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  1. The fact remains that until you can post something that corraborates their story (and seeing that they had lots of investors that are still interested that shouldn't be hard), it is hard for me to believe the story of 2 poor ladies from West Vancouver.

    With all due respect - you have yet to answer any questions on this subject or provide any information that may substantiate any claims/conclusions that you have drawn. The reason why I do not provide much weight to the story you have posted is beacause the article only interviewed the Hartwicks. The article also provides no actual information as to what evidence the police may be investigating, how long they have been investigating this new information, and how this information was obtained.

    Throughout your defense of this story, you align yourself with people that are in the 'know', but coincidentally never mention any names. You claim that this is a HUGE coverup involving everyone in govt, vanoc, the media, the judicial system and developers. When someone asks for specifics, you conveniently point to this as to why there is no information available.

    The PMR project was killed is the late 80's, 10 years before the NDP supported Vancouver to bid for the games, against 5 premiers ago (campbell, dosanjh, clark, johnston) and with party that doesn't even exist anymore. I am sure that when this project was killed, everyone that was mentioned was aware that vancouver would win an olympic bid 15 years later. Did I mention that Mrs. Hartwick at one time tried to run for that party. Hmmmm...


    You be the 'judge' of that after you carefully reread the "Players" named in the articles posted on this thread.

    So post some information from the trial that makes you believe of the corruption. Hard facts that give us details. Links to other sites that have information. If you are well versed in law you understand what circumstantial means. Post facts about this case, not opinions about what happened which is what you have continued to provide. You can keep telling me what you believe and why you believe that but that is not going to sway me. I need facts, I need information. I will then make up my own mind. I don't just read names of people and go "wow look at all the names they mention. There must be something fishy here."


  2. Okay guys, this has got to stop. The article you posted about the Hartwicks confirms that the RCMP are 'looking into" whether to launch an investigation. Unless you are privy to why they are looking in to those facts, there is nothing further to discuss on this topic. This is like me saying, "I'm thinking about going on a trip" - it doesn't mean I'm going, but I'm thinking about it.

    Blame it on government corruption, the courts, these so called land barons, the main stream media or you can blame it on the pope of chili-town. The fact remains that until you can post something that corraborates their story (and seeing that they had lots of investors that are still interested that shouldn't be hard), it is hard for me to believe the story of 2 poor ladies from West Vancouver.

    So let's look at the case shall we...


    Excerpt from http://www.lawtech.ca/resources/ClaimsforMisfeasance.pdf

    In Powder Mountain, the plaintiff ("PMR") responded to a call by the Province of British Columbia for "expressions of interest" in the development of a ski resort. PMR was the only party to respond; it argued that a contract was formed between PMR and the Province when the Province accepted the submission of their proposal. The provincial Cabinet rejected PMR's proposal and PMR alleged that this rejection was a breach of contract and that the Cabinet members involved committed the tort of abuse of public office.

    The Court found that the plaintiff failed to establish either branch of the tort. There was no finding of targeted malice because there was no evidence that any of the Cabinet members were motivated by a desire to injure PMR. Rather, the evidence demonstrated that the Cabinet members were acting in the best interests of the Province. The fact that the Cabinet members knew that their decision would adversely affect PMR is not enough to support a finding of targeted malice. The Court also found that the plaintiff failed to establish the second branch of the tort. None of the Cabinet members performed an unlawful or ultra vires act, nor did they act with a wilful disregard as to whether there was a risk that their conduct was unlawful

  3. So Ears... As has been been kindly pointed out before, can you stay on topic. This article has nothing to do with Mr.X's original post, other then a brief reference to the progress in the Callaghan Valley.

    Stop 'spamming' your article because you have no new information to post.

    Heads up everyone:

    Check out the Callaghan Valley Nordic Scandal Part II thread re: what was discovered about who specifically, was blocked by the Vancouver/Whistler Bid Committee from sharing critical evidence with the Mr. Heiberg & his associates during his visit in 2003 while he heading the IOC Technical Team prior to the Prague Bid selection - now directly linked to an active RCMP Commercial Crime file now in play!!!!

  4. I don't pretend to be an expert in psychologies, but I am quite certain that was irony...

    Yes, that was irony. But the response pretty much illustrates my point. Was it appropriate or necessary - probably not, however I assumed after saying that I have NOTHING to do with anything involving the games/government that it didn't need to be spelled out. So to those that may take that line out of context - that statement was completely false.

  5. huggles/wideshut:

    What bothers me with people like you is that you are so clouded in your OWN beliefs that you refuse to take other peoples points of view. You have found a rather weak article that you believe shows signs of corruption, and when others object to that sentiment, you tell them they are wrong, tell them that they are not informed, and that everything you say is right. I read the article you have referenced, concluded to myself that this article insinuates alot (like you are doing) without much factual reference. Bring forward a 'smoking gun' and maybe someone will take you seriously.

    I am actually insulted by your insuation that I am somehow linked to the people in this article - like you have done with Mr X, Kenedgra and minaturesnickers because we do not share your belief. That is arrogant of you to assume that. Anyone who is against you is somehow part of the problem. You believe that this site is somehow a corporate blog site where we all hug eachother for a job well done of convincing the world of the wonderful job the olympics are bringing - and to thwart any attempt to conter that. You obvious have not done your research about the origins of the site and like you do with everything else that you disagree with - assume the boogie man is behind everything and are dumbfounded that someone cannot share your point of view.

    I am an avid follower of the Olympics because I use to compete competitively when I was younger in swimming. I always aspired to go to the games (the slogan we had was No Pain - No Spain) and even though I have NOTHING (and i repeat NOTHING) to do with the Olympics, government, or developers I have followed the Olympics with great enthusiasim. When I heard Vancouver was bidding for the Olympics, I was so excited. I voted in favour of the games as a private citizen. I know that this shocks you, and ever reading this you are trying to think of what angle I am trying to spin. There isn't. Other then to try and tell you that there are people that WANT these games, as much as there are people like YOU that don't.

    And lastly, stop reading about conspiracy theories. Your paranoid delusion state is making you all crazy and weird. Last I heard Gordon Campbell reads this site daily and records your IP address and will be sending his cronies (you never know - maybe I'm one of them) to your door to assert our point so you better be careful. (I'm joking by the way, or am I?)

    I've said my piece and I will not respond to any more of your rhetoric. You have no interest in having a dialogue with me so I am not going to prolong the agony anymore. Try as you will, I'm done with you.

  6. wideopen - 1st off - STOP putting your posts in colour. Actually, disregard that, please continue to put your posts in colour as they help me identify which posts to ignore.

    Like most of us here that have been members for some time (long time member, but a 'silent' one :rolleyes: I was drawn to this thread because I like to read about what is going on in my 'host city' or the Olympics in general. Somewhere around the 2nd paragraph of your 1st post I went 'blah blah' and decided to read all of the replies to your post to get a summary of what you were trying to say.

    Other then the fact your posts are wonderfully worded, they lack a great deal of substance with alot of conjecture and not much else. I know you will take this as an invitation to tell me how I am misinformed and you have every right to do so. But don't think I am fooled by what you are doing http://www.wetcoastwomen.com/wc-forum?foru...c=29&page=1 (Mr X, Kendegra, Minaturesnickers check this out - I figure you should know all the facts about earseyeswideopen as we at GB apparantly are cronies for Vanoc & Gordon Campbell) Tsk tsk earseyeswideopen. Such mean spirited language for a lady. It's not very nice to pretend to be something that you are not.

    It is NOT common knowledge in BC that these games are stinky as many of the people that you are in 'dispute' of your posts are in fact from BC (myself included). Unless your poll of people come from the DT Eastside, the APC, or other already known opponents to the games. So do not try and lump me in to the group of malcontents that you are representing.

    So to all of us, let us all hit the 'ignore' button and maybe she will find some other cause to bother people about. (oh, and take agenthuggles with you)

  7. pooette, although I agree with some of what you said, you ALSO need to put this in to some perspective as well. Stanley Park is iconic, it is a link to what surrounds us, what we look at when we look at the North Shore Mountains, yet it stands on the doorstep to our great city. It defines the character of our city, our link to nature. It is our escape from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

    As a born and raised Vancouverite whom has spent many a day walking the trails or sitting on the beach looking out over Georgia Straight or having lunch at Prospect Point, when I finally had a chance to see the destruction that this storm caused, it was gut wrenching.

    Beyond the necessity to stabilize the slopes above the seawall to prevent further slides, and to restore damage to the manmade structures such as the seawall, it is important that we give the park a head-start, so that we can hopefully one day soon see a forest again where NOTHING currently stands. Sure, it won't be the same, sure it would grow back again, but just like when they log a forest, they plant trees again to allow nature a chance to return things as they were.

    People are giving money because they want to see what was once there back, and I plan to do the same. Before you say 'it's just an f'ing park', it's our f'ing park, and if this same event happened in Central Park in NYC, everyone there would be wanting the same thing as what we want here

    I read on Wikipedia that the fir tree atop Siwash Rock is actually a replacement. The original died in the dry summer of 1965, and through the persistent efforts of park staff, a replacement finally took root in 1968. And this was for one tree.

    I don't expect that any of what I have said has changed your opinion, and you are welcome to your opinion. I agree that this is not a catastrophe, but it is a catastrophe to the park itself. Plus, when I bring friends visiting through the park, I'd rather them see trees (even smaller ones) then what looks like the crazed antics of some drunken loggers.

  8. sorry.. i've so determined that I am a complete idiot because I have tried everything to attach a picture. The Insert Image button doesn't seem to be doing anything (nor do any of the rest of buttons above where I'm typing right now), & I can't drag the picture in any other way. Hmmm. Oh well... if there is something rather obvious that I'm not doing, please tell me so, or otherwise I will wait until someone that has substantially superior posting abilities that can post these pic's.

  9. Hey all;

    Just was at HBC today and some new pins were released today. There are also some special pin sets available through HBC directly that are limited edition:

    Limited Edition British Columbia Wildlife Series Pin/Puzzle Set - This one is uber-cool


    Vancouver 2010 Five Piece Man & Nature Pin Set


    The rest of the pins don't seem to be on HBC's website (yet) but the pic's are below. Sorry for my bad camera pictures.. bad lighting on some of them, but you get the idea =)

  10. I can see how the ski jump in Calgary and Thunder Bay went under, but I really think that the jump in Whistler could see some after Games life as a training and competition site. Whistler already is home to many high performance athletes in downhill, snowboarding and other sports. Why can't it be a performance centre for ski jumping too?

    Couldn't the same be said for Calgary as well? Plus, the facility will be part of the Callahan Valley development which isn't in Whistler, so, it's not like you'd be jumping off the ski jump and seeing Whistler in the background. As much as it would be nice to have Canada being a bigger competitor in ski jumping, I really don't see it. Plus, it doesn't produce a hell of a lot of medals. Let's focus on the traditional events that we have been good at, and get some better cross country skiiers (thanks Becky Scott for blazing the trail). There are a whole bunch of medals up for grabs there!

  11. As a native Vancouverite too, I as well do not see any comparison between the two host cities, even the media has not really focused on it. It will be 22 years between the WOG, whereas it was 12 years between LA and Atlanta, so it is pretty hard to compare when that much time has elapsed.

    I think the biggest (or bigger) concern would be about the legacy that the games will create, seeing that there will be 2 sets of olympic facilities in the two most western provinces, with still nothing in the east. The ski jump facility will be temporary, the Richmond Oval will most likely never unseat Calgary as the training centre and is likely to be converted to other uses post games. As much as I hate to admit it, Calgary will still likely be the training ground on a national front (high altitute training always a plus), so what will Vancouver's legacy be, other then the obvious (Canada Line, Sea to Sky Improvements, and a bigger trade and convention centre)? I see these games being a catalyst for infastructure that was necessary to be built, but don't know how much of a sporting legacy will be left.


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