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  1. I always saw it that when it went really small they became the sun rays and didn't need to be read. I sent the logo to the people at LA2028 saying it was a little project that I'd like to show them, got nothing back, not even a thank's for taking the time. So I hope their games are a disaster. Only joking ; ) It will be interesting to see what they come up with and when they reveal it as they have such a long lead up
  2. Have we had a speech from the winner yet?
  3. Congratulations to woohooitsme83 it was a hard fought contest. How many times have I been the bridesmaid! Ha ha Great competition as always guys, you put a lot of effort in and we all appreciate it. Officially I retired last year but I may see you in 2018 : )
  4. Here is my logo for LA2028. Instead of dumping the bid concept and starting afresh I have decided to link to the bid with a sun icon. The bid said #followthesun and the competitors and the visitors will do just that. The logo's beams are made up of past hosts highlighting the journey that the Olympics has got to to get to 2028. The word mark is then in blue to represent the sun rising behind the ocean. A new dawn for LA and a new dawn for the Olympics. All other support material can be found here. https://www.behance.net/gallery/56031033/LA2028-Branding
  5. Oops wrong thread
  6. I haven't posted it yet, still tweaking. Its different.......its very different
  7. I've had an idea, can I de-retire myself?
  8. The OC was shown, very, very, very low key. I was expecting something but not sure what and this wasn't it. A few songs and speeches one by Prince Andrew looking quite sombre and bored. The crowds have been great though. That 100 metres was a travesty and the medal ceremony straight after Jessica getting her Gold upgrade was just pants. It sounds like Coe wants change with lifetime bans but there is no appetite for it. Really sad. Looks like you have been having a great time though Rob, I went to see some of the Parras and decided to watch this one from home.
  9. Paris 2024

    The medals for Paris 2024 have already been designed apparently and can split into 4 to be shared. Design by Phillippe Starck https://www.dezeen.com/2017/07/25/philippe-starck-paris-2024-olympic-medals-designed-to-be-shared/
  10. I have been trying to find out if there is a ceremony myself. The last few have had one so you would think. The Para's had speeches and I think that was about it. Obviously Channel 4 didn't show it because they were probably showing repeats of Big Bang Theory at the time. Moscow did a whole space themed thing didn't they?
  11. Tokyo 2020 OC

    If a flying car doesn't light that cauldron, I for one will feel cheated! ; )
  12. Tokyo 2020 OC

    A group of Japanese engineers are aiming to launch the world's smallest flying car, the Skydrive, in time for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Designed by Cartivator, a Tokyo- and Toyota City-based non-profit run by a team of 30 volunteers, the three-wheeled Skydrive car is powered by four rotors and uses drone technology. The car aims to deliver a seamless transition from driving to flight. The team's "first target" is to build the flying car and use it to light the Olympic flame at Tokyo's 2020 Summer Olympics. https://www.dezeen.com/2017/07/11/toyota-backed-flying-car-2020-olympics-tokyo-cartivator-skydrive/
  13. OOOps sorry I thought it was all over. Im sure Yoshi will do a fabulous job and I look forward to watching the future competitions Im at a bit of a junction in my life and I've decided to take the rocky unlit path. So I would like to announce my retirement from the competitions. I had a good go but for me its time to move on to other things, maybe Obama and I should do a collaboration or something, I hear he is in the same position. I hope the competitions go from strength to strength as the next generation steps up to the plate. Cheers guys.