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  1. Collected my London 2012 parasol yesterday from remains of the games. Not sure it goes with my Japanese inspired garden!
  2. Im so looking forward to the Para OC. I'm in block 246 which is at the opposite end to the flame
  3. Anyone fancy a "City" Wenlock sculpture for £16,500? http://memorabilia.london2012.com/iSynApp/auctionDisplay.action?sid=1100443&auctionId=22689 There's also loads of Olympic Park Fitxtures, fittings and Furniture via this website. From beds, sofas, picnic tables and extension leads?!? I bought a 4m wide London 2012 Parasol which is from the ticket/scan gates http://www.remainsofthegames.co.uk/
  4. Love the pic hope you had any amazing day. It's such a supportive friendly atmosphere isn't it.
  5. Saw the countdown teaser just after the news basically it is an overhead view of the stadium with x days to go.
  6. Baron - Glasgow is hosting some of the football matches. But non of the Team GB games.
  7. I'm sure I read somewhere that they will be lit up for the duration of the olympics. I also think the London Eye would have been a perfect location but maybe the logistics of fitting them were too much of a challenge.
  8. That's a deal. Don't worry, I'll keep Schtum! I'm sat on the 2nd row so sight lines wont be fantastic, I might as well join in I'm that close lol
  9. I'm made up, just confirmed that I have a ticket for the final dress rehearsal of the OC on the 25th. Performers - You're going to get such amazing support from your fellow GM volunteers on the night!
  10. Hi guys, Facebook have just launched an London 2012 Olympic Portal to "Like" Athletes, Countries and Sports... https://www.facebook.com/pages/olympics
  11. Lots of hockey, diving, basketball, water polo, handball, modern pentathlon went on sale 7am this morning. Also extra orbit tickets released. Aparrently they are doing low key releases from now on... I got my info from @pearcesport
  12. Morning all, loving the countryside concept and there is also a nod towards the handover section at Beijing with the bus unfurling into lawns and topiary. Maybe the countryside will transform slowly into cities and London landmarks.
  13. Oh wow love it! Here's a link to a brief article on the BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18392025
  14. Another fellow Games Maker here living in hope for a Dress Rehearsal ticket! I've got my Accomodation booked from the 23rd July onwards just in case I get a chance for either the Monday or Wednesday. Hope your rehearsals are going well. I'm on the EVS team
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