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  1. I can't take the annoying commentators from the video. Darn it! Bu man, that was amazing! Amazing countdown!
  2. Are those light grey things on the chairs the opening ceremony participation kits?
  3. So true. Punctuality: They are doing it dreadfuly wrong! If I see another "In a few moments Vancouver 2010" flashing on top of the screen, I'm gonna shoot my TV.
  4. We do, but apparently they're not worth much. Broadcast should've started about 10 minutes ago and we're still watching that terrible soap opera.
  5. Still no images in Brazil. The free tv broadcaster is showing it's last soap opera and the cable broadcaster is showing a Brazil Open match. Oh, the waiting is killing me! ><
  6. I'ma having some late night pizza right now. It's almost midnight here! Boa noite, pessoal! Good luck to everybody in Vancouver!
  7. Go Canada, go! We know you'll do great! We'll be watching! =D
  8. Never watched the OC on the channel that'll broadcast it today. I hope they don't cut them too much. It gets annoying after some time ._.
  9. So, thanks to Murphy and his stupid law, I'll most definitly drop by later. At least, it'll be fun.
  10. This is probably the best definition I've seen so far. I salute you, Stirtheshoul! XD
  11. I believe ESPN+ is broadcasting the ceremony starting 11pm. They have a slot from 11pm to 2am. Isn't that the time in Chilen when the OC is taking place?
  12. I'll try to drop by, but I don't if can make it. I'll have some friends over to watch the ceremony. I'll do my best, though! =D
  13. It's official. Isabel Clark will carry the Brazilian flag into the stadium. If you're curious about why she's holding a 2006 Swiss Olympic Team Jersey, that's because she traded it with some guy in the Turin games.
  14. I took german classes with a friend who had live in Germany. Bless her heart, I was a very lousy student. I did learn how to sing some awesome pre-school songs. Like singing the German Alphabet to the tune of Frère Jacques (like, this one here: )Still, I have nothing but fond memories of the germans I've met. Really cool people! So, as Rob said, Don't mind if I do! =]
  15. Here in Brazil, SPORTV 2 starts schedueled the OC from 00:00 to 3 AM, since we're on daylight savings right now. I'm throwing a party here to watch the ceremony with my friends! XD
  16. These are going to be the longest three days of my life! At least until the three days before my final college entrance exams' test results.
  17. To be honest, this is the first time I'm actually anticipating the Opening Ceremony! Before, I just happend to see the show on TV, now I'm actually making plans to watch it! And all the secrecy is killing me! I can't wait to see the whole thing! =D
  18. Haven't heard anything about the Brazilian Flagbearer as of yet, but the safest bet would be Isabel Clark. She had the honor to do so in Torino and, having the best finish in the history of Brazilian Winter Olympians, a 9th place in Women's Snowboarding, she's the likely choice.
  19. I was anticipating my 7th grade winter vacations. Sorry about that, I was only 13 and didn't really care about the Olympics ^^' How things have changed since then! XD
  20. I just wanna thanks the Brazilian iTunes Store for only selling iPhone/iPod Touch Apps! [/sarcasm] The box sounds very interesting. And since I couldn't convince my folks here to get HDTV to watch the Opening Ceremony, at least I'll have the blu ray version!
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