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  1. Madrid's bid had the support of the city's government and the regional council, both controlled at the time by the People's Party, which was also the case for Madrid's 2012 and 2020 bids. There is no such precedent.
  2. The mayor of Zaragoza was planning to bid, but after the last local elections he lost the council majority and he was elected thanks to the votes of a party that opposed the bid.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/24174069?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
  4. I think he doesn't mean they wouldn't build a track, but it wouldn't meet IOC requirements.
  5. The mayor of Barcelona has announced a referendum on the bid before official application. He says "the world won't end if the games happen in 2026". He also says they won't be able to bid if they have to build a bobsleigh track like the IOC wants, because of environmental concerns. http://www.lavanguardia.com/local/barcelona/20130919/54386766412/trias-anuncia-consulta-jj-oo-de-invierno-candidatura.html
  6. +1 Every single point Roger87 makes, I've heard before in Spanish mainstream media.
  7. Barcelona will meet Spanish NOC on Monday. http://ccaa.elpais.com/ccaa/2013/09/12/catalunya/1379018635_787962.html
  8. The Spanish football federation will present four bids: Espanyol's Estadi Cornellà-El Prat, the new San Mamés in Bilbao, the new Mestalla in Valencia, and now that Madrid 2020 has failed, the would-have-been Olympic Stadium La Peineta in Madrid. http://www.mundodeportivo.com/20130911/atletico-madrid/la-peineta-opta-a-ser-sede-del-euro-2020_54381310645.html Estadi Cornellà-El Prat (40,500), near Barcelona, inaugurated in 2009. New San Mamés Stadium in Bilbao (53,332), will host its inaugural La Liga match this coming Monday, though it's not completely finished. The remaining quarter of the stadium will be built on land that was occupied by the old San Mamés, which was demolished this summer. It will be completed in Spring 2015: The Nou Mestalla in Valencia (75,100), construction began in 2007 and was expected to be inaugurated in 2009, but the works were postponed due to financial problems: La Peineta in Madrid (70,000) won't have a running track now that it won't be hosting the Olympics. Atlético de Madrid is expected to move there by the 2016/17 season:
  9. Yes, seems definitive http://ccaa.elpais.com/ccaa/2013/09/12/madrid/1378971809_791415.html
  10. I assumed he was popular worlwide. I used to watch it as a child and currently my nephews watch it. All Spanish media covered the news when Doraemon was named Special ambassador for Tokyo's bid.
  11. Many of those commentators say a lot of bullshit all the time and about all kind of topics, the tone of these "debates" is always similar. With one or two sensible people. Not all reactions are like this. For example, a columnist from El Mundo, the same newspaper that published the infamous 50 votes list: "Siempre es más fácil recurrir a la teoria de la conspiración y echar la culpa a los demás que reconocer los errores propios". (It's always easier to resort to the conspiracy theory and blame others than recognizing your own mistakes") http://elmundo.orbyt.es/2013/09/08/orbyt_en_elmundo/1378660948.html
  12. I would much prefer the olympics, but I think Spain should bid for the UEFA Euro 2024 instead. We have the stadia, and the last time we hosted a big football tournament was the WC in 1982. Since then Italy had the 1990 WC, England had the 1996 Euro, France had the 1998 WC and 2016 Euro and Germany had the 2006 WC.
  13. That's Doraemon, the cosmic cat! Isn't he known in the US? It's a popular Japanese cartoon.
  14. La Caja Mágica, the tennis venue, is a white elephant. Not the rest.
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