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  1. From what I saw here and there on television, there were blocks full of people behind that fence. Was the case similar with say Salt Lake's and Torino's cauldrons? It dosen't seem like it was, so I can see why Vanoc would say that they "underestimated the degree to which people would want to get close to it." Granted, those last two winter Games cauldrons weren't in their city's buzzing downtowns. But even then, I can also read Vanoc's statement as their not expecting such strong public excitement for the Games. I do think a chain-like fence was tactless though. Regardless, I'm happy to see people are now closer to the flame: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/olympicoutsiders/2011109874_a_better_view_now_available_of.html
  2. I accept those ads too. Thing is though, before Beijing, they were small and on a corner. It's plain odd of them to go out of their way to capture such incredible images only to plaster them with ads. Seriously. And I would like more LIVE coverage everywhere. I wanted to see the Downhill or Snowboard Cross live for example. Is it really going to hurt primetime ratings much if they orginally air these events in the middle of the day when most people aren't home? They already have Brian Williams on Nightly News reporting the results.... These Games are taking place on the North American continent, on a time zone behind me. It's disappointing I have to wait hours after an event to watch it. I can accept tape-delayed coverage for a European Games, but not for a Games in Canada. However, NBC does an outstanding presenting the event. The hosts and commentators are tolerable-to-great, the stories and segments are touching and compelling, and I get a sense that they know what “the big picture” is.
  3. Author has no idea what he's talking about - namely, Snowboard Cross is such a fickle sport. Unfortunate how things turned out for her, but to moan about NBC's hype of one of its many poster-childs is just dumb when the hype was legitimate. And I wonder what he would of thought if those two Koreans didn't fall over each other on Saturday and Ohno ended up fourth.
  4. Maybe all those interpretations aren't official or intended, but they all work. I like the design as well. I particularly like its glass finish - echoes Vancouver's nickname of the the "glass city."
  5. Currently in 1st Place after seven pages.
  6. And whoa - Brian Williams just said that NBC Nightly News will have a segment tonight on all these hick-ups, on these "Glitch Games."Should be interesting...
  7. This one is linked to the front page of AOL: Canada Shaming Itself at Stormy Olympics *shakes head*
  8. NBC only showed it the day of the accident (and with warning).
  9. I say London should mock the press in its opening ceremony.
  10. That's what the "best Games ever" are made out of. I mean, telegenic resonance is important. An enthused host reads and resonates ten times more than the availability of concessions or the competence of bus drivers. And I've said it before, the Canucks to me seem like the most uninhibitedly enthused host since maybe Sydney and Salt Lake.
  11. I love the bits of dripping graffiti here and there. So unexpected.
  12. According to Nelly Furtado's interview with Access Hollywood, DSquared, the Canadian fashion duo, designed the outfits for all the women who performed during the ceremony. Each outfit was based off a color from the Olympic Rings (Nelly's was blue, and so on...)
  13. Nope, it's there, it works, it's interesting, but I can focus out of any banner or wall if I want to.
  14. Not gonna lie - I'm rooting for the Chinese tonight. I'm a sucker for those NBC almost-tear-jerker segments like the one they did for the Chinese pair last night.
  15. Obviously, different tastes here / some are are more easily distracted than others (ADD). I still love it, 10/10
  16. Look of the Games consultant to the IOC and past and present organizing committees Brad Copeland's blog from Vancouver: http://ringsinvancouver.iconologic.com/
  17. I don't think they can do anythng about the fake breeze for the flag. It was just an unlucky fluke at the OC that the flag got tangled.
  18. Torino had an amazing motif of the piazza representing the human heart, but it wasn't very clear on television. And Beijing's lucky clouds, while clearly Chinese, was very limited to that one pattern and the colors were horrible. Vancouver's is busy, but they stuck to a color palette that allows them to get away with it. They struck that great balance here. It says Vancouver and BC quite clearly and strongly. A 10/10 and setting the standard for future Looks. As for the logo - like it now. The shape is warm and inviting. The colors are childish, so it looks its best in monochrome. nykfan845 - that's part of the reason for having a Look. It gives the field of play and competition energy. There's a big difference between an undecorated venue and a decorated venue.
  19. I love how even tissue boxes at Figure Skating have the Look on them.
  20. Yes, there were two too many androgynous people in this ceremony.
  21. Ugh - the blatant promotion of a new Dreamworks animated movie loosely based on winter sport by NBC is getting annoying.
  22. The Look looks like crap in those Gettyimages, but it really pops on television. It's great.
  23. In an interview this morning Sarah Mclachlan kept referring to the flying prairie boy as the flying women...
  24. Hmmmm, I don't think it was meant to be industrial. I think its design was continuation of a present, but largely unimportant theme of the night - ice. The totem poles at welcoming the world were stylized as ice, the stage was designed to look like ice, as were the placards used in the Parade. So I think the cauldron is some sort of icicle sculpture. Also, I think one can better interpret that the cauldron as reflecting Vancouver's nickname of the "glass city."
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