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  1. Philip and I extend our heartiest congratulations our fine British Olympic members. The commoners are rejoicing at how well the country showed itself to the world. Is there anyone I need to grant a Knighthood to from these Olympics? I would like to know before Lord Coe starts bothering me. He can be such a boor when he gets excited about something. ER
  2. I regret to inform that I will be unable to attend the Opening Ceremonies of the Bejing Olympics. I have an appointment that day with the Royal Dentist that has been put off for quite some time. Additionally, my traveling tiara became misshapen when Carla Sarkozi tried it on and is now being rebuilt by the Royal Jeweler. ER
  3. My dear commoner, I regret to inform that your wild assumptions of my inability to spell correctly are quite ill-mannered. I do not input my worldly responses myself. How gauche. I merely dictate to the Royal Secretary my thoughts for typing. I am so happy the Sarkozy’s are gone. Did you per chance observe the hat Camilla wore to greet them? It looked as though she had run through the woods and leaves became entangled in it.
  4. I do hope that the protestors do not raise a ruckus near my palace on the day it enters London. The Countess of Glouchester and Lady Carmen Middleton-Jones are schedule to stop by that day for a rousing game of Bridge with Phillip and I, as well as tea and light refreshments.
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