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  1. Haha, Miga looks much better in merchandise, and Quatchi looks much worse.
  2. Ha, not according to Time - http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8...1558890,00.html. And it effects Beijing newcomers the most, such as, um I don't know...thousands of athletes from around the world, who have never trained and competed in such conditions. Please, stop denying it. It's obvious that bad air quality and a 27 mile race SHOULD NOT GO TOGETHER.
  3. He is a cute little thing, though overrated, I think.
  4. I, for the most part, like them. Especially Sumi. Though, I think Quatchi looks rather stupid with the earf muffs. But, I'm sure the kids, who really are the ones who matter when it comes to mascots (NOT Olympic gurus on internet forums), will love them.
  5. I'm disappointed this list doesn’t include CCTV-9, their English speaking, International Channel. My TV service offers it and I watch it every so often to see anything new or interesting relating to next year's games. Just today they had a great segment on the Water Cube, which also included some great aerial shots of the Bird's Nest. I was hoping to get a "sneak peak", if you will, of the Opening Ceremony or just watch next year's games through something other than NBC for an hour or two.
  6. Some more - http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=546904 I love the red. Especially how it's looking so far from the outside the stadium, behind the mess of steel.
  7. Can't say I like that light display. I've always thought that the stadium would be lighted red from the inside like the Water Cube, like this. Not over lighted in multi-color.
  8. But wouldn't the same logic apply to Athens? I mean, Athens 2004 was no ordinary Olympics (the games finally coming back home), and that didn't stop them from bringing in the advertisers. I just can't see Beijing's ceremony being any different, especially when it's suppose to be the longest in history.
  9. I suppose camera angles are considered when designing and planning the lighting(s). Athens' cauldron , I think, would not have looked nearly as aesthetically pleasing if not viewed from behind, rising above, with the flame against the backdrop of all the athletes and camera flashes below.
  10. As I watch the opening match of the Little League World Series (of baseball), I can't help but think that the Youth Olympics was a great idea. With that being said, adults under estimate kids too much (and not just in sports) IMO.
  11. Can you please upload it again? The FileFactory link has again expired. Thanks!
  12. Bird's Nest Echoes With Lotus flowers http://en.beijing2008.cn/cptvenues/venues/...214102748.shtml Very nice.
  13. ^They can't have too much red. Too much might bleed through the television. We don't want more seizures. I'm quite excited and interested in the cauldron and its lighting. Were excatly in the Bird Nest will it be placed, and whether or not the Chinese will try to outdo Sydney and Barcelona, or go cheap like Torino.
  14. ^Yeah, for some reason that one seems to be the most reclusive of all these venues. I can't find anything on it (besides it's name and it hosting Indoor Volleyball). Not even a single construction photo. It should be pretty big though, just look at Athens' - http://stadia.gr/sef/sefnew9.jpg
  15. Workers' Indoor Arena - Boxing Olympic Green Archery Field - Archery Olympic Green Tennis Center - Tennis Olympic Green Hockey Field - Field Hockey Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Ground – Beach Volleyball
  16. National Indoor Stadium - Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline, Handball Laoshan Velodrome - Track Cycling Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park - Rowing, Canoe, Kayak - Flat-water, Canoe, Kayak - Slalom China Agricultural University Gymnasium - Wrestling Peking University Gymnasium - Table Tennis Beijing University of Science and Technology Gymnasium - Judo, Taekwondo Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium - Badminton, Rhythmic Gymnastics
  17. I thought a special layer would be placed to prevent these shadows, but still allow some natural light in...?
  18. Give me more vibrancy, preferably more red, and bring back the "Image and Look" page with the empty "Core Patterns" slot, and then I'll be completely happy with it.
  19. ^Heh, yeah. Hopefully, London will release some cool, new graphics, to go along with the new logo.
  20. Oh god, it's starting to grow on me.
  21. Don't like the design. Love the shape and colors, but those clouds should be more subtle. Perhaps it would have been better if they used the cloud design from the medal ribbons? Hope it grows on me. Don't like the relay either. I find Athens’s relay to have more 'harmony' then Beijing's. Seems to me like they were trying to fit in five continents for the sake of going to all five continents and having novelty, with symbolic destinations, and the result was VERY random and unbalance. Should have been kept to Asia.
  22. Love these medals. The jade and simple logo on the back has really grown on me (I wasn't too fond of them at first), and the grill work is undeniably Chinese. Beautiful. As for the ribbon, love it as well. Can't wait to see more of Beijing's "Core Patterns", that will make up the 'Look' of these games. I'm assuming they'll be different designs and graphics revolving around Beijing's Color System (Jade White, Glaze Yellow, Great Wall Grey, Porcelain Blue, Scholar-tree Green, and Chinese Red.
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