June 12th! Happy Vday for all you celebrating it today! =D
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