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  1. Because Maracana is one of the biggest icons of Brazil, one of the most famous stadiums in the world. After Corcovado and Sugar Loaf is the proud of Cariocas and Brazilian. It's a full meaning venue for Brazil and maybe for all South America since many South American great moments of sports were held there.

    Maracanã is also 30,000 seats larger than JHOS and that's a big draw when you're trying to earn money. Given that the ceremonies are the highest priced events in the OG, those seats can generate a much welcomed income. Not that I believe the organizers are expecting to break even, but still. It's also better located and has more transport options than JHOS currently have (to be honest, they simply built the stadium there without improving the transport network around it. Argh, so much for the trouble of bringing it to the neighborhood). I'm not fond of the idea of using Maracanã as the venue for the OC and CC but I can see the logic behind the choice.

  2. The Barra Cluster is the best one! WTF? What for?

    And the Rio bid starts to go haywire.....already.

    Actually, the Barra Cluster is the major target of criticism from most of the urban planners in Rio. They believe is totally dumb to concentrate so many sports in just one cluster to accommodate the interests of real state funds. This is. in my opinion, a rather simplistic view. Sure, real state money played a big part on why most things were build there for the PanAm and will be built for the OG, but there's a lot of space there and the area is easily connected with most parts of the city.

    However, I'm quite fond of the idea of relocating certain events and installations to the port area. Travel times will be slightly longer for the athletes, but nothing too drastic. You can easily get from Barra to the Praça Mauá (where the warehouses supposed to be used are located) in under half an hour (of course, considering that an intelligent plan for giving official vehicles priority and exclusive lanes is designed). It's also a great deal for the media personel. That would reduce their travel times to Maracanã and Copacabana clusters significantly.

  3. Yes, the most spread out. Actually it is JH stadium which falls out of place. Maracanã, Sambódromo and São Januário make a kind of triangle with 3 km on each side. However, all the venues are permanent and existing. It was defined as a cluster to justify the use of these venues and the cluster was sold as the most densely populated area of the city. If you remember the venue plan presentation, each cluster had a particular social-economic feature to justify its use. It was a way to portray that Rio 2016 will reach all the social groups that make up the population of Rio.

    JH stadium, however is well connetced to the OV through the Linha Amarela highway. By the way, unlike what Danny said, it is far from being midway to the Deodoro cluster which is pretty far from there.

    While Deodoro is pretty pretty far from JH, they (and Maracanã, Sambadrome and São Januário/São Cristovão) are connected through Supervia trains. Even though the Deodoro line is the stopper, I believe an express line will be developed to connect both clusters.

  4. What is the distance between each of the venues in this "cluster"

    Well, the Sambadrome (archery/marathon) is about 3,5km away from Maracanã, João Havelange Stadium (athletics) is about 7km and Maracanãzinho (volleyball) arena is in the Maracanã Sports Complex.

  5. I think there should be 7 stadia in Rio:

    1. one for the Opening Ceremony

    2. a 2nd one for Athletix

    3. a 3rd just for dress rehearsals

    4. a 4th for the Football finals

    5. a 5th for CLosing Ceremony

    6. a 6th for the Paralympics Opening; and

    7. a 7th for the Paralympics Closing.

    Shouldn't we add another one for the Marathon? You know, so that nobody is feeling left out. :P

  6. So its totally impossible to add a track to Maracana?

    But then you lost out on the large capacity for the ceremonies.

    Adding a track would make it unfit for football matches as far as FIFA pitch-size standards go, I believe. They'd have to reduce the playing area or use the space around the field and pit surrounding it, but I doubt there would be enough room for a proper track.

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