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  1. Well, they work fine for me. Not sure what's causing you to not be able to see them...? Anyways, Beijing seems to be enjoying its new stadium:
  2. Wow, that just about blows away Athens' 3.6 million tickets sold, and closely surpasses Sydney's 6.7 million.
  3. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I do remember reading somewhere that some athletes (like gymnasts, for example) complained that Athens' use of a combination of bright colors for it's "Image and Look" at the venues caused them to become disoriented and distracted when they were performing or competing. Anyways, a photo update: China Athletics Open - A "Good Luck Beijing" Event
  4. ^I don't mean for the Ceremonies, I mean the non-track and field areas: ^Note the green and yellow - areas for the long, triple, and high jumps, javelin throw, discuss cage, etc... An all red paint-job suits the Bird's Nest better anyways, as it work's well with the 'fade from red to white' pattern that the seats have, and not to mention the rest of the stadium… let alone China.
  5. I now highly doubt that they're going to paint those areas around the track green or yellow like mentioned before. So it does look like it's going to remain very red, which I guess is appropriate, to say the least.
  6. Nope, I just save whatever they dig up at Skyscrapercity and post on here.
  7. Baron, we all have are own Olympic fetishes. Whether it is the be bidding, the pageantry of the Ceremonies, the sports, the stadia, the graphics, the media coverage, and everything in between... I can totally understand where they are coming from.
  8. I'm watching the US Olympic trials for White Water Canoeing on MSNBC right now. I don't know much about the sport, but I'm still watching it because the world "Olympic" is throw in there. lmao
  9. Well, if Beijing's does get leaked here on GB, it would be nice to start a separate thread about it or post a spoiler alert beforehand, as to warn those who do want to be surprised on the night of August 8th.
  10. Sydney actually interpreted the colors from east to west, with Oceania being blue, and the Americas red.
  11. For the most part, I like them. Especially the OC's tickets. The others would be better if they didn't that beige and white half. And all those pictograms on one ticket don’t look very good.
  12. It could just be a stage of some sort for Rogge and the BOCOG President to make their speeches and for the atheletes and officials to take their respective oaths, just like Athens' olive tree. So perhaps, a small pagoda?
  13. New pic: I’m pretty sure this picture was taken before the weekend's test event, as the track does not appear to be finish and those light pieces that hang from the rim of the roof are being put together. And some great photography of Beijing's 'Olympic Green' here: toomanytribbles' Photostream at Flickr.com
  14. The Chinese Athletics team will hold their Olympic Trials in the stadium So, I would assume that they would have to place in the grass (or some other suitable material that meets IAAF requirements) for the Javelin, Hammer, Discus, and the Shot Put.
  15. Is there any word on when NBC will release its complete schedule?
  16. It's probably not rehearsal for the Ceremonies, but rather an oppertunity to show off the stadium with performers, I think:
  17. Well, as it's been said in another thread - this IOC doesn’t seem to have enough 'cajones' to stand up to these Beijing bullies. Perhaps giving the Games to Rio will help them grow some.
  18. For the godonlyknowswhat time, the tower is a broadcasting building called the 'LingLong Pagoda.' Read the thread, please.
  19. Today's batch of new pictures: Lighting for Ceremonies?:
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