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  1. Well, yeah. The stadiums are in the Maracanã Cluster, not in the Barra one.
  2. It's good to be back! =]

  3. You can download the aerial view of the future olympic park plus the legacy plan up to 2030 here. It's quite impressive, though I'm not completely sold on the whole homage to copacabana in the middle of the park, to be honest. But we'll see. They have 5 years to prove me wrong.
  4. I'm about to buy my plane tickets! First time in Europe is such an amazing thing! LONDON, BABY! =P

  5. The buses' new color scheme is really good. I like Internorte's green details better then the others, but that may be just my "bairrismo" talking =P
  6. It's official! Europe here I come! =D

  7. It's a nice, if rather uninspired, design. Still, I'm quite fond of squared stadiums. Somehow, they seem more classy and use the area better, IMO.
  8. Como to think of it, I don't think I've ever heard Charles speaking before!
  9. Yeah! I've done the same... And should the guy be surrounded by people like that? o.o
  10. Dang! The veetle thing went offline right in the beginning of the baton relay! Not fair!
  11. The Prime Minister is quite the soft-spoken person, isn't he?
  12. Given what these games have been trough, the fact that they are actually happening can be considered a tremendous success.
  13. Rogge just had a "Who? Me?" moment. He looked dazed and confused! XD
  14. I can never tell if they are booing, cheering, hissing or whatever. Crappy low def sound system. At least my video quality is decent!
  15. Oh, finally! And look, Mr. Rogge looks sooooooooooooo excited! XD
  16. How unfair. I really wish I could watch the ceremonies. Stupid copyright u.u
  17. Maybe they'll keep everything in João Havelange? I know the ceremonies for next year World Military Games will be held there, so...
  18. I believe it's been brought up somewhere here in this thread. I have to say the hands metaphor works far better for the basketball world championship than the World Cup but hey, who am I to disagree with such big names in the design world like Paulo Coelho and Gisele Bündchen?
  19. At first I thought they were playing some dramatic music over the video of Fonte Nova being imploded, but then I realized it was the sound of the explosives going off XD
  20. You know, I've never realized before how the screens in Maracanã are small compared to the rest of the stadium. I wonder if they'll be replaced for the World Cup or the Olympics.
  21. Well, that was sudden. They weren't kidding when they said things were going to get on track as fast as they could after all the shortcomings preparations have had. Good thing to know Maracanã renovations are under work, they have like 2 and half years now to be ready o.o
  22. They have released the logos' animation intro! To be honest, it's growing on me pretty fast =]
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