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  1. I don't know man...I think maybe it was just her hair in Beijing. She looked pretty cute last week.

    Oh, she looks adorable under certain circunstances, but c'mon, you can't get much better looking than Tanith Belbin!


    shown above: HOT!

    Nastia has some pretty big skates to fill!(sorry, couldn't resist XD)

    I wonder why Tanith and Even broke up. :unsure:

  2. No photo uploads are permitted in the forums due to variou copyright and securiy risks. Please us Flickr or Photobucket or similar.

    I mean the profile photos, which a lot of people here have and, for what I've seen, recently changed. Everytime I try to upload a 90x90 photo to my profile page, it says it's too large even though it's clearly under the 150x150 limit. :(

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