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  1. If you mean this area of the stadium - as said previously, that's always customized for the media with desks for broadcasts, cameras, etc. But anyways, thanks for insight, jiejie. Very informative.
  2. That raised platform is just for cameras to get good shots and angles of whatever is happening on that straightaway - Parade of Nations, Athletics' finishes, etc:
  3. All the architecture fanboys at Skyscrapercity.com love this thing. The difference in the general opinion between here and there is jus plain amusing at times. Anyways, two new pics:
  4. ...And two more recent pics showing the track:
  5. LOTS of new pictures today. Most noteably of the stadium's interior halls: ^By this picture, it’s now clear that the stadium's bottom tier and field are sunken below ground level, just like London’s, Athens’, and Sydney’s stadium.
  6. Yeah, that's exactly what I would like to see in the 'Bird's Nest' as well. I suppose if it is completely finished for this weekend’s event then we’ll know then. Though granted, it’s only a walking competition, so they won’t necessarily need to have all the areas of the field finished.
  7. More new pictures: Does anyone know if it's an IAAF requirment to have some of the tracked surface painted green or some other color, like this?
  8. If the lighting really doesn't look up to par right now (personally, it's probably the camera), then I'm sure it'll be just fine in time for any upcoming events that it'll host at night. And you can guarantee that it'll be perfect for the night of August 8th and the following two weeks as well.
  9. The "Bird's Nest" will be unveiled to the public when it hosts its first event - the "Good Luck Beijing" 2008 IAAF Race Walking Challenge on April 18-19. http://en.beijing2008.cn/cptvenues/venues/...214302006.shtml
  10. I like the dedicated design for each sport, but the colors seem a bit bland and, as said, very unlike other Beijing graphics.
  11. Ah, I didn't know that it wasn't a requirement. But still, a cauldron visible from the inside stadium would be the most preferred option (regardless of requirement), whether that be a Seoul-like placement, or a tower that's actually right next to the stadium. Those are more probable than having it atop some broadcasting building.
  12. All those grey seats in the third tier only make the grey roof structure look that much more overwhelming over eveything else. ...And to think that the roof's opening would have been smaller if they kept the retractable roof. D:
  13. To fallow up, I think that Beijing 2008 will largely be affected in the way it’s remembered in Olympic history, much like Atlanta. Atlanta is squished in between what's regarded as arguably the best two Olympiads ever, Barcelona and Sydney, lowering its value of remembrance. Beijing falls in between the Games' historic return to their home in Athens, and possibly the "greatest Games ever" in London. Unfortunately, I think only Beijing’s political drama will really break through.
  14. I watched the last torchbearer's run and the cauldron finale on TyC Sports this afternoon. There weren't any protestors and demonstrators in the crowds - at least not during the final torchbearer’s run. And there didn't seem to as much security when compared to what London, Paris, and SF had going. All in all, it seemed much more joyous and celebratory.
  15. Correction. It's not simply a communications tower. It's actually a habitable building, with studios and such for broadcasts during the Games. It's called the "LingLong Pagoda." http://www.bob2008.com/news_updates.html#rwaov If it really will be used a cauldron-tower, an "unsafe" height is exactly what would be needed for it to be seen from anywhere inside the stadium. Take a look at this picture: They would have to add about 1/2, or so, of it's current height for it to be technically visible form anywhere inside the stadium. Considering it’s been in construction since June of 2007, they probably won’t be able to build that much by June when it's intended to be finished, as that site claims. And if they do somehow manage to build that much, I doubt it would be seen by a decent amount of spectators inside the stadium (because of that overwhelming roof) to favor this cauldron placement over others.
  16. It’s surrounded by scaffolding, giving it a more bulkier look. And it’s way too far away from the stadium to be a cauldron tower. It would have to get twice its current height, if not higher, to be seen from the stadium field. The area around this supposed stage dosen't look big enough accomodate all the athletes, unless they spill onto the track area. But, doing that may not leave enough room for the atheles that are still coming in during the Parada, the Olympic flag, and the flame at the end to make their lap around the track.
  17. Speaking of which, a CNN reporter mentioned that a group wanting the Games to played how they were originally, in the nude, were demonstrating in San Francisco today.
  18. It looks like some of those, if not all, Chinese military escorts that Seb Coe bashed have been replaced by Americans.
  19. Really odd - Right after the torch got lit, the first runner and the escorts ran into a warehouse right on the bay’s shore. They have yet to emerge.
  20. According to CNN... The relay route has already been shortened. Some torchbearers have already dropped out. Protestors have begun to lie on the streets.
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