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  1. Collected my London 2012 parasol yesterday from remains of the games. Not sure it goes with my Japanese inspired garden!
  2. Im so looking forward to the Para OC. I'm in block 246 which is at the opposite end to the flame
  3. Anyone fancy a "City" Wenlock sculpture for £16,500? http://memorabilia.london2012.com/iSynApp/auctionDisplay.action?sid=1100443&auctionId=22689 There's also loads of Olympic Park Fitxtures, fittings and Furniture via this website. From beds, sofas, picnic tables and extension leads?!? I bought a 4m wide London 2012 Parasol which is from the ticket/scan gates http://www.remainsofthegames.co.uk/
  4. Love the pic hope you had any amazing day. It's such a supportive friendly atmosphere isn't it.
  5. Saw the countdown teaser just after the news basically it is an overhead view of the stadium with x days to go.
  6. Baron - Glasgow is hosting some of the football matches. But non of the Team GB games.
  7. I'm sure I read somewhere that they will be lit up for the duration of the olympics. I also think the London Eye would have been a perfect location but maybe the logistics of fitting them were too much of a challenge.
  8. That's a deal. Don't worry, I'll keep Schtum! I'm sat on the 2nd row so sight lines wont be fantastic, I might as well join in I'm that close lol
  9. I'm made up, just confirmed that I have a ticket for the final dress rehearsal of the OC on the 25th. Performers - You're going to get such amazing support from your fellow GM volunteers on the night!
  10. Hi guys, Facebook have just launched an London 2012 Olympic Portal to "Like" Athletes, Countries and Sports... https://www.facebook.com/pages/olympics
  11. Morning all, loving the countryside concept and there is also a nod towards the handover section at Beijing with the bus unfurling into lawns and topiary. Maybe the countryside will transform slowly into cities and London landmarks.
  12. Oh wow love it! Here's a link to a brief article on the BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18392025
  13. Another fellow Games Maker here living in hope for a Dress Rehearsal ticket! I've got my Accomodation booked from the 23rd July onwards just in case I get a chance for either the Monday or Wednesday. Hope your rehearsals are going well. I'm on the EVS team
  14. I'm a very happy boy. I have tickets to the closing ceremony of the paras I was hoping Gaga may make an appearance (i know she's not british but hey!) sadly that was scuppered by her announcing the second date at Twickenham.
  15. Wow. That was amazing! Goosebumps upon goosebumps here. Love the musical arrangement too.
  16. Plus a close up of the trainers, which I love. Hope they have them in size 12. http://img41.imageshack.us/i/imageugde.jpg/ Sorry it's in the wrong section, can't seem to find the volunteers page
  17. Here you go a link from twitter re the games maker swatch watch:- http://t.co/B1VFRkAu
  18. First set of Games Maker Volunteers just receiving their uniforms. So far positive results on the trainers, swatch watch and airline seat buckle belt. 2 weeks to go til I get mine!
  19. Its part of the new urban village ikea is building right next to the olympic park. I think there are three of these "torches" of varying size going to be installed.
  20. There was talk recently that Lord Coe would be carrying the torch in Sheffield late June as that was his hometown and was inspired by one of his teachers who was a keen athlete BBC London Website:- Olympic chief Sebastian Coe also revealed last week that he had been nominated to carry the torch in his home town of Sheffield. He told the BBC's School Report: "For me Sheffield was where all my athletics really happened so that would be the obvious place to be involved."
  21. Great pictures there. I more excited that i've just seen the apartment block where i'll be staying in, in your first picture. Just north east of the warm up track, right next to the railway line is a a row of 4 and 6 storey apartment blocks with a slightly curve grey roof with red and yellow brick walls
  22. Great design and even better as it has a Yorkshire registration plate! http://www.carbuzz.c...leased-7708010/
  23. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-17373523 Continue reading the main story Virgin says up to 120 stations will have wi-fi connectivity by the end of 2012 Related Stories Virgin Media posts strong profits Games 'will strain' phone network Virgin Media has won the contract to provide wi-fi to the London Underground. The contract is only for ticket offices, escalators and platforms because it would have required major construction work to have added connectivity to the network's tunnels. From July 2012 all Tube passengers will initially be able to connect to the internet for free. After the Olympic and Paralympic Games it will be a pay-as-you-go service. Virgin Media's mobile and broadband customers will be offered continued access as part of their subscriptions. Other non-paying users will be limited to a site showing online travel information. The firm said it intended to introduce wi-fi to 80 stations by the summer, and by up to 120 stations by the end of the year. The company's chief executive, Neil Berkett, said: "We'll help people make the most of the city and will continue to evolve the service, ensuring everyone can benefit from a service London will be proud of." Transport for London (TfL) estimates that four million people use the Tube every day. Deep-level deal London Underground staff will be responsible for fitting the equipment, but the organisation stressed that the cost would be covered by the commercial contract. "This latest innovation is great news for Tube customers, who now have access to emails, web and social media underground for the first time," said Gareth Powell, London Underground's director of strategy and service development. "It's also delivered at no cost to fare payers and taxpayers."Continue reading the main story London 2012 - One extraordinary year The BBC's home of 2012: Latest Olympic news, sport, culture, torch relay, video and audio Wi-fi is already available on many of the UK's overground trains. GNER was the first operator to offer the service on the East Coast Main Line in 2004. However, TfL said this would be the UK's first deep-level network to provide wireless internet to the public. Underground rail systems overseas, such as the Dubai Metro, are able to offer continued access to customers during journeys. The Chinese telecoms equipment firm Huawei had originally explored an option to install 3G phone and data services throughout the Tube, but TfL opted not to implement its scheme. It was discovered that the cost of adding antennas to the antiquated system would have been prohibitive because the lack of space between the trains and the tunnels would have made building work necessary. Virgin Media said it believed that the Tube's limited wi-fi access would not put customers at a huge disadvantage. "Every wi-fi station you pass through is going to give you the chance to stay connected, by quickly updating Facebook, Twitter, email and the like," Kevin Baughan, Virgin Media's director of wireless told the BBC. "Even while travelling people will have a great experience." Sorry guys i've made a right dogs dinner of the above. how do i edit it?
  24. Wasnt it part of the 1 year to go celebrations at the aquatic centre?
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