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  1. Well, again, the Bond entrance is supposedly for the pre-show. So that's ok. And for the reasons you've outlined, I think McCartney isn't meant to be the big finale of the ceremony. That has to be the cauldron lighting. His performance may very well be broadcasted, but at the same time I wouldn't be surprised if he begins performing after the night's closing announcements of "good luck to athletes and goodnight." And he's still playing in the Olympic Stadium on the night of the ceremony, a huge deal; surely he can't be upset if he's at end with some of the crowd leaving after a long night.
  2. I was looking through the Torch Relay thread and saw this tweet posted from almost year and a half ago about the cauldron:
  3. If he's playing at the end after the cauldron lighting, I wouldn't even call him part of the ceremony proper. Beijing had a musical performance after its cauldron lighting too but just to keep everyone from all leaving the stadium at once. And it's very possible some broadcasters may not show his performance, but instead have it playing in the background of the commentators making their closing remarks behind their media desk in the stadium.
  4. So Heatherwick designing both the cauldron and the lighting sequence? Hmmm *is designing
  5. It was rather thrilling when the Korean broadcaster took footage of Beijing's rehearsal and aired it. Not even the Chinese could stop them.
  6. I guess he'll be the act they play at the end so everyone dosen't all leave at once like they did in Beijing with Jackie Chan and some others, though McCartney might be famous and well liked enough to have the opposite effect and make everyone stay instead.
  7. Watching The Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations - how fabulous!

  8. Thank you for the information. I wasn't aware that the location of the gas lines were laid out before the ceremonies team was chosen. And yes, pretty easy to comprehend. This goes without saying, but I definitely prefer clear answers from you over condescending misinterpretations.
  9. No. Read again. I don't know. That's why I'm asking. Notice the question mark there? I guess you don't.
  10. Do we know that there aren't gas lines anywhere in the Olympic Park besides the northern end of the stadium? Because I can see them having one inside the stadium and another outside somewhere in the park. I doubt we'll see a tall tower, no signs of a foundation for one at this point.
  11. I thought I'd ask this here instead of starting a thread - does anyone know the name of the music used during the Athens 2004 cauldron lighting?
  12. I suppose they can always move it back into the stadium for Athletics and/or the Closing?
  13. Sydney's cauldron's pause before climbing the grandstand really is rather long. I wonder if it was meant to pause at all before climbing up or if it was suppose to be all one continuous movement from underneath the water to the top of the stadium. I think it's clear that the fireworks in the distance as well as the change of music were suppose to happen once the cauldron was finally in place at the top, not as it was climbing the grandstand; the delay bumped everything else up in the sequence. For example, the pedestal holding the cauldron was still moving upwards with the cauldron in place as John Stanton gave the night's closing announcements as . As for Beijing, I think I remember watching footage on Youtube of the Mexican broadcaster with the commentators noticing the cauldron in place during the speeches and cutting to a shot of it shrouded in darkness but I can't find the video anywhere now.
  14. Did Cathy Freeman really walk on the cauldron as she walked on the water to the middle of the stage before lighting it? There was a slight angle to that cauldron but when she walks it looks like she is walking on a flat surface. Anyway, thank you for sharing your experiences AustraliaFan. Very insightful! I do wonder how witnessing Beijing's OC was like though - that cauldron moved into place in darkness during the Parade of Nations when no one was paying attention to the roof. I've never seen footage video of it tilting over the rim of the roof's so I doubt many people really noticed it despite how big it is.
  15. It's a nice idea (an even better one if it took place inside the stadium on the supposed/rumored/alleged moat), but the size of those two pillars (or even just one) would have to be huge in order to be seen from the inside the stadium. Any cauldron structure built outside the stadium would have to sizably taller than Torino's because London's stadium's floodlights reach so high up into the air above the roof. But there's not enough space in those canals which are bridged over many times by spectators pathways for such big a structure.
  16. No, their aerial images taken from either a helicopter or plane.
  17. Am I the only one who sees a tuba in the logo? I really like it though!
  18. I don't think they will be taking the core crux of the novel and make it the centerpiece message of the ceremony. Again, I imagine they will take Shelly's approach to certain things (nature as the sublime, knowledge as light) and use a similar hand in how those broad ideas are represented.
  19. I've read the original Frankenstein novel by Mary Shelly and some of the themes and motifs explored in it would certainty feel at home in an Olympic opening ceremony; the novel as a starting point for some ideas is not weird at all. The idea that comes to mind immediately is how the novel is a great example of 18th and 19th century Romanticism in the way it paints nature as a source of hope, renewal, and comfort. I can see this same sensibility mirrored in the ceremony towards issues of sustainability and the environment, things that have really been more of a priority to 2012 organizers than previous hosts. There is also a strong emphasis in the novel placed on the the power of learning, intellectual advancement, and the question of when does it go too far? ...British contributions to the sciences and technology... Knowledge in the novel is symbolized by fire and elements of light... Fire and light and Olympic ceremonies? Who would of thunk it?!..... I could keep going but that's what Googling "Frankenstein themes and symbols" is for... We obviously won't be seeing scenes from the novel played out or imagery directly used, but some of the things the novel adresses certainly make sense to me in the context of an Olympic opening.
  20. He actually responded rather clearly if you ask me: The director of venues for the Olympic Park Legacy Corp - a position that must be privy to the condition of all permanent structures inside the park, including gas lines, - has said no, the Orbit won't be host to a cauldron and he would essentially know if was going to be. That's not vague. I'm taking his response as more than good enough proof to throw the Orbit out the window as the cauldron's location, in addition to all the other points that have already been laid out in this thread against it. Anyway, does anyone know if Heatherwick had a say in where the cauldron is going and how it's being lit? As he had any previous involvement with theatrical, high drama productions? Or did organizers just say to him, "This is where it's going, this is what it has to do, design us a cauldron please."
  21. Do you mean the cauldron itself is right underneath our noses or the location of it?
  22. And is there something going on outside the stadium on the northern end (very bottom of pic) where that planning doc showed a cauldron tower?
  23. But isn't there's a first time for everything, especially if necessity dictates it so. Wherever London puts its cauldron (or cauldrons, I hate to say that also), it will be out of necessity more than anything. Putting it at any of the traditional places for a cauldron like at the top of the stands or on the roof is simply impossible.
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