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  1. Hey, I was a Games Maker during the Olympics and there were hundreds of different volunteering roles. Including Stewarding, Protocol, Accreditation, Uniform Distribution, Athlete Village Management, First Aid, Olympic Family Liason, NOC Assistants, Photography Runner, Admin, Media Liason you name it! It depends on your experience and what you can bring to the role. At the time of applying I'm sure Glasgow 2014 will list a summary of roles and numbers of volunteers they are looking at recruiting. When you apply it may ask what areas you would like to work in / venues and how many days you can commit to. I worked in the Event Services Team in the Common Domain (the bits in between the venues) of the Olympic Park. Basically it was stewarding, ticket scans, meet and greets, covering information point, handing out maps and taking thousands of photos for happy ticket holders! With international volunteers I think (like London) they will do telephone interviews and cram in the training / accreditation / uniform collection when you arrive for the games. I'm also applying for Glasgow and the Gold Coast in 2018. Drop me a line if you need any further info.
  2. Collected my London 2012 parasol yesterday from remains of the games. Not sure it goes with my Japanese inspired garden!
  3. Im so looking forward to the Para OC. I'm in block 246 which is at the opposite end to the flame
  4. Anyone fancy a "City" Wenlock sculpture for £16,500? http://memorabilia.london2012.com/iSynApp/auctionDisplay.action?sid=1100443&auctionId=22689 There's also loads of Olympic Park Fitxtures, fittings and Furniture via this website. From beds, sofas, picnic tables and extension leads?!? I bought a 4m wide London 2012 Parasol which is from the ticket/scan gates http://www.remainsofthegames.co.uk/
  5. Ha! We've had our first torch relay streaker! It was only a matter f time... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18782634
  6. Love the pic hope you had any amazing day. It's such a supportive friendly atmosphere isn't it.
  7. I'm just wondering if they will do any live links to the other live sites across London (a la Last Night if the Proms) They'll be 50,000 in Hyde Park and another 30,000 of us across the road from the Stadium in Victoria Park.
  8. Saw the countdown teaser just after the news basically it is an overhead view of the stadium with x days to go.
  9. Baron - Glasgow is hosting some of the football matches. But non of the Team GB games.
  10. I'm sure I read somewhere that they will be lit up for the duration of the olympics. I also think the London Eye would have been a perfect location but maybe the logistics of fitting them were too much of a challenge.
  11. That's a deal. Don't worry, I'll keep Schtum! I'm sat on the 2nd row so sight lines wont be fantastic, I might as well join in I'm that close lol
  12. I'm made up, just confirmed that I have a ticket for the final dress rehearsal of the OC on the 25th. Performers - You're going to get such amazing support from your fellow GM volunteers on the night!
  13. Wow just come back from an amazing evening in Sheffield city centre the atmosphere was electric and I've never seen it so busy in my life. Sheffielders gave L Wow just come back from an amazing evening in Sheffield city centre the atmosphere was electric and I've never seen it so busy in my life. The police have just announced that over the 5 days the relay has been with us in Yorkshire it has been seen by more than a million people!!! London it's heading your way enjoy the ride!
  14. Just back from the torch relay in Huddersfield. Looks like the sunny and dry weather is back in Yorkshire. An estimated 45,000 lines the streets of the Town for the relay. Also my place of work was the base for the torchbearers to meet. Look what I got my hands on!!!!
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