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  1. OOOps sorry I thought it was all over. Im sure Yoshi will do a fabulous job and I look forward to watching the future competitions Im at a bit of a junction in my life and I've decided to take the rocky unlit path. So I would like to announce my retirement from the competitions. I had a good go but for me its time to move on to other things, maybe Obama and I should do a collaboration or something, I hear he is in the same position. I hope the competitions go from strength to strength as the next generation steps up to the plate. Cheers guys.
  2. Thank you all for the kind words. People placing work in this forum always inspires me. Its easy to come on here and complain and criticise but to come on here and put your work on display for people to view and comment on is a really brave thing to do. I love seeing the logos and what people do with them. Paul always does fantastic work, like Sir Rols has said, he owns these competitions and I think he has inspired a hell of a lot of people putting his stuff out there. Sir Rols you are a legend. I don't feel like this site is what it used to be but you are the constant, gentlemanly (is that a word?) thread running through it. Its been a blast, everyone, a real blast. And as they say 'Don't cry because its ended, smile because it happened'
  3. Thanks for everyone that voted for my Havana logo. I always enjoy these contests and seeing peoples take on what the logo can be. Fingers crossed for Hamburg
  4. Big congratulations Paul, I actually nearly voted for your design in the final. A very worthy winner. Thanks to Sir Rols as ever a marvellous competition of competitions.
  5. ...tried to send you a note but your box is full

  6. Good luck Paul, it's been great competing against you over the years. Thanks for everyone that voted me this far.
  7. A stellar line up indeed. Very honoured to have my work still in there. Good luck everyone. You put your work out there for anyone and everyone to judge year after year. Just goes to show what talent hides itself within the Gamesbids world : )
  8. Heres my Hamburg 2032. Inspired by the soaring Elbphilharmonie Hamburg and the fact that Hamburg sees itself as the gateway to the world water had to be the main focus. Ive taken stylised wave shapes to form the roof of the Philharmonic building on the waterfront, and create a gateway. The Hamburg 2032 sits on the water with waves carved out of the 2032.
  9. Heres my final logo. Inspired by the Cuban flag. It is designed to create movement and passion to inspiring Cuba and the world to what it can achieve building a better, brighter future.
  10. Before revealing my Havana logo I thought I'd post my thought process on how it has developed and why. The final logo will be released tomorrow.
  11. Hey Sir Rols, I may give it a go. I have taken a massive break from here as well, but I may have a go for old times sake. I do love your competitions : )