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  1. For sure, Baron, as I said, I don't know much (well, nothing) about golf... smile.gif

    The only thing I can say is that both courses are very very near... Which means, maybe, there it will be some crazy ideas to have both...

    I, for one, find extremely ironic that Gávea Golf Club is not located in Gávea, but rather São Conrado. Still, maybe they'll choose Itanhagá due to it being closer to the rest of the Barra cluster.

  2. I remeber reading in the Lancenet blog about how the thing is almost settled. The president of FINA has apparently 15 of the 22 votes secured and that he'll work to give Rio the Worlds (and, according to the blog, he'll work to stop any other city that's trying to get them). Honestly, that's kinda harsh, isn't it?

    Ooops, forgot to put my source! http://blogs.lancenet.com.br/rio2016/2010/04/20/o-mundial-e-do-rio/ (portuguese only)

  3. Danny is right. Besides, Maracanã is bigger and easier to get to than Engenhão will ever be given how the transportation plan is currently shapped. Given that the ceremonies are (if I'm not mistaken) the highest priced event of the Games, having them on Engenhão would mean 25,000 tickets not sold and huge profit loss for the OCOG. Still, I'd love to see them taking place in a stadium that's a 5 minute walk away from my home ;)

  4. Singapore: Asia

    Zimbabwe: Africa

    Cuba: North America

    Bolivia: South America

    Vanuatu: Oceania

    Montenegro: Europe

    Wow, do they actually think this will help to show how far they've come? This will be one underwhelming tournament. If FIFA at least let them call the U20 or U17 continental champions squads, but I don't see this generating much buzz.

  5. 2010 Winter Paralympics

    Over 500 athletes from 44 countries around the world have once again descended on Vancouver Canada, for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Paralympic Games, (officially known as the X Paralympic Winter Games). After a separate torch relay and opening ceremony, competitors faced off in five different sports: Sledge hockey, Wheelchair curling, Alpine skiing, Biathlon, and Cross-country skiing - the last three broken into classes of sitting, standing and visually impaired. Currently Russia is leading the medals race, with Canada and Ukraine tied for second place. The Winter Paralympics continue until the Closing Ceremony on Sunday March 21st. Collected here are some scenes from this year's games. (40 photos total)


  6. I'm sure the upcoming Rio games are giving Brazil a bit of Olympic fever - and it is in a good time zone for Brazil.

    That's one of the most interesting things. It was an AWFUL time zone. When the Games began, we were 6 hours ahead of Vancouver due to Day Light Savings (it ended on the begining of the second week). Most of the interesting events ended in the early hours (figure skating usually ended around 3AM and some hockey matches started around 2AM) or happened when everybody was working! It was not unusual to read messages on twitter like "I should be sleeping, but I'm watching Curling!". :P

  7. That could be a really impressive stat, it depends. If the audience of the cable broadcaster was pretty small to begin with, a 238% increase isn't that impressive. It depends what size their regular audience is.

    It's a rather impressive stat, indeed. SporTV and SporTV 2 are among the most watched cable channels in Brazil, with SporTV being an ocasional audience leader. And SporTV 2 managed to top audience charts even though SporTV was broadcasting several matches from the Brazilian Football State Championships. No words about Record's (the free-to-air broadcaster) figures, but I'm guessing they managed to keep the 2nd place in viewing figures.

  8. It's not about how the media views the game, but on the newspaper today there was a small note talking about how Vancouver 2010 made the audience of the cable broadcaster increase by 238%! It was the most watched channel from February 15th to February 21st. Not bad! Brazilians were sure enjoying their winter olympics. I wonder if we just wanted to escape the heat wave that struck Brazil in the past few weeks =D

  9. Being the first time I've ever watched Olympic Winter Games, I can't put the "Best Ever" tag on it. Still, I believe it was a great way to start. Not only for me, but many brazilians started paying attention to the games as they went on. I've seen people on Twitter talking about curling, snowboard and Figure Skating managed to get in the Brazilian Trending Topics! That was certainly a first!

    So, trully exceptional games IMHO. :)

  10. The re-lighting of the cauldron was a really nice touch. Poor Le May Doan deserved this after the whole 4th leg fiasco. Allow me to say "In You Face, Gretzky! I lit one by mylsef and didn't get soaking wet to do it!" :P

    The snowboard intro choreography was adorable and hey, that was one easy song to memorize!

    I HATED the Canandian anthem rendition. Seriously, WTF? I had absolutely no issues with Nikki's rendition, but this? BIG FAT NO for me.

    Kudos for the guy who sang the Olympic Anthem. It was nice to actually understand what was being sung this time around. OC Lady had a pretty and powerful voice but I just couldn't catch any words she sang and being unfamiliar with the lyrics certainly didn't help.

    Furlong's speech was really good and I found his attempts at French endearing. He was trying so hard!

    Cultural segment was just plain awesome. Really. One of the things I appreciate the most in anyone is the ability to laugh at oneself. And Canadians showed that they've got enough sense of humor to export it! XD

    This CC gets bonus points for bringing back my sweet childhood memories. At least my sweet TV childhood memories. Anything that has Captain Kirk, Kevin's Mom and Marty McFly being funny onstage cannot be labled with anything other than AWESOME.

    Musical guests, save a few (Bublé, Alanis, Neil Young) were a complete letdown. Seriously, again, Nickelback? Really? And who the hell is Hedley? :blink: Makes me wonder who we'll bring in the 2016 ceremonies since we don't actually have worldwide famous names, but I digress.

    The Sochi handover...Geez, I don't know. I guess it was pretty, but I felt it didn't, you know, showed what was expected to show.

    Overall, I sensed that the CC was better crafted than the OC. It's great to see the olympic ceremonies being about having fun instead of being about who's got the most hardcore giant led screen. It felt more human to me.

    So, congratulations, Vancouver! You guys surelly exceded my expectations! These were my first winter olympics and I'll sure miss the fun! :D

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