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  1. Someone should keep an eye on that webcam from now till Friday night. Surely they'll test the cauldron at some point before then and a screenshot can be taken and the beans finally [somewhat] spilled.
  2. True, of course. But do you think it would rise diagonally towards the direct northern end of the stadium? Seems hard to imagine a structure that would be able to do that without vertical supports and be high enough to be seen from inside the stadium.
  3. The problem with that spot is that it's on the northwestern side of the stadium so a tall cauldron standing there wouldn't be in view of the VIP's on the west side. I think there's a good chance the cauldron is underneath the Tor. It would of course be ceremony-only as it can't sit on the stands throughout the games, and the only problem I see with it is that it might be too close underneath the fabric roof / ceremony rigging criss crosing the stadium to be safe. But I do think, at this point, it's a good guess. Adrian could've debunked that location thinking that it would only be the site of the Tor and nothing more.
  4. There are external stairs on the back side of the stadium (the west side or VIP side). You can see them here: http://a8.sphotos.ak...039272049_n.jpg
  5. It's as if people don't know that they can start new threads. My god. Honestly. It's annoying logging onto the forum and finding that this thread has had a spurt growth in pages and in turn reasonably expecting some new, interesting cauldron development only to find the continuation of some stupid argument that no one will ever win. Irritating.
  6. I'm not sure about the gold(?) umbrella-like things, but the black structure behind them next to the stadium are simply external stairs leading to the stadium's upper bowl. They've always been there as you can see in older pictures of that side of the stadium But I agree, those umbrella-like things are suspect. We need closer, clearer pictures.
  7. So they're basically launching the complete font used on the logo?
  8. *concerned, not considered Ahh ok. I imagine that one was a bit of a mystery too for some time.
  9. Are the media really ever considered about cauldrons and their location or how they're going to be lit? You always get your op-ed pieces run on host cites' local papers speculating about who may be the one to light the cauldron or about the ceremony in general, but I've never seen a story speculating about the cauldron itself. Any examples for London's (or any previous host for that matter)?
  10. Which I suppose is the same thing. But I doubt the guy was trying to deceive anyone. It's highly unlikely the Orbit is the spot.
  11. They didn't explicitly deny that the cauldron will be on the Orbit, an Olympic Park official just said that there were no gas lines running up the tower.
  12. With 5 days to go, this is the most likely time for the cauldron to become visible and for someone to post a picture of it on here. The cauldron was reportedly being assembled off-site - at some point, it needs to be or has been transported to the Olympic Park. The lighting will need to be rehearsed and the cauldron itself will need to under go some testing before Friday night. It was during Beijing's and Vancouver's cauldron rehearsal / testing that we got our first pictures and videos of those lit cauldrons in their final position. So unless organziers somehow managed to do all the rehearsals and testing off-site and sneaked / sneak in the cauldron and placed it underground in the middle of the stadium away from sight, I think there's still a decent chance it'll become visible in the next 5 days and someone will manage to snap a picture or take a video. We'll see. I myself am grappling with whether I should stoping coming into the ceremonies forum and ensure the lighting and cauldron is a surprise, but that takes a lot of nerve.
  13. What exactly has been the point of the last 160 pages, then? When did we cross the line into throwing away anything, potentially legitamate, anyone brings up in this thread simply because "it won't matter, you'll never know!" in the end. Some of us are still looking out for this thing, some of us are still intereted in seeing if we can figure out where this damn cauldron is before the 27th. If you're not at all anymore, then maybe you should step out of this thread. You can always start a seperate thread for discussions that truly are tedious, nuance-filled, and ultimately un-conclusionalbe.
  14. Do you realize that we won't have any way of "verifying" the cauldron until we see it lit on our television screeens in less than a week or until it's obviously clear that's the cauldron? We had no way of "veryfying" the inflatable hanger on top of the Bird's Nest and whatever was inside of it four years ago and until pictures leaked of the cauldorn testing days before that ceremony. So yes, that structure, for now, is engrossing. It's a structure to the north of the stadium - the area of Olympic Park we have had our obsessive internet eyes on for months - that may or may not have been there some weeks ago and may have appeared in the last few days. I posted it on here in case someone knows what / where exactly it might be.
  15. Out of all the off-topic disucssions this thread has spiraled into, this "London: first three time Olympic host city or not?" one is by the far the most insufferable and uninteresting.
  16. I looked through an older image and could not find that blue structure, so it appears new.... Is this finally [related to] our cauldron? Yeah, that's basically been my best guess all along. A ceremony only cauldron with the flame being transfered to an identical one elsewhere afterwards. Though I'm not sure about the second one being on the roof.
  17. Latest picture from today July 21st. What's that blue structure in front of the stadium towards the middle of the picture...?
  18. That looks good. But I thought it was a Table Tennis federation rule to have the floor a dark red and the surrounding fences a dark blue? If you Google table tennis at previous Games, you'll see their Looks' color palette was changed to be in line with that regulation.
  19. That fenced in area is suspicious simply because of where it is, but it's also rather small and it looks like nothing is really being built on top of it. What's going on, London? Where is your cauldron going? I'm starting to think it'll fly into the site or something once it comes time to be lit.
  20. So another prominent roof structure that makes a cauldron's location hard to guess with Rio? And the added two-stadium dynamic? Don't even one to begin thinking about that one. I think so. I mean, would there really be any controversy? Would anyone outside of an intern forum really care? Headline: "Games kick off, but London dose not re-light 1948 Cauldron. Olympic tradition stopped, upsetting... two people" Doubtful. Personally, I feel like the calls to have multiple cauldrons (or re-light old previous ones) in order pay homage and symbolize a city's past hosting is, as the Brit's would say, rather naff. Especially in this case when the 1948 cauldron is such a nonevent of a design. But that's me.
  21. All renders of stadiums shown during the bid phase change. Take at look at Sydney's and London's, for example. They're just renders, not actual designs with engineering and costs and whatnot taken into account. Beijing held a competition to choose its stadium design. The Bird's Nest won. And then the 2008 ceremonies team had to stage their show and design a cauldron with the venue they were given. They did a really good job coming up with a cultural segment and cauldron lighting sequence that played off one of the stadium's unique architectural features, that thick roof rim. The rim's size was always going to be that big, but I believe it was the specific material/fabric that covered it that was what ceremony organizers played with and altered in order to play projections on it. It had nothing to do with Beijing wanting to make the lighting "international tv audience-focused." Let's not be cynical. Architecturally, I don't think Beijing's cauldron particularly matches the Bird's Nest harmoniously. But its red and silver color brought it together aesthetically with the rest of the stadium so it didn't stick out in an ugly way. But I would say Beijing did the best job synthesizing its lighting sequence with its stadium design, closely followed by Sydney. Athens had the one cauldron that best matched its stadium's architecture (as it was all designed by Calatrava), closely followed by LA. And Salt Lake and Beijing had the cauldrons that best matched their Games' Look and Image.
  22. Well, that picture taken from the nearby apartment block does tell us that whatever is going on outside the stadium to the north is still relatively low to the ground. And of course that air space restriction came into place as soon as they started doing cauldron related preparations. London has been very good at keeping this a secret; not even Beijing put an air space restriction over the Bird's Nest.
  23. Their installing the cauldron model at the Heatherwick exhibition on the 27th? At 9 in the morning or at night? Either way, sounds like the design will be out there before the lighting by a few hours or by an entire day.
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