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  1. Collected my London 2012 parasol yesterday from remains of the games. Not sure it goes with my Japanese inspired garden!
  2. Anyone fancy a "City" Wenlock sculpture for £16,500? http://memorabilia.london2012.com/iSynApp/auctionDisplay.action?sid=1100443&auctionId=22689 There's also loads of Olympic Park Fitxtures, fittings and Furniture via this website. From beds, sofas, picnic tables and extension leads?!? I bought a 4m wide London 2012 Parasol which is from the ticket/scan gates http://www.remainsofthegames.co.uk/
  3. That's a deal. Don't worry, I'll keep Schtum! I'm sat on the 2nd row so sight lines wont be fantastic, I might as well join in I'm that close lol
  4. I'm made up, just confirmed that I have a ticket for the final dress rehearsal of the OC on the 25th. Performers - You're going to get such amazing support from your fellow GM volunteers on the night!
  5. Morning all, loving the countryside concept and there is also a nod towards the handover section at Beijing with the bus unfurling into lawns and topiary. Maybe the countryside will transform slowly into cities and London landmarks.
  6. Oh wow love it! Here's a link to a brief article on the BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18392025
  7. Another fellow Games Maker here living in hope for a Dress Rehearsal ticket! I've got my Accomodation booked from the 23rd July onwards just in case I get a chance for either the Monday or Wednesday. Hope your rehearsals are going well. I'm on the EVS team
  8. I'm a very happy boy. I have tickets to the closing ceremony of the paras I was hoping Gaga may make an appearance (i know she's not british but hey!) sadly that was scuppered by her announcing the second date at Twickenham.
  9. Wow. That was amazing! Goosebumps upon goosebumps here. Love the musical arrangement too.
  10. Its part of the new urban village ikea is building right next to the olympic park. I think there are three of these "torches" of varying size going to be installed.
  11. There was talk recently that Lord Coe would be carrying the torch in Sheffield late June as that was his hometown and was inspired by one of his teachers who was a keen athlete BBC London Website:- Olympic chief Sebastian Coe also revealed last week that he had been nominated to carry the torch in his home town of Sheffield. He told the BBC's School Report: "For me Sheffield was where all my athletics really happened so that would be the obvious place to be involved."
  12. Great pictures there. I more excited that i've just seen the apartment block where i'll be staying in, in your first picture. Just north east of the warm up track, right next to the railway line is a a row of 4 and 6 storey apartment blocks with a slightly curve grey roof with red and yellow brick walls
  13. Coldplay part own the company who produce the radio controlled glow bands and director is also quoted about them being perfect for the Olympics http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2073124/Coldplay-light-Wembley-giving-X-Factor-audience-radio-controlled-glow-bands.html
  14. This gives a better feel of the lighting effects and the possibilities available. Filmed from the back of Wembley Arena at last night x factor final...
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