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  1. If that's the cauldron tower at its max height (considering that cauldron-esque thing at the top), than everyone inside the stadium for Athletics and the Closing Ceremony won't see any flame? But it's also far from the stadium, so if it is going to get high enough to be seen from the inside, it'll end being pretty damn tall. That must be for something else.
  2. I agree. However, in this pic, it seems a whole lot less messy and chaotic to me. Serene, almost. Must be that polluted sky.
  3. *Nevemind, they weren't taken recently. You can see in the first pic that the red seats in the bottom tier have yet to be put in.
  4. If these pics were taken recently, then those things on the roof are now gone...
  5. I thought I should share this... Link: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.p...068&page=19 Again, it's not official or anything, just someone's idea on what those new things on the roof could be used for, probably with this cauldron debate in mind.
  6. A big, surprising, Sydney-esque cauldron-finale would be my best guess for what that hole will be used for.
  7. I originally saw these pics at Skyscrapercity.com. The one who posted them mentioned that they were originally posted on a Chinese forum - http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.p...068&page=14. He later gave a link to that Chinese forum - http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=%C4%F1%B3%B2. So, I suppose if anyone can translate for us we may be able to learn more about their authenticity, if any.
  8. For the "OMG, were will the cauldron go" crowd... They're not official or anything; just posted on some other forum.
  9. I like it. The color usage and blending in Vancouver's Look in general is really likeable. However, I think this relay logo in particular could have been better if they incorporated that human figure that's already found on other Vancouver graphics:
  10. More pics can be seen here - http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.p...521&page=18
  11. ^That third pic of Atlanta's Look is great. I wish they would have used that more prominently instead of that dull "Georgia Green". And I've always wanted to take a look at Barcelona's moasic. Sounds interesting. And while we're at it... Torino 2006 http://www.torino2006.org/ENG/OlympicGames..._the_games.html Athens 2004 http://multimedia.olympic.org/pdf/en_report_897.pdf Sydney 2000 http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/sydney2000..._case_study.pdf
  12. But when exactly did those past hosts begin to use their respective designs? Surely, they can't have been as early as Beijing (which at the very latest was in April when the Torch Relay was revealed - 1 year, 4 months before the Games. ) This leads me, again, to suggest that Bocog is keeping all they've come up with until August. It's just too much, too early, to think that they don't have more, albeit less prominent, patterns in store.
  13. Nice uniforms. Quiet likeable. I'm starting to believe the “lucky clouds" is the main pattern for Beijing's graphical plan, with other patterns being unofficially released when the Games begin, or in the weeks and days leading up to the Opening Ceremony. Because really, I can't imagine an OCOG releasing all that they've come up a year before the Games.
  14. ...But only at night. It's soo dull in the daylight. And the same thing applies to the Bird's Nest.
  15. http://news.sina.com.cn/c/p/2008-01-19/040514777627.shtml
  16. A "one-color per venue" plan could really work well in say the Water Cube. A blue look would really bring the architecture and water in there together really nicely and cohesively. I have an idea that Beijing could have come up with a different pattern representing the elements for each color - fire (the cloud pattern with the Chinese Red), water (Blue-and-White Porcelain Blue), earth (Chinese Scholar-tree Green), air (Glaze Yellow / Jade White) and metal ( Great Wall Grey).
  17. Yeah, considering Athens used 6 different patterns, I'm starting to worry that these cloud patterns are the only thing that Bocog has come up with for the Game's Look. However, I do remember seeing something different used in the background of a press conference, so who knows? They could unofficially reveal all their complete graphical plans weeks before the games begin.
  18. I hope they don't go crazy with the red when they put in the Image and Look of the Games in the Water Cube, like they'll probably do for sure with the Bird's Nest. Everything (the architectural patter , water, seats) would look so much more cohesive and better in there with a blue look.
  19. It's a bit of a shame that the swimming competetion will take place in the morning, as the Water Cube really looks it's best at night, when lit up. If anything, it's underwhelming in the daylight, I think. But anyways, that interior is really nice. Here's more:
  20. ^Yeah; here's the view from those top tier areas: If they have fireworks on the roof's rim (like on Athens' stadium) and on outside locations, you'd still be able to see something, just not nearly as much as from ground level, obviously.
  21. I know, but I mean that the folks at BOCOG must have been overjoyed that their Olympic year is here, and they'll soon show where they've been dumping God knows how much billions of dollars on for the last 6 years. In HK, yesterday, their midnight countdown ended with a big Beijing 2008 logo lit up, and Beijing's celebrations were put on by BOCOG themselves.
  22. Nice find I must say, the atrium entrance from inside is rather impressive. Can't wait to see the stadium all decked out once August is here. And hahah, BOCOG must have creamed their pants once 2008 arrived.
  23. ^Yeah, that's what I mean when I said I wish it didn't take as long. I think because it took awhile for it to start moving, the music and fireworks synchronization with the cauldron ended up being really off. For example, the night's closing announcements ("Ladies and Gentleman, this concludes the Opening Ceremony of the Games of the...") began while the cauldron's pedestal was still rising to it's final position. Eugh, I'm sounding like a total Ceremony whore! I do love the sports as well!
  24. ... Cathy Freeman lighting the cauldron is pretty much the only thing that I clearly remember from Sydney 2000. Amazing. I just wish it didn't take as long... !
  25. On the subject of medal ribbons... the Image and Look of Vancouver’s venues ("the look of the games") will pretty much be released through the medal ribbons, as this has been the case since Sydney.
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