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  1. He actually responded rather clearly if you ask me: The director of venues for the Olympic Park Legacy Corp - a position that must be privy to the condition of all permanent structures inside the park, including gas lines, - has said no, the Orbit won't be host to a cauldron and he would essentially know if was going to be. That's not vague. I'm taking his response as more than good enough proof to throw the Orbit out the window as the cauldron's location, in addition to all the other points that have already been laid out in this thread against it. Anyway, does anyone know if Heatherwick had a say in where the cauldron is going and how it's being lit? As he had any previous involvement with theatrical, high drama productions? Or did organizers just say to him, "This is where it's going, this is what it has to do, design us a cauldron please."
  2. Do you mean the cauldron itself is right underneath our noses or the location of it?
  3. And is there something going on outside the stadium on the northern end (very bottom of pic) where that planning doc showed a cauldron tower?
  4. But isn't there's a first time for everything, especially if necessity dictates it so. Wherever London puts its cauldron (or cauldrons, I hate to say that also), it will be out of necessity more than anything. Putting it at any of the traditional places for a cauldron like at the top of the stands or on the roof is simply impossible.
  5. But they can always move it after the ceremony can't they? Either to a point somewhere else inside the stadium or some place outside it.
  6. That just looks like a circle, not necessarily a hole. And I thought they said the stadium has no room underground for a hole because of the high water table?
  7. They're building a stage there. And I think they will hide the cauldron underneath it, Sydney-style, since the stadium dosen't have underground areas for props like Athens and Beijing did.
  8. One could've called that a kid from East London will light the cauldron 7 years ago. Though that dosen't make it any less likely. If anything, that's my bet along with a sculptural cauldron at or near the ground level of the stadium.
  9. I think to the IOC, Canada is Canada no matter what providence is bidding. BC and Ontario =/= South Korea and Japan.
  10. I think that's definitely a possibility, but the two-cauldron-solution has really come out of necessity rather than following a trend. Vancouver couldn't have a flame burning inside BC Place for two weeks so another one outside was needed. While London's Olympic Stadium's roof structure is a very restricting one that dosen't really allow for a cauldron that could be seen from both inside and out. So I think one cauldron will continue being the norm, unless otherwise necessary. At least I hope so anyway. I've always felt that having more than one cauldron dilutes from the importance and prominence of the flame itself. And welcome! I like your avatar, Salt Lake's cauldron was one of the best.
  11. I wonder if a broadcaster will capture aerial footage of the cauldron being tested in the early hours of the morning like they did for Beijing. And Vancouver too, come to think about it.
  12. Yeah, I highly doubt they would tear up any more concrete on the concourse for a cauldron tower at this point. And you also have those catering pods already there looking like they aren't going to be moved around either. I suppose they can build one without going through the trouble of building a foundation for it, but it would probably have to be supported by cables anchored to the ground around it... and that would just look terribly messy and cheap. A cauldron tower would also have to be really, really tall. Taller than Torino's, in fact. The stadium's floodlights reach well up into the air and the cauldron would have to reach up even higher for it to look prominent enough from within the stadium. Everything considered, I'm starting to highly doubt the cauldron tower theory. I'm going with a sculptural cauldron inside the stadium that may or may not be moved outside during the Games.
  13. Are people aware that Torino's cauldron tower had such a deep foundation? I was on Bing maps and found that the aerial images of Stadio Olimpico were taken some time not too long before the Opening Ceremony. You can see a big whole being built for what must be that cauldron's foundation: You can go on Bing and look around for yourself here - http://binged.it/JXvtx8 If London is going to follow Torino and have a very tall cauldron tower outside the stadium, then they would have to build a similar, deep-enough hole in the ground to hold the tower's foundation. It isn't just a matter of them moving catering pods around and plonking the tower on top of the concourse. A deep enough foundation would have to be built a good time before the ceremony. So the questions are - is it too late for a similar foundation to be built now? Or can a cauldron tower outside London's stadium be put up without so much prep-work?
  14. At both Athens and Beijing, the Olympic Stadium was the backdrop for the Today Show. What's it going to be for London? The Velodrome?
  15. Isn't that for a new Ikea complex or something? It was discussed earlier in this thread.
  16. The image on the OC tickets does look like something Heatherwick would come up with for the cauldron, but I doubt the ceremony organizers would give it away just like that. I think that image is just meant to be an abstract representation of the ceremony; bright, exuberant, celebratory, and ceremonial. I'm starting to think so too. The roof is probably not strong enough and it's busy enough already. The Orbit has its fair amount of points against it. And there dosen't seem to be much room outside the stadium unless those catering pods are moved (any chance at all that they will be?). Heatherwick's work is very distinctive and visually assaulting at times. I imagine it's a completely different experience seeing his work in person and up-close as opposed to in photos or from a distance. A Heatherwick cauldron probably best be seen up close rather than from afar atop a tall tower. So perhaps the cauldron will be lighted somewhere near ground level at the end of the ceremony (perhaps at that stage in front of the video screens), but it will then be transferred to a point somewhere outside in the Olympic Park where it will remain there during the first week of the Games. Once Athletics begins in week two, the cauldron can then be moved to somewhere inside the stadium (perhaps that stage will remain there throughout the Games? Do available seating plans disprove this?). Is this at all feasible? I don't want to bring this off-topic, but I'm just curious. What tid-bits were known about Sydney's cauldron and lighting beforehand?
  17. Is anything on NBC primetime going to be live? I'm guessing no, correct?
  18. Didn't Seb Coe say he has seen diagrams of the "lead-up" to the lighting? This would suggest the lighting won't be one quick event like Barcelona or Torino but a longer affair like Beijing, right?
  19. Gaga is an amazingly talented performer, thank you~~~ I love Coldplay. Wonder what they'll be performing; their latest album really lends itself to huge settings like stadiums.
  20. I'm pretty sure they're just part of the roof's busy support structure.
  21. I'm currently watching The Arrivals segment of Sydney's ceremony and I would love to see something with the same spirit in London. Fun and celebratory, but still somewhat emotional and sentimental, and put on to a huge, thumping dance music beat.
  22. It'll be very exciting and interesting if come the beginning or middle of July, nothing that could be a cauldron has begun construction anywhere outside the stadium. Not knowing how the cauldron look likes would be a first since Sydney.
  23. This is it, folks. Documents have leaked . ... just kidding. I found my old proposal from GB's cauldron competition that incorporated incredibly strong invisible stairs made from a rare element only found on Avatar's Pandora.
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