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  1. It has existed before... it was called the 1980's...
  2. Reported... cheers! (someone must be trying to get another posting ban...)
  3. reminds me of a bunch of sphincters...
  4. I concur... absolutely awful looking... and the 'pod' looks ghastly too... and i also thought of breast cancer when i first saw that photo...
  5. very inappropriate comment and hostile language... ::wagging finger disapprovingly::
  6. Definitely Toronto's olympic bids... by far the most bizarre and hopeless....
  7. I am loving the renders of the Thames illuminated and with the bridges decked out in 'The Look'... Let's hope that it actually gets done and is not just all wishful idea-spouting...
  8. Umm... the NY Times is considered America's highest newspaper... But I read USA today... smaller words, more pictures, pretty colors... LOL
  9. Where is the 'don't like this' button???
  10. ...? No..? I don't recall saying that... I believe the implication of my statement was that I am not an olympic die-hard like some others on here but happened to see it a while back... and I am not certain whether or not I had seen it here or elsewhere... I just said that I remember seeing the video, and made no comment as to origin...
  11. Well I remember seeing that video quite a long time ago... I can only assume If I saw it then the true Olympic die-hards on here must have seen it also...
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