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    Right now, I'm totally digging Sherlock Holmes. And I blame it all on the new movie. Yeap, I'm one of those fans. Still, I'm finding the books to be extremely pleasent and great help during the black outs that have been plaguing my neighborhood lately.

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  1. Well, yeah. The stadiums are in the MaracanĂ£ Cluster, not in the Barra one.
  2. It's good to be back! =]

  3. You can download the aerial view of the future olympic park plus the legacy plan up to 2030 here. It's quite impressive, though I'm not completely sold on the whole homage to copacabana in the middle of the park, to be honest. But we'll see. They have 5 years to prove me wrong.
  4. Dear Dinhu,

    I want to ask you for your support and vote for the GB 2022 competition.

    Plizz vote for Bursa

    Greetz from Belgium

  5. Please support Manchester, New Hampshire 2022 for the XXIV Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games -

  6. I'm about to buy my plane tickets! First time in Europe is such an amazing thing! LONDON, BABY! =P

  7. The buses' new color scheme is really good. I like Internorte's green details better then the others, but that may be just my "bairrismo" talking =P
  8. It's official! Europe here I come! =D

  9. Como to think of it, I don't think I've ever heard Charles speaking before!
  10. Yeah! I've done the same... And should the guy be surrounded by people like that? o.o
  11. Dang! The veetle thing went offline right in the beginning of the baton relay! Not fair!
  12. The Prime Minister is quite the soft-spoken person, isn't he?
  13. Given what these games have been trough, the fact that they are actually happening can be considered a tremendous success.
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