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    Right now, I'm totally digging Sherlock Holmes. And I blame it all on the new movie. Yeap, I'm one of those fans. Still, I'm finding the books to be extremely pleasent and great help during the black outs that have been plaguing my neighborhood lately.

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There isn't much to be said about me. I'm just your avaerage Brazilian guy. I'm 20, I've dropped out of the Fluminense Federal University School of International Relations and now I'm pursuing a career in Social Comunications. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll get a chance to work on the games when they get to Rio! I love cooking, specially desserts (I've earned my fair share of compliments on my wine and raspberry cheesecake =P).

I adore reading. It's my favorite hobby. I am, as matter of fact, writing a book of my own. Don't know if it'll ever get published but, hey, you never know. If it does, I promise to send everone here a signed copy!

Being on Gamesbids.com is a great experience! I'd never have guessed that the Olympics bids had a fandom! I've met some of the most reasonable and level-headed people here and fellow countrymen who share a passion!

I hope I'll hang around here for a really long time!

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