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  1. I love how stoic Mr.Rogge looks! And how nice of him to mention Sochi and Georgia.
  2. And you guys thought Nikki was bad...poprock version <<<<<<<<< power balad version.
  3. Emmy award winning Rosa Magalhães, responsible for the 2007 PanAm opening costumes, is one of the commentators in Brazil. Nice.
  4. Record's broadcast is slated to star at midnight! Midnight! SporTV starts at 22h30! What the hell?
  5. Why isn't it up now? Maybe it'll rise up in an incredibly dramatic fashion...or maybe they couldn't get the trapdoor to work properly after all! XD
  6. It's supposed to start in half an hour. Right now I'm watching PSG getting its ass kicked by Olympique de Marseille waiting for the broadcast to begin.
  7. See? This is what they should be making instead of those silly Mario and Sonic at the Olympics games or whatever is its name.
  8. Oh, she looks adorable under certain circunstances, but c'mon, you can't get much better looking than Tanith Belbin! shown above: HOT! Nastia has some pretty big skates to fill!(sorry, couldn't resist XD) I wonder why Tanith and Even broke up.
  9. The Ladies' Short Program Event has just started. And the Pacific Coliseum looks somewhat...empty?
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