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  1. You can send emails to the olympic committees and ask for pins too. Some of them will send you pins for free and some of them sell their pins. I have recieved a couple of pins from Sweden.
  2. Just some more pins which are not available to people outside of Canada
  3. Unfortunately I don't have any pins of this set. Are you interested in trading some other pins?
  4. Is there anybody who would trade the CTV pins for other pins? Unfortunately for a German there is no possibility to get these pins diectly from CTV.
  5. Hi everybody - I live in Germany and I have recieved pins from: GM, Rona, Milennium, Vincor, GE, Atosorigin, Omega, Epcor, BCLC, RBC, Petro-Canada, YVR, Bell, CTV, Jackson-Triggs etc. If somebody is interested in trading sme pins please contact me.
  6. I have recieved all my Coca-Cola Beijing pins after email contact.
  7. Hi - can you tell me Brad Kanes email address via private message? Thanks, Timo.
  8. My mistake, just search for the seller Timilewu on Ebay.
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/Beijing-2008-Olympic-S...1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.com/Beijing-2008-Olympic-S...1QQcmdZViewItem
  10. I have recieved these two sets today:
  11. Hi, the last set is incomplete. In fact there are 5 different pins in that set. Let me know if you need pictures.
  12. I know And they are really expensive...
  13. Did you buy the pins on the internet?
  14. By the way. This are my traders so far: https://fotoalbum.web.de/alben/timo.leerman...8_Pins/miniatur Regards, Timo.
  15. Where did you find the Coca-Cola 500 DTG pins?
  16. Hola Victor, nice pins. It seems like you know Dan Bakker. Do you have any of these pins available for trading?
  17. Does anybody know a source for the latest pictures of Beijing 2008 sponsor pins?
  18. Hola Victor, it's nice to meet someone in know in this forum. I hope to trade pins with you again in the future. Regards, Timo.
  19. Good morning Bob, I collect only sponsor, mdeia and NOC pins. If you follow the link below you can find a list of my traders: https://fotoalbum.web.de/alben/timo.leermann Could you send me pictures of your traders? (Timo.Leermann[at]web.de) Regards, Timo.
  20. Hello Bob, You can send an email to Bell: info.branding@bell.ca I have recieved 4 different pins from the brand manager Louis Castonguay. Are you interested in trading some pins? Regards, Timo.
  21. Hi Bob, do you have the RBC Paralympic pin available for trading? Or do you have any contact details you can share? Regards, Timo.
  22. Nice pins but I prefer to collect sponsor, media and NOC pins.
  23. Why not? I am from Germany and I have recieved a lot of pins from Canada (Vancouver 2010) and China (Beijing 2008).
  24. Hello, I have also some Vancouver 2010 pins available for trading: https://fotoalbum.web.de/alben/timo.leerman...0_Pins/miniatur Regards, Timo.
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