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  1. Well, yeah. The stadiums are in the Maracanã Cluster, not in the Barra one.
  2. It's good to be back! =]

  3. You can download the aerial view of the future olympic park plus the legacy plan up to 2030 here. It's quite impressive, though I'm not completely sold on the whole homage to copacabana in the middle of the park, to be honest. But we'll see. They have 5 years to prove me wrong.
  4. I'm about to buy my plane tickets! First time in Europe is such an amazing thing! LONDON, BABY! =P

  5. The buses' new color scheme is really good. I like Internorte's green details better then the others, but that may be just my "bairrismo" talking =P
  6. It's official! Europe here I come! =D

  7. Como to think of it, I don't think I've ever heard Charles speaking before!
  8. Yeah! I've done the same... And should the guy be surrounded by people like that? o.o
  9. Dang! The veetle thing went offline right in the beginning of the baton relay! Not fair!
  10. The Prime Minister is quite the soft-spoken person, isn't he?
  11. Given what these games have been trough, the fact that they are actually happening can be considered a tremendous success.
  12. Rogge just had a "Who? Me?" moment. He looked dazed and confused! XD
  13. I can never tell if they are booing, cheering, hissing or whatever. Crappy low def sound system. At least my video quality is decent!
  14. Oh, finally! And look, Mr. Rogge looks sooooooooooooo excited! XD
  15. How unfair. I really wish I could watch the ceremonies. Stupid copyright u.u
  16. Maybe they'll keep everything in João Havelange? I know the ceremonies for next year World Military Games will be held there, so...
  17. Well, that was sudden. They weren't kidding when they said things were going to get on track as fast as they could after all the shortcomings preparations have had. Good thing to know Maracanã renovations are under work, they have like 2 and half years now to be ready o.o
  18. Maracanã is also 30,000 seats larger than JHOS and that's a big draw when you're trying to earn money. Given that the ceremonies are the highest priced events in the OG, those seats can generate a much welcomed income. Not that I believe the organizers are expecting to break even, but still. It's also better located and has more transport options than JHOS currently have (to be honest, they simply built the stadium there without improving the transport network around it. Argh, so much for the trouble of bringing it to the neighborhood). I'm not fond of the idea of using Maracanã as the venue for the OC and CC but I can see the logic behind the choice.
  19. Fair enough, then! You get 2010 WC, we get 2014 WC. We get 2015 FINA WAC, you get 2017 FINA WAC! And eye for an eye!
  20. Actually, the Barra Cluster is the major target of criticism from most of the urban planners in Rio. They believe is totally dumb to concentrate so many sports in just one cluster to accommodate the interests of real state funds. This is. in my opinion, a rather simplistic view. Sure, real state money played a big part on why most things were build there for the PanAm and will be built for the OG, but there's a lot of space there and the area is easily connected with most parts of the city. However, I'm quite fond of the idea of relocating certain events and installations to the port area. Travel times will be slightly longer for the athletes, but nothing too drastic. You can easily get from Barra to the Praça Mauá (where the warehouses supposed to be used are located) in under half an hour (of course, considering that an intelligent plan for giving official vehicles priority and exclusive lanes is designed). It's also a great deal for the media personel. That would reduce their travel times to Maracanã and Copacabana clusters significantly.
  21. While Deodoro is pretty pretty far from JH, they (and Maracanã, Sambadrome and São Januário/São Cristovão) are connected through Supervia trains. Even though the Deodoro line is the stopper, I believe an express line will be developed to connect both clusters.
  22. Well, the Sambadrome (archery/marathon) is about 3,5km away from Maracanã, João Havelange Stadium (athletics) is about 7km and Maracanãzinho (volleyball) arena is in the Maracanã Sports Complex.
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