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  1. I can't have been the only one whose imediate thought after "lumberjack" was this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oflabSvvV5w For he's a lumberjuck as he's OK. He's sleeps all night and he works all day!
  2. It's good to see that are wasting no time with the preparations. Nawal has always seemed to be an extremely reliable person, I'm sure she'll do great. And I hope this has positive reflexes on her career with the IOC.
  3. I think they'll probably wake up before the final deadline for the begining stadium renovation/construction works. That's in March, isn't it?
  4. So, indulge me one little hypothetical question, if you can. What would say if (and only IF) the whole BC Place doesn't turn into one hellpit thanks to the cauldron?
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