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  1. Torch Relay to begin in San Fransisco in 30-40 min, 1:00 PM local time. I'll be watching it live on CNN.
  2. Here in the US, the news about the torch relay’s disruptions in London and Paris are being tied with Bush and the calls he's getting from Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Palosi, and Hillary Clinton to boycott the Opening Ceremony. Obama's keeping quiet; perhaps because he knows that if he asks Bush to boycott, that would end-up hurting his hometown's bid for 2016. It makes me question whether or not Hillary would still be calling for a boycott if New York was bidding. I’m sure more attention will be paid once the drama gets started in San Francisco. And on CCTV – International, they’re acknowledging the protests (but now showing too much of them). Their labeling the disruptions as attempts by "Tibetan separatists" to sabotage the torch relay as an act against the Olympic spirit and what it stands for.
  3. I can't help but laugh at Bocog for wanting to go international with this relay and then preceding to call it a "Journey of Harmony". It now feels obvious that this was going to happen; it’s almost as if they were asking for it. But, I do wonder if China’s recent crackdown on Tibet hadn’t happened, would the relay have been as affected as it has been for the last two days? If things continue to be this bad in San Francisco, is there a possibility that the Chinese just won’t have it anymore and decide to cancel and/or shortened some of the remaining international legs of the relay?
  4. I'm watching it live on the BBC's website. Yeah, I can only imagine what CCTV will make of the "wall of security" (as the BBC put it) of police and security surrounding the torch. Not to mention what Bocog will put in the video summarizing the London leg on the Torch Relay's official website. But perhaps, this is only a prelude of things that the Chinese just won't be able to stop and censor this summer? Ha! I'll have to catch CCTV International's broadcast later today and see.
  5. Spectators' view: Greenery: Solar powered lights:
  6. OMFGAWD!, do those light fixtures look bad! D: Seriously, Beijing, seriously.
  7. Liu Xian, winner of China's first gold in Men's Athletics in Athens and current record holder in the 110m hurdlers, was the first torch bearer on Chinese soil in Beijing on Monday. Does that pretty much rule him out as the final torchbearer at the OC in August? I've always thought it could be him, or another such Chinese athlete, or one of those teenage gymnasts.
  8. It's just a communications tower. It will stay as a landmark after the Games: It has nothing to do with the flame.
  9. Some new pics of the Nest': ^They're actually light fixtures; so no, it hasn't learned to lay eggs and reproduce, yet. More pics showing some foilage: ^I can finally make out an Olympic Park there, not a construction site. Warm-up track: And finally, the track inside the stadium has begun to be installed:
  10. I was just watching the flame's arrival to Beijing's airport live on CCTV 9 - International (their English-speaking channel). On the tarmac were crowds, all cheering and waving Chinese, Beijing 2008, and Olympic flags. Three escort runners (with the blue uniforms) marched, militarily, with the flame's lantern from the Bocog head to the escort vehicle that would take it to the festivities in Tiananmen Square. In the meantime, the CCTV commentators (one of them being a female Olympic, diving champion) are now discussing things like the selection process for the runners in China this summer, and the torches ascend to Mount Everest. They made some comments about how it's a national consensus to support the hosting of the Games, unlike London were "they're many people against hosting" the Games. They're also showing some pretty interesting segments on the International and Chinese legs of the relay, the torch's technology, and the selection process for the torch’s design - some of them were FUGLY. I can make out that the clouds on the chosen design were originally bigger. Looks like the ceremony at Tiananmen is going to commence soon. There are people in some questionable, yellow outfits, sitting down in chairs at the square.
  11. Considering the sandstorms that supposedly plague Beijing every so often, I'm not sure if they would want natural ventilation.
  12. Actually, judging by this picture, Beijing has either begun planting the park's foliage, or it's been there for awhile now: And to answer your question about the designs on the ground, I'm pretty sure they're suppose to represent the Chinese zodiac. You can clearly see a dog in that rendering. It shouldn't be surprising that these designs won't become reality; renderings and concept art rarely match the real thing. Just look at renderings of the Water Cube's inside and what's actually in there.
  13. I really like the torch. Not to bash Athens', but this one actually looks like an object designed to carry a flame around. The flame at the top hasn't looked this appropriate and fitting since Salt Lake's or Nagano's torches - I think torches need cultural references to be clearly visible for a flame to fit in. Really modern looking objects like Sydney's or Torino's torches seem odd to me when there's something like a flame coming out of it. Beijing's torch is a nice mix of both culture and sleek, modernity.
  14. Beautiful ceremony, as always. And Chinese officials do disserve today's drama, to say the least.
  15. And I love how the roof looks from above, especially in that 2nd pic. It still has the signature steel lattice, but nothing behind that to cause an ugly chaos, unlike the rest of the stadium.
  16. I don‘t think I would support a practically mandatory boycott of the Opening Ceremony. For many of those non-metal caliber athletes, being part of the Ceremonies is the most exciting and memorable part of their Olympic experience(s), if not their lives, - it shouldn’t be taken away from them.
  17. Honestly, I've rarely had to go in such a situation. My body just doesn’t need to when I'm out, for whatever reason. I guess the thought of those dirty-ass, public bathrooms I've had walked in to to wash my hands is enough to turn me off from needing to go. My worst experience was probably seeing visibly dirty, used underwear on the bathroom floor at some random Burger King in NY. Disgusting.
  18. Wouldn't bother me. I'm not one to use public toilets, urinals yeah, but not toilets; that's gross.
  19. I like it at night. It's stunning. In the day, however, it's overpowering and uninspiring.
  20. The worst thing I said was probably "please put back the post and reprieve the infraction". I guess they didn't like that I talked back so they decided to flat-out ban me for life. It's stupid enough that this happened in the first place, so I wont bother trying to kiss their uptight a5s. But thank you, anyways.
  21. Same as here - NY20?? And yeah, looking into this would be nice; thanks.
  22. Nevermind. I just checked back and now my ban will never be lifted - I guess they didn't like the PM I sent them questioning them lmao. Whatever.
  23. I'm banned until March 19. They're acting like the regime that I was bashing. But anyways, thanks for the insight.
  24. Sorry to bring this thread back up, but I'm curious to see if this happens quiet often at Skyscrapercity... I joined Skyscrapercity weeks ago because I've been reading some of the threads there for months and thought I should register in case I ever wanted to post my opinion on whatever matter. Well today, I decided to post in one of their Beijing 2008 update topics. I posted something to the extent that although the venues look spectacular, things like the pollution and politics would prevent the games from being remembered for the sport and atmosphere; the opposite of the usual "OMG, the venues are amazing, best Olympics ever!" type of post that jam the Beijing threads. Later, I received a PM from a moderator saying that I was banned for days because I registered just for trolling around and my post was deleted. Another member then posted in the same thread an article about what's happening in Tibet at the moment and that was also deleted. Ok, I understand my opinion could cause debate, but still, isn't that the point of an internet forum? I get the impression that at SC, any, slightly, controversial, debate-provoking thing said (however valid and true it may be) is labeled as "just trolling around" and a disturbance to the forums by the administration. So anyways, for any members of Skyscrapercity here on GB, have things like this happened to you or have you seen things like this happen? Thanks.
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