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  1. Given that John Coates is not an IOC VP (nor a member of the EB) since 2017 and that he is not on either of the two Future Hosts Commissions, it is safe to assume he is just speaking as a bid leader.
  2. It is a temporary emblem... like every single host city does once it is elected until the final emblem is launched. As for the Paralympic one, it is the first time than an OCOG develop a temporary Paralympic emblem. so yeah Dull but innovative as well. I suspect a final emblem will be launched in the lead up to Tokyo.
  3. No it is not. There are two different topics when it comes to the Coliseum: the planned rennovation by USC (irrespective of the Games) for which a budget of $300 million is foreseen -> this is not included in the bid as -just for like the other venues to be built as well as the expension of UCLA accommodation or the construction of the IBC- it is not bid dependant and therefore not included in the $5.3 billion budget the temporary installation of an athletics track, for about $100 million that is included in the budget.
  4. I fully agree. I don't think LA has done anything that would be considered as cheating as they have done what a lot of companies around the world are doing: generating a lot of followers by putting adds in market with low concurrence. And that's the first point: there is nothing new or innovative about that. Secondly, as Rob pointed out, it is one thing to get some followers, quite another one to get them engaged in your project. For such a large fan base, the amount of activation (be it people liking, sharing or commenting on post) is rather low. I have no doubt LA can do it but so far they have not demonstrated it, whereas it is a key point of their vision. I guess, InsidetheGames puts it best by saying this whole story demonstrates one should be careful before releasing a glowing press release...
  5. Now it is not only French Media anymore: https://apnews.com/951c7857f44c4d218723cf08ca7ce931/LA-Olympics-campaign-gets-lots-of-likes-_-from-Pakistan
  6. IF basically LA is the only Olympic Agenda 2020 compatible city, I fail to understand how a LA 2024 Games will ensure the sustainability of the Olympic Movement: which ciy, besides LA, has everything (but 25% of the Olympic Village, the stadium for the Opening Ceremony, the IBC) built and ready?
  7. The land over which Paris 2024 Village would be built has been identified as a high value piece for housing development in the Seine St-Denis Department: it is to become a central public transport hub in the scope of the new Paris Express Metro and the Local Housing Plan of Plaine Commune (where the village will be located) fixes an objective of 4,200 new housing units a year for the 2026-2021 period alone. Therefore, should Paris not be awarded 2024, the development plan will keep going on and the land won't be availble for 2028, just like the land that had been identified for the Olympic Village for 2012 is now a fully developed new neighbourhood of Paris.
  8. I have absolutely prentented none of these, nor have I questioned the fact that NBC and LA 2024 can deliver the IBC. I merely pointed out that claiming that, when it comes to the specific point of the IBC, Paris is more risky than LA is just not accurate. And before you point out that some areas in Paris are risky: yes Paris plan to build a new Olympic Village carries a more significant risk than LA plans where UCLA only needs to increase its housing capacity by 25% to be ready to host the athletes and officials.
  9. Could you clarify how is the IBC less risky in LA than in Paris? Paris proposes an existing exhibition centre with one hall to be rebuilt (as part of a planned expension project, privately funded) while LA proposes a new IBC (4 new halls to be built as part of planned expension of Universal Studios + 1 temporary hall to be built by LAOCOG).
  10. Here are a few information regarding existing and planned public transport in Paris and the Greater Paris' area: Public transport network in Paris region "Grand Paris Express" : the new Paris transport infrastructure supporting Paris long-term urban develoment plans A few highlights: The existing public transport system currently transports 8.5 millions people a day All competition venues within Paris region are served by public transport with: the "Paris Centre Zone", home to 12 competition venues, the Olympic Family hotel, 2 live sites, is served by 13 train lines, 16 metro lines and 2 tram lines the "Grand Paris Zone", home to 6 competition venues, the Olympic Village, IBC/MPC will be served by 2 train lines, 5 metro lines (2 existing, 3 under construction / expension) with a capacity of 130,000.00 people per hour
  11. Discover "Le Grand Paris", a city on the move : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79ftfoWHIlw
  12. Anyone who has been in the bidding process (irrespective of the business) knows that it is a competitive one and that benchmarking one self against the competition is part of bidding 1-0-1. I admit that Paris would have been smarter to inform LA 2024 of its visit, which would have avoided the whole drama but It is indeed due diligence and it is not against the rules neither in spirit nor formally. And make no mistake, all candidates will visit each other... Some in smarter ways than others... As for the IBC, Paris one is already existing compared to the one in LA that is still to be built: I can hardly see how LA is less risky in this area. Using an existing campus such as UCLA to host the Olympic Village certainly presents some huge assets (quality of accommodation, quality of existing sport facilities...) but might also present some operational challenge. Finally I am confused: is Paris overconfident or under confident?
  13. Had you read Paris candidature file, you would have known that Paris included from the start in its plans the entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.... As for the colors, they are part of Paris 2024 visual identity... Unveiled before LA 24 launched its logo and tag line.
  14. There is a last football game this week or next week at Maracanna so I think this is most likely a picture of a concert set up (there seems to be a stage on the right).
  15. Here is what Optimouv is doing (sorry it is only in French but with the infographics, one should get the idea) : https://www.facebook.com/199414186798337/videos/968870643186017/ How is that similar to the system for LA 84?
  16. Optimouv has nothing to do with an automated traffic surveillance and control system... Optimouv is a system designed to miminimize the transport impact of a sport event: based on a set of parameters such as competition format, potential venues, forecasted attendance, point of origin of the competitors... the system evaluates various scenarios to help design the concept (choice of venues) and competition schedule that will minimize the transport impact of the event.
  17. It is the Future Arena (next to the Carioca Arenas) that will be dismantled and converted into equipment for schools after the Games.
  18. It is indeed the Barcelona 92 bid book. Lot 4 is the detailed sport proposal, the other volumes are more generic as well as transport, accommodation and media.
  19. Free London for bid book and bid questionnaire: http://www.london2012.com/about-us/publications/candidate-file/
  20. Raising question about Madrid's financial capability at staging the Games makes perfect sense and this will probably be the main task of the Evaluation Commission. I have no doubt that comes 2013, should there be a significant risk with respect to Madrid 2020, there will be still time to stop the bid. Comparing Rome's situation with Madrid is a proof of ignorance/misunderstanding or (more likely given Baron's spectacular record in the field) bad faith: Madrid has very limited investments to make compared to Rome where heavy investments were planned (in particular for transport).
  21. Keep insulting me: every one who has been here for more than 2 days knows that insult is your only reply when you have been proven incorrect. I actually wouldn't mind it if you could accept criticism from time to time but you can't; I truly pity you: I'll be happy to tip in when you finally decide to get mental therapy because I think deep down you are not a bad person just a very confused one (and don't bother trashing my mail box with your "f*ck u" *20 messages, I have blocked you).
  22. Just as Tulsa, Dallas and co.... Nothing secret about it btw, here is the list:List of participants in World Union of Olympic Cities seminar
  23. A member (who obviously has mental health issues) has been spamming my message box with colourful messages. Is it possible to block him so that he cannot send me message again.
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