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  1. If it's a direct bus, I think 4 hours is MORE then enough to cover both travel and security checks. But Mr. X is right about the weather - snow could equal problems. Hopefully Vanoc will have a few more plows then normal on hand. X > I think if there is snow, it will be the city that will be the problem, not the highway. But wouldn't it be hilarious if we had a repeat of last December? If you want to be safe and tack under 30 minutes on your journey, go for it. There will not be a lack of activities in Whister to keep you busy. I don't have any tickets for events in Whister, but am tempted to go up one day for the 'experience'.
  2. I happen to like all of the olympic venues (this, richmond oval, convention centre, and olympic village) - they fit in quite well and are all legacy buildings in their own right. I love the Richmond Oval though, and with it being right on the waterfront is perfectly situated. I think they compliment the cityscape nicely. I do wish Vancouver would take some more risks with it's architecture. I think one of the most daring was the Vancouver Library. As much as the 'city of glass' has it's appeal - it is starting to get stale. I like the design ideas being thrown around for the Vancouver Art Gallery, and let's build some condo's that look a little different (The Grace, RitzCarlton (shame it's delay/demise), Woodward's even). Arthur Erickson (RIP) also did give us some cool buildings - love them or hate them, they do stand out. And Czar - you do typify what most think of americans - loud, brash, abonoxious, and mad if every one else doesn't completely agree with your point of view. You sir are the American Sterotype. I have met many a great Yankee who dispel the myth that all American's are like that, but you do fit the bill nicely. We do laugh at the silly things you say and are quite used to the lunacy of it, and it's why we send our comedians your way - because we think you need to relax, and laugh (maybe even at yourselves) Do throw your punches Czar, but this was theraputic enough for me. I won't find a need to respond. Serenity Now.
  3. i'm a bit of a collector nut, (mostly the official collection by artiss aminco) and was looking at this Officially Licensed Lapel Pins Collector's Guide to Pins (version 2 - Jan 06 to Dec 08) and noticed a pin set that I haven't seen in any stores, nor seems to exist anywhere but in this collector's guide. I've even checked artiss' website and it's not there either. It's the Mascot Pin Collector Series - Set #4. Environment (VAN-SS019). It has each one of the Mascots (Quatchi, Miga, Sumi and Mukmuk) on a different pin in their own 'habitat' There are 4 pins in this one set (to 3 for each of the others) and is the only one that has mukmuk represented. Their are 3 other sets listed in this series at the time it was produced (Flags SS016, Whister SS017, Photos SS018). There are now two more in this series (Memories SS020 & Vancouver SS021). Any information would be helpful (if you know) - I'll probably ask radarthepinguy as well. I think it may have been scrapped after they realized it, because Mukmuk was part of the set whereas none of the others seem to have him there and that it also became of 4 pin collection as opposed to 3. Also, sidebar comment - I was on the BC Ferries this weekend and they had one of the 'welcome' pins for Taiwan still in it's gift shop. I picked up one (acually - didn't have that one) and they had about dozen left. It was the one with the flag and saying welcome in chinese script. I told the lady at the counter, and the response I got was like I was speaking Manadrin to her. Beautiful weekend to be on the sunshine coast.
  4. this conversation is making my head hurt. I wonder what's going on in the Callaghan Valley? I wonder if they are going to do that burning ring around the stadium... now that would be cool.
  5. Same thing with me - except I had about 4 or 5 of them going... i started getting cross eyed trying to keep tabs on them all. I don't know if it helped, but I did get in after 1/2 hour. If was really easy once I got in - just selected the events and added them to the cart. I was trying to move so quickly to 'beat the clock' that I really didn't browse too much. I just wanted to secure a few tickets, and once I knew that I was going to get Opening Ceremonies, I just added a couple extra events to fill up my dance card. It was almost a little surreal for me - and now that I'm hearing not everyone had my experience, I feel extremely lucky. I came back a little later and did notice that even though it said that there were tickets available for an event - that when I tried to click on them, it said that they were full. I think it was because they were in someone's cart, but not checked out, however, I could definately see that would be extremely frustrating to someone if they hadn't got anything yet...
  6. Woohoo! I can't believe I got in - and there was lots available! I got Opening Ceremonies ( Speed Skating M 1500m (A) Freestyle Skiing M Aerials ( I definately could have kept going - there was lots available and still some tickets were still available for Opening Ceremonies. Good luck to the rest of you... hope you were able to get it.
  7. That's exactly to my point - a country requires time to define itself. The American Civil War was a defining moment in their history. It's rebirth after is now part of the fabric of the country. The war changed the society. As the US has a 100 year head start on us, they have had more time to define who they are today. Canada has been 'settled' for the same length of time as the US has, but the fact that we have not had the same amount of time to govern ourselves means that we are still developing our own identity. The signing of our constitution (including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms) in 1982 was a BIG defining moment in Canadian History. It greatly changed the judicial powers and has a fundamental effect of the laws of the nation. Our flag, is a BIG part of us - it is what unifies us, the maple leaf is a symbol of our nation. Culture is about what defines a group, and these 2 things are what defines a part of us. I believe what will be our next big defining moment as a society, would be the Quebec question finally being resolved. Hopefully, cool heads will prevail and we will find a way to come together, and out of it will propel us forward as a culture. I agree with you about our education. I believe that one of the biggest problems that we have is that education is a provincial jurisdiction. Because of that, the federal government really doesn't have much say in what is taught (if there are any teachers - i'm not sure if the federal government has at least a baseline of what needs to be taught?). I think if the federal government had at least some say in subjects of national interest, such as history, that we would learn more about ourselves, and thus, become more self aware. Of course, Quebec would really not be all for this. I work at a bank (manage a branch actually) and am VERY familiar with the legislation that governs our lending policies. They are in place for a reason and have managed to keep us very well positioned in the world stage. However, that was slowly being erroded and the sub prime lending that has hit the US so hard, was on our doorstep. Most banks began easing up on their lending practises as we fought against eachother for business. CMHC allowed 100% financing. We do ultimately feel that business should be allowed to govern itself accordingly, but when is deemed necessary government must ensure regulation for the protection of it's citizens, which is where our European 'socialism' side kicks in. Our health system is a perfect example of that. Our banks have strong governace, but all countries do regulate their financial system. We just didn't budge as much. I agree with many of the comments here in this thread about what should be in them. Give some history of where we came from, show who we are today, showing everyday Canadian lifestyles from coast to coast to coast. Throw in some cliches and I think time would be up.
  8. Ruling Czar> As has been pointed out already, Canada is a 'young' country. A country, like anything, requires time to define itself and build on it's history. We were born out of the British North American Act, which established our right to self rule, and which was used by the UK for establishing 'independence' for other commonwealth countries. As we are a constitutional monarchy, we have many similarities to them. As being your neighbour, we feel like we know you as well as we know ourselves, we see you all the time, we often have family that lives on both sides of the border. We share a language, we share some of your ideals. We see your media. I've often heard we are considered America lite - referring to the fact that we share your ideals for laissez faire capitalism, but tempered with the European 'socialism', in that we feel the need to have cradle to grave protection to it's citizens (sidebar comment - this 'socialism' that Americans fear right now really isn't all that bad... I don't get why everyone is so up in arms about people getting help when they need it.). We have only had a constitution for 25 + years, our flag only came around in the 60's or so. We are devleoping our national 'identity' - your 'identity' has been in place for many more years as your constitution was born out of a war of independence. You patriotism is awesome, and many Canadians wish we showed more pride outwardly like you do. But don't confuse the fact that we don't all have flags in our yard we don't have as much pride in who we are - and love our country. I agree with Kendegra that culture, customs and practises are much more local. You can't tell me that the 'culture' of Miami is the same as New York, Boston, Chicago or Seattle?
  9. Well, if we don't celebrate where we come 'from', then there really isn't much to our identity is there? I guess that you want us to just celebrate our cliches - hockey, snow, mounties, Tim Hortons etc? No matter how you break it down, we ALL come from somewhere, even the First Nations started out somewhere else, albeit sometime ago. Vancouver is a 'new' city, like Canada is as a nation. We are a society that is defined by where you've come from, whether it be from other parts of Canada or other areas in the world. It would be hard to have a games in Vancouver, that doesn't celebrate people from Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario as much as China, Mexico, India, Brazil, France, or the UK. I'm born and raised in this city (yes, there ARE some of us that actually have the name 'Vancouver' on their birth certificate) and have seen first hand it change before my eyes. It has brought about some challenges, but when you stop and look around, you realize how all of these mixing cultures is what is defining us. And maybe, a celebration like this is what can define us together, as culture is somewhat defined by it's shared experiences...
  10. I actually liked the Day the Earth Stood Still - not a big Keanu Reaves fan though. For me, the real kicker to this film is that one of the plainclothes FBI agents near the beginning of the film, I'm looking at him wondering where I saw him before, until it dawned on me (well, not me, but by bf) that he was in our apartment a couple years earlier, filming a short film called 'Locked Out'. I'm not involved in the movie industry, so I still get a laugh out of the fact that this guy who was in my house and opening my fridge is in a movie I paid to go see. Still on topic with the thread at least...
  11. I know that this will sound really lame... but I really hope Stompin Tom shows up to sing The Hockey Song. It would be kind of reminiscent of Waltzing Matilda in Sydney. It's one of those truly iconic songs that really has a relevance at a Winter Olympics in Canada And on the whole topic of 'multi-culturalism' aspect - have a segment where different cultural groups come on at intervals, playing or dancing for like 30 seconds, and each group combine together to form say, the flag, the maple leaf etc. An excellent way to show the fabric of the nation - and very particularly, the host city. I don't think having a large proportion of the ceremonies dedicated to this, but it is a component to what we are today, and should be included in the storytelling of Canada.
  12. Every time I look at the picture of "bad baby" in front of the clock, I keep wondering to myself, maybe if he cut back on his food budget he could afford to pay rent. I really dislike groups like this that do not offer viable solutions, or just sit on the sidelines to tell you everything that they don't like. Activisim is one thing - this is ridiculous. They certainly haven't learned that public opinion is the best thing to have. When you don't have that, you can really kiss your cause goodbye...
  13. The company I work for does this too - nothing specifically for the Olympics, but for all sorts of causes (both corporately sponsored events or other events that would be deemed acceptable). I think it's great to allow people to support things within the communities that we live and work. It's always hard to make volunteer commitments when you must work, so it's awesome when our company is a community leader and supports corporate social responsibility. I wonder - since there is already talk of the public schools being closed during the olympics in an effort to keep traffic problems down, I wonder how many companies may also consider this too to ease both traffic congestion & also allow their staff to both volunteer and take in the games.
  14. Your ramblings are literally exhausting and make no coherent sense and give me a head ache. To your true form, you did the exact same thing you did every other time you posted - regurgitate the same information. Nothing new to add at all. & the conspiracy theories that you place around the Hartwicks make the whole Kennedy assassination look effortless. The internet is 'sanitized' that nothing is elsewhere... wow. If this is all that can be added to this dialogue maybe it's time to have this topic closed.
  15. Earthquakes are actually quite prevalent in the Queen Charlotte's. In fact, the Queen Charlotte's are actually on a transform fault (like the San Andreas) which is called the Queen Charlotte Fault. The subduction zone is caused by the Juan de Fuca Plate that is being pushed under the North American Plate, which ends near the north end of Vancouver Island. The largest recorded quake in recorded Canadian history occured there in 1949 at 8.1 on the richter scale. I probably wouldn't really take these as 'precursors' to a big one happening along the subduction zone fault. Link below is a good quick link about the seismic zones in Western Canada. http://earthquakescanada.nrcan.gc.ca/zones..._e.php#Cascadia
  16. Good question canuckfan. We've all been looking for and asking the same thing for a long time. If patterns continue, the response will either be a long winded response pointing fingers at everyone else for being treated so unfairly (now it seems to be the gamesbid.com gay mafia ) or will just completely ignore your response because it can't be answered. The fact that I've pointed this out will mean you WILL get a response, but it will be directed at my comments vs what you want clarified. The only reason why they are posting here is because they think that some IOC members visit here regularly and they think that this is the way to get an audience with them. They make it sound like they are championing this cause that everyone is talking about, but no one is talking about it and no one knows any details except themselves. Oh well it's great for a laugh or two.
  17. I don't mean to alarm you Marge, but there may be a boogeyman or men in the house. Really.. to the two of your who shall not be named your presense on this website alone means you are opening yourself and your story up for PUBLIC debate. You brought the story, you should be able to defend it. But wait.. that wasn't your job. Your job is apparantly to act like a megaphone to broadcast your magical fairy tale like story across this great land. Don't ask questions though because that means you aren't smart or you just can't see it. Holes in the story, well that just must mean that you can't read well enough because it's ALL there. And don't try to act all innocent. You've hidden your true intentions since you got here. That's why everyone doesn't trust a word that you say. Why are you so passionate about this story; if you want to find and talk about government corruption, there are MUCH bigger stories to follow. How do you know so much about these 'players' if no one publishes anything about this story? I've looked.. trust me. The only person I've found that has talked about the Callaghan Valley is... wait for it... YOU! Even advanced knowledge of the original breaking story... please share your secrets of clair voyancy because I've got some lotto numbers I need. I'm more surprised though by the fact that YOU think we don't know. Keep those eyes and ears open my dear, but try keeping the mouth shout. Maybe you might learn something from listening to others. Lord knows we've all had to listen to you since you got here. Have a smurf-tastic day.
  18. Yeah - the changes at Aberdeen Centre are unreal. I believe that you had posted some time ago some plans surrounding each of the Richmond stations which are all misblowing in their own right. The skytrain line in Richmond is of particular interest to me as I was born and raised there until moving to Gastown in 2001. Every time I drive out there I'm amazed at it all. The Aberdeen station has made me a little nostalgic as my 1st job was at that strip mall "The Sirlioner". And the Nuffy's Donuts.. ah Nuffy's. 3 & Cambie looked alot different then... Interesting about the stations though not being that expandable. It's surprising that they would not have given consideration to how future growth on the line would require further station expansions. However this is bound to happen when you enlist a P3 partner on to a project. Cost is always kept in check. But if this wasn't a P3 project, we'd have cost overruns up the wazzoo and the opponents to this and every other thing going on right now would have had a field day. So I guess we accept this as the best alternative. I really don't know how you find the time to post all that you do X, but thanks for the info. Hope your thread doesn't get hijacked again.
  19. Thanks TNMP > It's just getting so ridiculous listening to the same banter over & over again. Yes, the Canada Line has been scaled back, however with more stations planned capacity can be added there too. Although you say that they can't be expanded beyond 50 metres, I can't believe with most of the stations underground that there isn't a way to expand them. It just may not be as easy as if it had been preplanned... I think that the Richmond part of the line is the most likely to become overcrowded. The Vancouver stations will be served by both trains so capacity will always be greater there, however as you said about the design restrictions that I believe Richmond City Council requested to minimize the skytrain 'imprint' could hinder expansion to the line. Especially the way Richmond really seems to be pushing development in the core. I almost fell off my chair when I saw the plans for Lansdowne.
  20. Wow... you actually found some articles to post, how unusual. I think you really need to take some communication classes because you make NO point in your rants. It may make sense in your head, but to any of us, we simply scan read to see if you make a point (which you don't - you more or less just trail off) The convention centre has ballooned drastically, and it is unfortunate that it happened. Maybe if it was one of those 3P projects it wouldn't have happened. Unlike the Canada Line which is on budget. However the need to expand the existing infrastructure was necessary and without the government involving itself, it would likely not have happened. It's disappointing that the cost overruns are overshadowing a beautiful facility (yes some have debated it's architectural marvel) However you have accused all of us with a hidden agenda for our support of the games, which is quite insulting. I think it's time you got down off your pedestal that you preach to us from and actually spoke to us on a peer to peer level. This "I know you are but what am I" attitude really needs to stop. You have made no attempts to understand our position other then it's against yours. You make every attack a personal one. For someone that apparantly speaks 'the truth' you are exteremly hypocritical. You and you alone damaged your credibility from the beginning and I just shake my head and laugh. You need to be alot more honourable with your intentions then the parties that you accuse of such henious crimes. So what's next? Has the tooth fairy been taking bribes too? Maybe Santa has a beard because he's hiding something. Isn't it funny that the Easter Bunny has all those eggs when it doesn't even lay eggs. Does the Easter Bunny use slave chicken labour that it exploits? Can someone please think about the chickens... those poor chickens. Come on Henny Penny, what's falling from the sky today?
  21. spikeyt> well said. huggles> it would be super awesome terrific if you could allow topics to stay on topic. Whether you like it or not, these Olympics are happening. The Canada Line is happening. The convention centre is being built. You get the picture. As I've said before, I am here not 'cheering' on these projects, but am here because they are of great interest to me personally. I love sport and the games, I have an avid interest in architecture and city development and urban land use. I also am a born and raised Vancouverite which makes everything even that much more cool. You want to talk about your displeasure with the games - find another audience. If you can't find a way to have a constructive conversation with an audience that obviously doesn't share your point of view you need to give your head a shake. But seeing that you don't change and keep bashing everyone that objects to you - your intentions are not to have a dialogue. But of course I don't need to tell you that. What's more funny is I rarely contributed before, so now you just have one more voice in the crowd against you. So let this topic stay on topic mmm'kay. Interesting idea on the lighting in North Richmond.....
  22. And your posts quoting quotes back and forth really provide alot of useful information... throwing stones when you live in glass houses isn't really wise. No pictures in a thread that is dedicated to the construction of the canada line would be rather ridiculous don't you?
  23. Well said baron/kendegra. It's a little tiresome of constantly being talked to like I'm on some sort of grade school playground simply because I disagree. And to read posts that are written by a hyper-active typist with still nothing but opinions is a little frustrating when they will not provide information.
  24. Wow, how surprising. You take practically an entire page to respond that you won't provide details. You see, most people want to read a 'balanced' article, one with both sides of the story. That way the reader is in control of making up their own mind, as opposed to an article that has been edited in a way to draw it's own conclusion. When details are asked for and that request is refuted, one begins to wonder why. Is it to sanitize the story? Your actions with this story are as questionable as the people that you lay claims against. And for someone that wants to bring the truth, you defend "the truth" in a manner that makes this Hartwick case look like it's got more holes then swiss cheese. If this is how they defended their own case, it's no wonder they lost. They apparantly couldn't establish a tort either. Well, whatever your intentions are with this story, you certainly haven't done it justice. What's funny is that each post of your's feels just like every other one before it. It's like this topic is stuck is some sort of time warp... And breaking news, no new information on the Hartwick case. Wow, that "juicy" article that was going to "nail them to the wall" must be really be conclusive.
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