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  1. I really like Athens' cauldron and its lighting. It was a brilliant idea to have a camera behind it; that shot of the cualdron rising in front of the athletes, camera's flashing all over a stadium... great drama.
  2. I also hope the lighting sequence music is good and fitting. Sydney and Athens' choices were fantastic. Everything since 2004 has been overly dramatic, cheesy, and/or sounded like it came out of a cheap audio stock library. (So many things to consider when thinking about cauldrons / lightings!)
  3. It'd be nice if this cauldron actually ends up looking like a cauldron. You know, a bowl or container shaped. There hasn't been one like that since Salt Lake (Beijing's was more of a large candle, if that makes sense). But seeing as Heatherwick is the designer, it's probably going to be very sculptural and something that dosen't look like its suppose to hold a flame when it isn't lit.
  4. They're temporary video screens to be used during the ceremony as the Tor and the stage / bell block the stadium's permanent screens.
  5. Brazilian models, male and female, really should play decent parts in Rio's ceremonies. They're just so attractive.
  6. I see. By "it's" I thought you meant the cauldron itself.
  7. So a cauldron on the roof with a giant floodlight pylon directly in front of it?
  8. From what I remember, weren't Beijing's cauldron lighting rehearsals held in the dead hours of the morning? Like 3 or 4 am? Though I believe some English-speaking broadcaster managed to be flying over the stadium when the cauldron was alite and somebody here posted a screenshot. But I don't see why London wouldn't do that to ensure the most secrecy.
  9. Well, if that roof can indeed hold up whats would probably be a very sculptural cauldron by Heatherwick, is there even space on it to hold it? And if we've been able to discount the Orbit as a possibility partly because of how messy it would look, I think we can partly discount the roof as the location just because of how messy a flame amongst all that rigging, steel support structure, and huge floodlights would look.
  10. I think practically speaking, London's stadium's roof strcuture is as inhibiting as BC Place's dome. 1. It goes around the entierty of the bowl, leaving no open spot for a cauldron on the stadium's periphery or atop its open stands. 2. Its floodlights rise unusually high above the roof, forcing an outside stadium cauldron tower to be (at this point, with no construction visible) unrealistically tall and if actually built, forced to compete with the floodlights themselves for prominence when seen from within the stadium. 3. Unlike Beijing's, London's roof seems far too light to support all that ceremony rigging, aerial staging areas, and a cauldron. I think whatever London ends up doing, it will have been done out of necessity more than anything else. And two weeks out, all I can realistically see is a "ceremony-only" cauldron and an identical one outside the stadium, whether in the Park or elsewhere in London. But I don't think we'll have to sit through anymore awkward post-Ceremony truck rides - I think we'll just wake up on the morning of the 28th and find a lit cauldron somewhere outside the stadium and they'll just play it off as if this second cauldron is actually just the original one lit at the ceremony the night before, but just moved overnight. Terribly messy, but what else can they do?
  11. It's a tunnel that connects the stadium underbelly to the warm-up track south of the stadium.
  12. I still wouldn't throw away the possibility of having a "ceremony-only" cauldron and then having an identical one outside the stadium somewhere. Also, if the cauldron is indeed being built somewhere else right now, it's probably not a cauldron tower. I mean, why build a tower off-site, take it part, and then build it again on-site? There's no sense in that. I suppose they can keep it assembled and transport it by helicopter or something, but having your giant cauldron tower flying across the sky is the last thing you want to do if you want to keep it a secret.
  13. Well, it dosen't matter if the additional funding covered other parts of the ceremony. If a part of it was for the cauldron, people in government would need to see and approve of those plans. I don't know how the UK government handles the approval of more funding for projects it sponsors, but I imagine the highest people would be the ones calling the shots and approving things, possibly including the PM. But those are definitely not Boyle's or Rogge's decisions to make. It's not their money. And I don't think the fact that they asked for more funding is a guarantee that the lighting will somehow involve thousands of UK citizens, the military, or multiple points across the country. It just sounds like the technology needed to fulfill the vision for the lighting simply required more money than their original budget allowed them. This lighting may still take place completely "within" the stadium and involve a single torchbearer.
  14. Again, it's been discussed that it had to with the organizers asking the government for more funding and the PM' / government having to look at ceremony plans to approve.
  15. I wonder if it'll be brought on site a week or so before the 27th and we'll finally see it then.
  16. Adrian dispelled that theory before we found out about the mound and the Tor. I think it's possible that Adrian dispelled that location as the place of the cauldron thinking that it was only going to be the place for the Tor and nothing else. But it might be possible that the cauldron is hidden underneath the Tor and Adrian just dosen't know i; he dosen't know where the cauldron is, afterall. Also, have we been able to disprove the possibility of a "ceremony-only" cauldron that could be moved from that location somewhere else inside or outside the stadium? *dosen't know it;
  17. The lighting scheme in that picture seems to take into account the grassy mound at the northern end of the stadium (there's some light shed on it), which would of course suggest that it will stay put throughout the ceremony as this is clearly not the "green and pleasant land" opening portion. I think the Tor will stay in place as well and act as a symbol of 'ever present nature' as the development of Britain is presented throughout the cultural segment. It will only move out of place later in the ceremony to make room for something else.... performances... maybe the cauldron....?
  18. Imagine it's actually on top of the thing. I'll laugh.
  19. I posted the first pics of Beijing's cauldron four years ago, but Baron gets credit this year! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  20. They can't just put up a tall tower outside the stadium in a matter of days. I've been saying this all along, you need a to dig out and pour a concrete foundation for something like that. With less than 20 days before they should begin testing the cauldron, there just isn't any time. Torino's took over a month to build. London has less time than that and their cauldron would still need to be taller than Torino's in order to be seen above the stadium's tall floodlights. It's gotten to the point where one can reasonably and confidently say that a Torino-esque cauldron tower isn't going to happen.
  21. I just think it's more likely that the design team meant to evoke the grand, celebratory, and ceremonial nature of the OC through an abstract design reminiscent of fireworks and trumpet fanfare than Boyle and his team sharing the cauldron design with people who don't really need to know. That seems more reasonable to me, but yes, time will tell. Are they part of LOCOG? Bar the rather early date of that photograph and the possibility of it being an area for waste, that dug out square seems like a good lead on the cauldron's location... interesting.
  22. Yeah, and London's preperations in general have been very efficient and streamlined. It'd be so unlike them to have highly classified ceremony information moving around to different Locog departments just for a few people to speculate widely about on the internet. So unnecessary and not worth the trouble. I think we're really clutching at straws with this "ticket design must be a cauldron design hint!" theory.
  23. I find it hard to believe that the few people who know everything about the cauldron would bother relaying any information or design images to the graphic design team in charge of making the tickets. I mean, why bother? The only people speculating about the cauldron enough to catch the hint would be a handful on a couple of internet discussion boards. Not really worth the effort I think.
  24. A Skylon-esque cauldron make sense and does indeed take off the need for a big, deep foundation, which has been my biggest qualm with a large outdoor cauldron.
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