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  1. The re-lighting of the cauldron was a really nice touch. Poor Le May Doan deserved this after the whole 4th leg fiasco. Allow me to say "In You Face, Gretzky! I lit one by mylsef and didn't get soaking wet to do it!" The snowboard intro choreography was adorable and hey, that was one easy song to memorize! I HATED the Canandian anthem rendition. Seriously, WTF? I had absolutely no issues with Nikki's rendition, but this? BIG FAT NO for me. Kudos for the guy who sang the Olympic Anthem. It was nice to actually understand what was being sung this time around. OC Lady had a pretty and powerful voice but I just couldn't catch any words she sang and being unfamiliar with the lyrics certainly didn't help. Furlong's speech was really good and I found his attempts at French endearing. He was trying so hard! Cultural segment was just plain awesome. Really. One of the things I appreciate the most in anyone is the ability to laugh at oneself. And Canadians showed that they've got enough sense of humor to export it! XD This CC gets bonus points for bringing back my sweet childhood memories. At least my sweet TV childhood memories. Anything that has Captain Kirk, Kevin's Mom and Marty McFly being funny onstage cannot be labled with anything other than AWESOME. Musical guests, save a few (Bublé, Alanis, Neil Young) were a complete letdown. Seriously, again, Nickelback? Really? And who the hell is Hedley? Makes me wonder who we'll bring in the 2016 ceremonies since we don't actually have worldwide famous names, but I digress. The Sochi handover...Geez, I don't know. I guess it was pretty, but I felt it didn't, you know, showed what was expected to show. Overall, I sensed that the CC was better crafted than the OC. It's great to see the olympic ceremonies being about having fun instead of being about who's got the most hardcore giant led screen. It felt more human to me. So, congratulations, Vancouver! You guys surelly exceded my expectations! These were my first winter olympics and I'll sure miss the fun!
  2. Indeed! Not only are Canadians polite, peace-loving people but also they've got a great sense of humor! I was constantly amused by the CC! Good job!
  3. THIS IS WAS SO AWESOME. Excluding some less than tasteful musical numbers, but still! Awesome!
  4. Ha, I can't watch my favorite part again thanks to the fact that the free to air tv is two hours delayed! XD
  5. And some of you thought the Made in Canada segment was embarrassing. This is much, much worse! XD
  6. And Buble looks hot in that James Bond tux! This is how olympic ceremonies should be!
  8. Those medals were totally put on the gigant cardboard hockey players today! XD
  9. OMG! If this keeps going, they'll start singing BLAME CANADA anytime now! Gosh, this is amazing! =D
  10. You're right! Funny is not the word! It's HILARIOUS! And now it's Buble Time! =D
  11. Are you kidding? This is brilliant! I'm laughing so hard now! XD Canadians are awesome!
  12. Omg, he totally did a "What can I do?" with a huge smile on his face! Gotta love Rogge! XD
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